07 Jul 2023 19:33:09
Romano reporting that Onana deal pretty much done and that it will be completed by end of next week. United expect him to be on the US tour.

Excited for a new goalkeeping era, I thought DDG would end up signing a new deal to be perfectly honest. Mixed emotions on that one, David will go down as a United legend. One of my favourite players of all time. But football moves on and Onana will completely revolutionise our counter attacking style.

1.) 08 Jul 2023
08 Jul 2023 07:42:04
One of your favourite players of all time. Jeez.

Just don’t get this DDG love in. Above average goalkeeper who won many personal awards because he was in a below average United side. Poor at crosses and commanding area. Always had a mistake in him. Last season helped knock us out of Europa and awful in Cup Final. Tried to move on numerous occasions. Payed way above what he was worth. Nowhere near the standard of Edwin (please get better soon) or Schmikes.

Regardless of how his departure has been handled (think about NHS staff and teachers for some perspective) it’s no worse than Keane or RVN who made far greater contributions to the club.

Personally swapping him for Onana will be best bit of business this summer for me.

2.) 08 Jul 2023
08 Jul 2023 08:25:29
Just my opinion. Got a soft spot for keepers and I think in terms of shot stopping he’s up there with the best we’ve had. I think he was on a similar level to Peter. Not as commanding or as dominant, but athletically in terms of shot stopping he was.

Besides, he hasn’t left the club yet. He may sign a contract on reduced terms and fight for his place.

And bringing the NHS and teaching profession into your comment was a cheap shot. Don’t care what profession your in, whether it be a multi million pound footballer or an NHS janitor, everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

3.) 08 Jul 2023
08 Jul 2023 08:41:37
fireman agree re nhs comment but let's be real- ddg was treat well 375000 a week well and respect is a two way thing. Did he treat mufc with respect contractually? remember the madrid fiasco? He played his part but was very well, some would say too well, rewarded for it- its time to change as the game has but ddg hasn't and unfortunately that has put a stain on an otherwise very decent career.

4.) 08 Jul 2023
08 Jul 2023 09:53:28
Unfortunately the game and style of play the top teams want to play has passed DDG by with ball playing being such a key part. At 32 I am not sure he will be able to adapt this game enough to be what we need, I am convinced he would improve but when the pressure comes he will revert to what he is comfortable with.
I have loved having DDG down the years but been fully aware of his failings which also include dominance in the box and crosses, but overall he has been a top goalkeeper.
For modern football he has suffered from a series of managers who have not wanted to play this way and defenders who also can't do it. If he chooses his next club wisely he will again be seen as a top goalkeeper, just not what we need for the next evolution of EtH team.

5.) 08 Jul 2023
08 Jul 2023 11:04:29
Unless Onana learns to catch the ball and also how not to parry the ball back into dangerous areas we might not be much better off- except he can kick the ball accurarately which is what the hipster fans tell us is now essential although Banks, Yashin, Shilton, Bonetti, clemmence, VDS seemed to do ok by throwing the ball out once they had done the hard part which was generally thought to be the saving of shots and denying the opposition goalscoring opportunities.

6.) 08 Jul 2023
08 Jul 2023 14:58:49
Those goalkeepers also could pick up back passes and mostly played with defenders who used their heads more than their feet. Football has evolved and players have too, Allison is probably the most important signing liverpool have made in a decade and revolutionised how they play as he can sweep, do 1 on 1 and is strong with his feet.

7.) 08 Jul 2023
08 Jul 2023 17:21:22
But the one thing that never changes and never can change is that first and foremost a keeper has to be good with their hands and good at reducing chances from the opposition . Its the same thinking that has people excited about attacking fullbacks, yes its good but in another generation we will see less and less good defenders, its already happening now.

8.) 09 Jul 2023
09 Jul 2023 07:02:01
If you don't change with the times you get left behind, we've seen that to a certain extent with Jose. Madrid tried to match peps City like we did a couple of times against that 09-13 Barcelona squad and got played off the park. Meanwhile inter should have beaten them because they managed to hold them off by playing deep and onanas calmness on the ball helped that. Even players like haaland change things, teams had to change the way they set up because he was so powerful and direct. In 50 years time maybe the 442 will be back revolutionary and a cryogenically frozen big sam will awaken and dominate world football.