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29 Feb 2020 14:59:25
Question eds and fellow posters: as per normal we are linked with big money signings this summer already by the media, but if we don't sell pogba (for whatever reason) and sanchez comes back, then with wages alone irregardless of sales reveue, how do you think it will effect our summer spending? I can certainly see both players here next season whether they want to be or not.

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29 Feb 2020 16:46:40
We are in a bizarre situation where we have a seemingly thin squad, yet we will need to sell a few players to free up space for signings.

The issue is the lack of balance and quality. We have 7 first team CB's on the books (Maguire, Lindelof, Tuanzebe, Bailly, Jones, Smalling and Rojo. At least three need to leave and we probably still need to bring one in considering the injury record of some of them. We could sell Jones, Smalling and Rojo. But would you be happy to go into the season with 4 CB's of which both Bailly and Tuanzebe have suffered with injuries.

I mean in DDG, Romero and Henderson we have three keepers good enough to be first choice. While we still have Grant, Joel Pereira and Bishop on the books as well. Do we really need 6 keepers?

There is a similar issue in midfield. Matic, Pogba, McTominay, Fred, Bruno, Andreas Pereira, TFM and Garner. Again gives us 8 players. But the reality is two have pushed/ are pushing to leave (Matic and Pogba) . While Garner looks like he needs a loan, and there are still a few question marks over Fred and Andreas Pereira. While TFM probably isn't going to make it. Which means we could see 3 of the 8 leave permanently, 1 on loan. Leaving us with 4 players, 2 of which (Fred and Andreas Pereira) have not yet proven themselves good enough over a whole season. Again we need another player here at least, maybe even two.

Then when we look at our forwards we have Mata, James, Rashford, Greenwood, Martial, Sanchez and Lingard. 7 players for 3 or 4 positions seems about right. Yet how many of them are good enough? Mata and Sanchez are declining, Greenwood is still very young. Lingard is a squad player, as might be James (although he has time and a great attitude on his side) . That leaves Rashford and Martial. We clearly need a couple of players here. Maybe even 3 long term. As Lingard wants to leave, as does Sanchez. Mata is past his best. So that's three out the door, so we need at least 2 in to replace them, maybe even 3. I haven't included Ingalo as he isn't a permanent player.

Numbers wise we actually have enough players, the problem is that we lack quality in some areas, are over stacked in some and under in others, or we have too many players who want to leave.

Realistically we could sell Smalling, Rojo, Jones, Matic, TFM, Pogba, Mata, Sanchez and Lingard. With none of them being seriously missed based on what they currently give the team. Yet if we sold that many players we would need to bring in 4 or 5 at least.

While there would still be question marks over players such as Bailly, Andreas Pereira, Fred and Martial.

We have a good team on paper, but behind that we have a very poor unbalanced squad. Meaning we are always an injury or 2 away from struggling.

29 Feb 2020 17:35:19
Good post shappy.
Despite and becuase of the tinkering and various ins and outs the squad still looks unbalanced and to many average Joe's. Plenty want out and some should be down the door. Lots of work to be done.
Recent signings have been good. In truth we have been so short of quality in those positions they had to be an improvement.
4 or 5 signings are required.
If we get 3 or 4 it would be annoyed big step forwards if they do as well as our last 4 .
Cost is irrelevant to me. Bargain basement or top dollar the right character and fit is vital.

29 Feb 2020 17:46:23
Take all your points on board and agree with a lot of what you say there shappy: my post has a hint of worry that pogba may not go by either, extending (unlikely) no club comes up with a suitable offer (gathering credability) or that he runs his contract down (mentioned as a possibility before) . Sanchez let's face it hasn't set Serie A alight as he failed to shine in epl with us. there's a reported 600-700 in wages pweek and no incoming transfer money which would surely be detined to the pot for buying in players?
We could be left with 2 players on big wages on our books and a vastly reduced budget to bring in new players ie sancho, maddison, koulibaly grealish.
My concern is we end up with players that thebudget allows rather than those who benefit the team.

29 Feb 2020 17:54:04
Ken, I think we are at a point where its not just character that needs to be brought in. Although we are still in desperate need for players with that winners attitude. I think we are at a point now where we really need to know where this squad is going.

