07 Mar 2024 08:04:44
Rumours circulating in media today about Thiago Motta as potential ETH replacement.

Quick google suggests that, if there’s any foundation to the gossip, he’d be a smart choice: quick, vertical football, disciplined, solid defence, good at bringing through players.

Has resonance of what INEOS did at Nice: found lesser-known manager who then focused on coaching.

1.) 07 Mar 2024
07 Mar 2024 08:45:12
Would be of value to read Ed's thoughts on the OP.

{Ed002's Note - It is as I have previously stated:
Thiago Motta (C) MIlan are showing some interest in taking Motta in the summer as his coaching career has been picking up and he is well thought of. Will perhaps be considered by former club Barcelona, but they certainly have preferred choices but could look to integrate him in to the larger coaching set up. There has been no approach by Manchester United or Liverpool that I am aware of.}

2.) 07 Mar 2024
07 Mar 2024 09:54:36
Thanks for detailed response Ed002 - always good to know what’s really going on, as opposed to Media click-bait.

{Ed002's Note - There is some distance to go still.}

3.) 07 Mar 2024
07 Mar 2024 12:48:40
Thank you Ed. Very much appreciated.

4.) 07 Mar 2024
07 Mar 2024 16:08:12
He is doing a good job where he is.
We are linked with every room deck and Harry both with players and managers. The hype is predictable and very normal.
As frustrating as it is for supporters its a waiting game for us all.
I think with the introduction of sjr and team we are under the spotlight even more than usual. There is very little other than unknowns for us all.
Considering we all would like to see different things and see things very differently there will be lots of debate and opinions.
We saw even yesterday questions about Dan Ashworths suitably and the methodology of how we went about hiring him.
Impossible to keep everybody happy no matter what they decide.

5.) 07 Mar 2024
07 Mar 2024 19:31:06
I am still laughing and getting up of the floor for someone said that Carlo not a good manager, just very lucky one! so I looked up exactly what he won and where, I don’t even want to type the list out because it would rival an essay from you know who and with lots of clubs not just Madrid as was suggested and not just 1 country, and he is the most decorated manager in the history of the game, Jesus if that’s all down to luck does someone know his number so he can buy me some lottery tickets… that remark as got to have an agenda, because like him or not that record is not luck, far far from it.

Probably be in trouble now for saying it, but come on guys credit where it’s due, like saying Pep ain’t no good because he got given money!

6.) 07 Mar 2024
07 Mar 2024 22:38:19
Seen us linked with 8 different managers in the last 3 days, would take it all with a pinch of salt.

7.) 08 Mar 2024
08 Mar 2024 07:55:51
Strangebloke, you don't READ posts, do you? You pick the bits you want and react. You've been sussed good and proper. Multiple times too it appears. ????.

8.) 08 Mar 2024
08 Mar 2024 09:15:12
Absolutely Fizz and he has the cheek to say someone's comments must have an agenda! ?.

9.) 08 Mar 2024
08 Mar 2024 10:54:15

This is about his 10th account, he started as maze and has had loads of other names over the years, he usually just stalks Shappy and weirdly knows everything about everyone.

10.) 08 Mar 2024
08 Mar 2024 11:31:24
He's a strange bloke for sure G to S.

11.) 08 Mar 2024
08 Mar 2024 12:41:16
G2S is it actually the MAZE?

I actually thought maze had a bit of personality, rather than just consistently repeating the same nonsense post after post.

12.) 08 Mar 2024
08 Mar 2024 14:05:31
I think it’s the same person yes, was possibly originally rainfishtrombone and I am Kloot as well actually before they were banned and he became Maze. Maybe the stint in Strangeways has changed him into this, the gap in his posting would tally in with a prison stay.

13.) 08 Mar 2024
08 Mar 2024 15:57:05
Didn’t he you to pretend I am KLOOT was a clue to who he actually was as if we’re all supposed to know him or am I imagining that?

14.) 08 Mar 2024
08 Mar 2024 16:18:47
This is Man Utd page not guess the poster that you appear to be so in love in wasting time about, I have told you million times I am not and never been Maze or none of them names you mention, so sorry Sherlock your wrong again and very dim indeed.

Have you not got nothing to talk about United instead of being infatuated with me…. Only thing I ever see you post is about me, your wife will be getting jealous.

15.) 09 Mar 2024
09 Mar 2024 06:08:26
Lol the irony in Strangeways talking about being infatuated with a poster on here ??.

16.) 10 Mar 2024
10 Mar 2024 07:12:59
Having been outed by Ed as a troll and banned multiple times, it would be funny to hear his previous personas. ??.