01 Jun 2022 12:18:55
Pog off. Bye Bye Paul.

1.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 13:22:54
That's a, start. But 9 or 10 more need to follow him but that's not going to happen. Rr came in identified at least 10 players needed to go. But no your wrong the board know better. I can see 3 players being bought in but you'll have 7 or 8 toxic players or players not giving their all or players not good enough which we all saw with our on eyes the last half of the season. Now I hope the new manager will be able to do something with them and I'm looking forward to see him work.
But u can't make maguire ant faster. U can't make lindelof any better. The 2 right and left backs are very average. Mctominay and Fred average.
It will take a few years for the new manager to build a team that's if the toxic board don't scare him off by then.

2.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 13:27:43
Ciao Paul. Enjoy your retirement.

3.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 13:52:18
Losing an £89m player for free, not once but twice.
Admittedly, it's only Utd that considered him worth that. There weren't many objections at the time at the valuation, only bewilderment that we could lose him once then hand over a world record fee to get him back. Bizarre.

4.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 13:55:06
This has certainly brightened up my day. I had a nagging feeling that we were going to do something silly like make him a new contract offer.

Big mistake all round. We shouldn’t have paid stupid money for a player who didn’t want to be here, and he shouldn’t have signed if he didn’t want to be here. Thankfully it’s now in the past.

He can take his dance partner with him too, plus 75% of the first team squad if possible ??.

5.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 13:57:08

6.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 15:29:01
So sorry to see you go Paul.

7.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 15:44:46
Wohooooooooo Maguire next plssss.

8.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 17:18:27
Absolutely devastating news that Utd’s greatest ever midfielder is leaving.

9.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 18:29:53
Pogba leaving, its like a new signing!

10.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 18:35:50
I'm glad he is gone and it's a pity its 3 years too late.
Leahy while I agree with you there are a few still to leave.
That said whomever starts the season in the squad deserves a clean slate imo.
Yes there are many that many of us dislike or don't rate but if they start the season in the squad they do so with a clean slate a fresh start.
Eth will have a plan, there will be structure and method to our game. Any player can improve and respond to ETH and his staff. New roles will be defined and new players will come in.
It will take time as you say to get the team playing the way he would like those with a stay of execution this time will be culled next time unless they are proving their worth and up to the task.
For example the much criticised dalot could begin to fulfil his potential or sancho under better elite guidance.
We will all be a little sceltical of certain players but I for 1 will look to see how they get on under a proper coach.
This is a new begining and a chance to get the train back on the track. We are Manchester United not Burnley and by the time the season kicks off I'd like to think we will all be a lot more optimistic.
Fresh start and we now have a proper coach that improves players I can't think of a better place to start than that.

11.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 18:52:14
I think with Pogba and now Lingard gone/ going, straight away we will see a change in mindset and attitude of players. If we can shift Martial and Bailey too we will have a completely different set of professionals at the club and performances will hopefully reflect this.

12.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 19:00:11
Glad to never have to watch these two pillocks wearing a Utd shirt again.

Pogba was good on football manager, will make turning Utd around harder next season though.

13.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 07:16:11
Ports this is a total guess and only my opinion but I have always felt Bailey could be a bad egg behind the scenes! Don’t ask me why! That Twitter incident with Maguire was another incident that didn’t look good . He’s got to be shown the door imo, along with Henderson, another who in my opinion could be trouble or a sulk. Based only on my opinion!

14.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 08:50:01
Chris1, yeah I just feel from what I’ve seen through social media, some of Bailey’s antics where he’s joking about and acting like a clown aren’t what we need at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting them to be robots but a bit more professionalism is required for me. At least until we’re back on top. It just comes across like none of them are taking it seriously.

I actually felt Henderson should have been giving a chance but fair play to De Gea, he has stayed professional and shown an attitude we need. I get what you mean about Henderson too, it’s almost like he’s so desperate to be number 1, you wonder if he’s a good teammate or would he not think twice about getting one over De Gea to get the spot. You wonder what the atmosphere is like if that is the case. Obviously this may not be the case but it does feel like that a bit with him.

15.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 12:38:20
Personally I don't care about the soxial media stuff, I care about what happens on the pitch on match day week in and week out.

These young men can bugger about in their spare time as much as they want on SM if the are putting the work in and living their life properly.

It's the area I work in and pretty much everyone in their age group are acting like twats on their nowadays.

Back when I was their age we had our own ways of being knobheads and truthfully that lifestyle of my generation was much more damaging to the life of a footballer.

16.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 13:48:43
But they aren’t performing week in, week out on the pitch Oakbark. I couldn’t care less about the drinking culture at United because Robson would go out and leave everything on the pitch every game and every training session. I didn’t care who Rooney knocked boots outside of football with because he gave his all for the team.

I care that these individuals prat about and stick in on SM and then drop 3 or 4 out of 10’s weekly.

17.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 17:00:37
I am not suggesting they are performing to the standard that is required. I am however not of the belief it affects their performance.

I am of the belief they aren't as good as people thought, and have been poorly coached. I don't however think Pogba or Lingard would have been any better players without social media because their limitations as footballers would have been the same.

The 80s drinking however would affect performance. No matter how good Robson was, and he was my hero as a kid and still my favourite all time Utd player, he would have been better if he wasn't getting p. ed every day after training.

18.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 22:36:46
My point is though Oakbark, no other top player behaves on SM like this lot. City players? Liverpool players? Madrid, Munich? Footballers first, influencers or whatever they are 2nd. This lot have it back to front and I agree with you that they aren’t as good as we or they think but I don’t believe they should behave like they are or behave the way they do as for me personally, I question where their priorities lie. If we were winning leagues and cups regularly, I couldn’t care less what they get up to but we’re not and I wonder, when I see their behaviour on SM what their priority is.

The 80’s drinking culture as well I agree, would affect performance but that was the culture and across all teams in that period so kinda levels it self out if you like but this SM culture, imo seems more prominent in this group of players and I do think it affects them and their priorities. There is a video of Keane in rehab and Pogba in rehab and for me, really shows the difference of where we were are where we are.

19.) 03 Jun 2022
03 Jun 2022 10:11:25
I think there is a mix of players at the club. However, I think the real issue is a lack of leaders and direction.

We have some players who aren't good enough and have the wrong attitude.

Some who aren't good enough and seem to have a decent attitude.

Some who are good enough and have the wrong attitude.

And some who are good enough, but are followers and not leaders.

I think if we get rid of he bad eggs, bring in a few leaders and give the dressing room some direction and focus then there are probably a few players who'll suprise a few people and prove to be good enough.

However, those players don't seem to have the personality to drag others with them. In the right environment they can thrive, but in a toxic environment they struggle and get pulled down by the rest.