Half of the players who needed to leave have either permanently or on loan. I don't think we can afford to sell 9 or 10 players this summer as it will leave us too short as we won't sign more than 5 maximum. Which means we need to be selective over which ones we shift and who we bring in to give the squad as much balance as possible.

The reality is that we need another two summer windows to move on all the players we need to and bring in the right replacements.

So we need a clear plan for how we are going to develop the squad moving forward. What the team style will be, and who we need in what positions to enable us to do that. Then allow the least useful players for that system to leave this summer. While holding on to the most useful of the ones we still need to shift.

For example if the manager decided that he wanted to play 3 at the back next season, it would be foolish to sell three centre backs. In that instance maybe keeping Smalling or even Rojo might make sense.

We really need a clear vision for this side over the next 3-4 years in order to sell the right players and bring the right ones in this summer. Or we risk further unbalancing the squad making life hard for the manager next season (whoever that is) .

29 Feb 2020 17:59:25
Cookyman, I would try and not worry about the wages or transfer fees. The club will find the money for the right players, as they have often found it for the wrong ones.

For me the issue isn't about getting players out the door to raise funds and free up wages. It's about creating space as we currently have around 35 players in our first team if you include youngsters like Williams, Garner, Levitt, Gomes, Chong and Greenwood who train with the first team most weeks. We need to shift players out in order to free up space. Sanchez, Smalling and Rojo have only left on loan.

However, both Young and Rojo needed to leave in January before the club could bring in Bruno and Ingalo. We really are at a one out one in situation currently.

29 Feb 2020 19:31:21
A couple more players and we will be fine ole has us moving in the right direction.

29 Feb 2020 19:43:27
e02 always says forget the money side it just confuses us.

01 Mar 2020 09:06:21

I agree on the need for a plan, been saying that on here for years, however, have no idea who is qualified at United to put such a plan together. As I have said previously, it needs a direction, then a strategy, then the plan how to put that strategy into place.

City brought in expertise to set their strategy, years before Pep. Pep was the cherry on top, the strategy and plan was already there when he arrived. Who would write it for us? No idea and haven’t seen a significant addition to the club who is known for it either. Our club lacks direction, direction would come from the owners but everything else from within the club. Both City and Liverpool have clear direction and goals from their owners, ours are unclear. It seems we are focussed on media clicks and finance. Perhaps that may be why the club continues to dither on appointing a DOF. No point trying to devise a strategy, let alone a plan if the direction is unclear, so no point in appointing a DOF. Financially we have a leader in Woodward but the rest, what matters, appears an utter mess. Whilst SAF was there he defined a direction but when both he and Gill left no one had considered any of this. The owners showed how naive they were letting both go together, yet in the years since show no sign of rectifying the situation by defining a true direction.

Regardless of the manager, there are higher level issues to be resolved. It needs new owners to drive a direction and to appoint the right people who can devise and document a strategy, a plan, then put a manager in place of a unified club to make it work. We are rudderless all round at the moment on a pretend reboot, learning from the past is important but trying to replicate it is unwise.

01 Mar 2020 11:40:31
Totally agree Red Man, the need for a clear "footballing" vision is needed. I think the owners have a clear vision for the commercial side and we have seen great success in terms of gaining commercial revenue. I think the owners have focused on what they are good at and have left the day to day running of the club up to the board.

As you say the issue is who is qualified to create that footballing vision and to follow it through. We don't necessarily need to bring someone in to come up with that plan, you can use consultants and trusted advisers from outside of the club. Sometimes that can be more beneficial as they don't have any emotional attachment or fear to try something new that people who have been there for a long time might have. You also avoid the issue of someone new coming in and ruffling the feathers and causing unrest amongst the board as "the new kid" who's changing everything.

It's about formulating that plan and then bringing in the right people to see it through. I like the idea of Ralf Rangnick coming in as a DoF, with Paul Mitchell coming in as head of recruitment/ first team development and then the club maybe looking for a younger up and coming manager who can fit into the ethos of the club which should be to give youth a chance, develop players and play entertaining football. Someone like Marco Rose might be a good option.

However, that's just my opinion. There are loads of other well placed people who have the right skill set to come in and make a positive difference.



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