05 Oct 2023 17:32:12
So miguel delaney reporting the dressing room is toxic. Is there a way back for ten hag? Normally only one outcome when manager looses the players.

1.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 18:59:34
Rinse and repeat. So tedious, and if true, anyone not happy can leave in the winter transfer window.

2.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 19:05:27
How would he know. another manager gone because of these players. All comes from top thou, until that changes utd will struggle.

3.) 05 Oct 2023
05 Oct 2023 19:47:33
Aye Eric, rather just play young players who care instead of these horrible bunch of whinging softies.

4.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 07:58:41
Why the surprise, it’s been clear for weeks, upsets too many people causes too many divisions, he thinks he is in the Ajax dressing room with bunch of kids, he needs to wake up and realise, he keeps spouting this is United, then goes in the changing room with his small club mentality.

Too stubborn for his own good, made some terrible mistakes and awful decisions. Coupled with the awful football and poor buys shows he is totally out of his depth, sooner or later you will realise.

5.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 09:53:27
If Miguel Delaney told me the sun was shining I’d bring my raincoat.

6.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 10:56:17
Don’t take Delaney to tell you this, anyone with an ounce of sense can see it themselves just listen if you can’t, how would you perform at work if the highest paid workers were in plumb jobs all the time no matter what you done, or even if they performed terribly…. even same at school, who actually liked the teachers pets! How can anyone in there right mind not see this causes bad feeling and friction, it’s a managers job to calm this situation not fuel it.

7.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 12:13:40
If this is the case then at some point the club will have to make a stand.

These players have done this too many times.

Players don't have to like the manager, but they do have to give it their all, get on with the job they are being paid to do. They are adults in a professional environment.

Imagine if everyone in all fields of work didn't try or stopped doing their job if they didn't like their manager.

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The club have sacked managers and sided with the players.

That is a big part of the reason for why we find ourselves where we are now.

Either rinse and repeat or break the cycle.

Arsenal chose to break it with Arteta, they shipped out the bad eggs and backed the manager. Now look where they are and the progress they've made.

If the dressing room think they can oust another manager then we have again reached a key moment. Will the club continue down this broken path leading to nowhere, directionless and changing the plan with the wind. Or will they take decisive action and ship out the players who don't want to play for the club, that don't have the right attitude, that will never get us to where we want to be.

8.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 12:23:37
I agree the club as to back a manager, but in this case I don't believe ETH is of the required ability to be the one backed, needs to be a manager who experienced big clubs winning big trophies dealing with players that have done the same.

It happens in any walk of life if people don’t like there manager whilst being a professional they will only give what’s required nothing more, but in professional sports that 5% can make a huge difference, as it is here, shows with just Casermiro, the drop of is huge but probably it’s only that extra 5% he is not giving but shows drastically you only need a few of them and your doomed.

9.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 12:27:57
Who are these players?

10.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 12:41:00
Sent before finished, yes also agreed ship out players but like I keep saying the players that come in have to be of a better standard, that’s where I also think ETH as fell well short, I would honestly say and you probably would too that forget the injuries forget the squad ETH first 11 is nowhere near the required standard to challenge certainly with the way he sets up the team.

Nowhere near enough goals in team

And with injuries his stubbornness is also cause for great concern, I say it over and over iMO ETH is nowhere near the required standard of a united manager and what he needs to be.

Sadly the only way it will change is if new owners do outright buyout and change the lot including ETH and all the coaches, sadly that’s a long way off, even if SJR gets his wish, nothing will change for years if he gets the 25% now he supposedly trying for, SJR will just use it to promote his own brands and along the same road we go.
It’s going to tough few years ahead, I would rather not do them with ETH. The football is dreadful.

11.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 12:44:48
Strangeways, I disagree. EtH is an great manager.

I used Arsenal as the example, did Arteta have the required experience?

You back the manager, boot the players out. Set the precedent.

12.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 12:50:00
Not sure I agree that EtH is a great manager, maybe more so in terms of what he's doing (or trying to do) behind the scenes.

13.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 12:50:00
Not sure I agree that EtH is a great manager, maybe more so in terms of what he's doing (or trying to do) behind the scenes.

14.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 13:37:39
What seriously denotes ETH as. Great manager, won some leagues in a league that is ruled by Ajax and there money and history, won carabao cup with us and finished 3rd in a season that Liverpool had a meltdown along with Chelsea, that in no way lifts you to Great manager!
Jose is a Great manager he done far better with an inferior team Pep is a great manager, Klopp is great manager, Carlo is great manager, ETH not in there league!
How can you call Arteta a great manager he won nothing how can you use him as measuring stick, when he won nothing….
I admire your loyalty but shocked at your lack of ability to see the bigger picture.
Did you see Zlaten interview? He got no axe to grind with ETH and played for both but virtually said same as Ronaldo ETH out of his depth….

15.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 14:13:51
Strangeways you're either a troll or just strange but either way you keep banging on about getting rid of ETH so. who you going to replace him with? Come on big man give us your pearls of wisdom as to who you see as the man for the job who's available and will dig us out of the mess and fix everything.
It's no good repeating yourself endlessly without a plan. So please, enlighten us if you will.

16.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 15:24:22
Fizz calm yourself down with the personal remarks! Why is it a troll because I don’t agree with remarks of some on here, you really need to get a grip with yourself, my view is ETH does not have the experience and every game that passes he back this up if you like it or not and everyday that passes another more educated in football then you comes out and agrees, that does not make us trolls or strange as you say, why does it not work the other way then, why are the people that keep banging on that ETH is great manager not make them a troll, so just get back in your box and wind your neck in, it’s my opinion like it or not!

17.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 15:42:29
Strangeways, we all know it's your opinion because you never stop banging on about it. Your entitled to think what you want but you're just boring. A bit like a 4 year old stamping his feet. We know how you feel, you don't have to tell us 3 times every day.

18.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 15:49:00
Strangeways, I'm not overly convinced by the manager myself but I am convinced that we've had so many managers since SFA, including some very successful ones, and every one of them has failed miserably. Each of them has been given huge budgets and bought players in their own vision (although arguable that none got their first choices) .
I am genuinely interested in who you believe would be a strong candidate to replace EtH as I don't honestly think anyone would succeed as things are. Sure, there's that new manager bounce where we'd win a few, but it would soon regress again.
I'm sure many would say de Zerbi, but I'm not convinced without his Brighton crew (including South/ Central American scouts in particular) he'd do very well at all. I think even Pep would be at a loss right now.

19.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 15:56:33
Strangeways you are entitled to that somewhat boring opinion but YET AGAIN you fail to answer the question. Who do you propose to replace ETH with that is available? Very simple question that, given the number of times you have repeated your opinion, you should know the answer. Come on big man tell us.

20.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 16:11:35
AJH is this not a site to discuss or we all got to have same opinion as you and praise the great work that’s going on! Who are you anyway to say who can say what and when.

Spenno I agree there is huge problems at the club and some good managers far better then ETH have come and gone, and some huge sums spent by most of them, ok none of them been backed as much as ETH with there first choices.

I would not think someone like Di Zerbi again no big club experience he is just flavour of the season much like Potter was, I think to be manager of a big club you need to gain players respect especially when your supposed to be talking of elite players that should be at an elite club, that’s totally different level then kids at Ajax.

My concern is what’s the point bringing in new manager if not everything swept clean, for a elite manager to work under for that it needs new owners which don’t look like forthcoming, so if I had to go for a new manager now who is available so would cost nothing and won everything it would be Hansi Flick, done fantastic with Bayern, played great football and won the lot, my opinion international management did not suit him, but club football a different animal, he would command respect got tactical know how and a winner with bucket loads of experience.

21.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 16:23:54
So basically you 'suggest' replacing ETH who has only the experience of managing Ajax. A club in a weaker league in a one horse race. (your description) With Hansi Flick, a failed international manager who was also successful with a team, Bayern Munich, a team in a weaker league and also a one horse race. (my description) .
Excellent work. Personally I'd stop rinsing and repeating and stick with ETH. That's also an opinion whether you like it or not.

22.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 16:35:59
Had anyone heard of Mourinho before his porto run.

I like so many things about this guy that i don't only think he will be successful, i think he will be scary successful to the detriment of everyone in Pl and Europe.

United and Real Madrid are the biggest management jobs in Football. Some might argue Barcelona is in there but i don't agree.

What he has achieved in his first season is remarkable. I was reading these same pages when people taught we were finishing 10th or worse last year.

The environment at united is not conducive to succeed imo. There is so much baggage with our club, frankly I am surprised why some want to even try it as a manager.

This season has been an utter disaster staring with greenwood, injuries, sancho, antony that you have to be delusional not to accept the issues we are facing. Give ETH a team of his players without the distractions, i think he will bore us with winning.

I rate this guy very highly and see what he is trying to build but needs time.

23.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 16:53:44
Doesn’t matter whether it’s a football club or any other workplace, when employees can’t rule the roost and there’s actually a hierarchy put in place, it puts noses out of joint. The end result is always long term productivity as opposed to short term gains. There’ll always be rumours of a ‘toxic’ culture because the moaners won’t be able to run the show. To make an omelette you have to break a few eggs.

We were always going to have to take a step back at some point in order to move forward. Maybe this season is the one where we finish out of Europe but really allow Eric to stamp his authority on the football club.

Doesn’t feel like it, but in a weird way I think we are moving forward by backing the manager and believing in his ethos. There isn’t anyone out there who would come in and do a better job, we’ve been there and done it. And the notion that Hansi Flick could come in and instantly change our fortunes is quite frankly ludicrous!

24.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 16:54:10
So let me get this straight, strangeways would want Hansi Flick as our new manager because of his experience and I'm assuming because he would demand respect (As that seems to be his biggest issue with EtH) .

Lets look at this rich an illustrious history of top level experience the soon to be 59 year old Hansi Flick has.

Got his first club, Victoria Bammental, relegated into non-league football.

Sacked from his second managerial job because he couldn't get Hoffenheim out of the THIRD division in Germany. Yes you heard that right couldn't get out of the German equivalent of our league one.

Next role was as the assistant manager at Red Bull Salzburg for a few months.

Then settled as the assistant manager to Joachim Loew for 8 years (clearly very ambitious) .

He then became Nico Kovac's assistant at Bayern Munich, baring in mind Kovac is nearly 8 years YOUNGER than Flick.

Kovac got sacked and really upset the dressing room. Flick was hired as a temporary manager who went on a madness and won the treble despite only being in charge from November. It was a phenomenal season. I take nothing away from that. The following season was slightly underwhelming only winning the league and with Flick leaving at the end of the season to take over the German national team job.
As a slight caveat to Flicks success with Bayern Munich, they are by far the biggest club in Germany and utterly dominate that league. They have won 11 straight titles regardless of who the manager is.

Flick has since been manager of the German national side and has presided over the worst form in their history, becoming the first manager to EVER be sacked from the national side.

His managerial statistics show that as manager of Victoria Bammental he has a win rate of 36%. At Hoffenheim it was 44%, while at Bayern that jumped to 81%, then dropped for the national team back to 48%.

This is a manager who apart from an 18 month spell at one of the best run, and most powerful clubs, in the world has a win rate sub 50% throughout the rest of his career; with the majority of that coming in the lower tiers of German football.

Yet despite all of that Strangeways feels that Flick is a manager who would "command respect" while also having "tactical know how and a winner with bucket loads of experience".

Seriously he might as well suggested Bobby Di Matteo.

25.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 17:56:40
Good post Shappy. That should put Strangeways firmly back in his box winding his neck right in as he suggested I do. Funny old game. ?.

26.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 18:26:09
Not quite fizz because what Shappy is saying we can’t judge flick in a inferior league even though he won champs league, there league and super cup and many other cups, but we can judge ETH on winning an even more inferior league that’s hypocritical at its highest

It further proves he is better at dealing with big egos and elite players much better then low level players and better at dealing with a club elite level, another thing ETH never experienced plus I was ask who is available at the moment so that was the answer.

Shappy as he won much more than ETH. ?
As he actually coached elite players?
As he coached at elite club?

All the above YES
Same questions for ETH. Answer NO.

27.) 06 Oct 2023
06 Oct 2023 18:49:59
Strangeways ????????
That’s the best post I’ve read yet that, read in such a way it fits an agenda. i. e. your agenda. Honestly Strangeways that post properly made I laff.
Give up fella before you make a real nonsense of yourself.

28.) 07 Oct 2023
07 Oct 2023 00:06:30

Strange troll is the answer to the original question you wondered.

29.) 07 Oct 2023
07 Oct 2023 00:07:44
Has ETH won more than ETH? Good question, tricky to be a yes to that one.