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18 Jun 2024 22:13:56
Rumours of Zirkzee and Xavi Simmons today.

What do you guys think of them?

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18 Jun 2024 22:32:32
Not seen anything of Zirkzee other than an awful lot of reports, so figure his agent is in overdrive (and apparently stands to gain £12m personally so why not) .
I think if they want to go Dutch Frimpong excites me the most. Seen him in multiple positions, and a better right winger than anything we’ve got and it’s not even his best position!

19 Jun 2024 07:43:52
Ornstein spenno. Never normally writes anything until incredibly well sourced.

But I suspect Zirkzee is waiting for Milan. However, if they don't come in, we may get out man.

19 Jun 2024 08:38:16
Zirkee looked good for a very exciting Bologna side who earned champions league football. Will be a good option at a reasonable price but most rumours were of him going to Milan, however they are looking at a number of options.

Could we do a loan deal for Simons with option to buy next year, someone has said that a sale for PSG is more beneficial that way so could give us a good cheap option.

Likely all talk or at least the club looking at lots of players.

19 Jun 2024 10:55:17
Zirzkee, good enough to play for a europa league team which we are currently but also not so good that he is going to be demanding to start week in week out instead of Hojlund. Seems like an ideal signing to take the load of Hojlund.

19 Jun 2024 12:26:58
Will we even play with 1 centre forward?
We won last 3 games last season playing without a cf and using Bruno as a false 9.
It very much depends on the tactics applied.

19 Jun 2024 12:59:18
I think we should stay away from any player where the agent demands 12.5m for the transfer.

19 Jun 2024 13:33:30
DSG, zirkzee has the option to start at Bologna or start at Milan both in the CL, or he could come and be a rotation option at Utd in the EL.

Believe both Barcelona and RBL want a loan for Simons so could potentially be an option.

19 Jun 2024 14:58:51
Fuser he can get an extra 5m a year playing at united.

19 Jun 2024 14:59:21
Why kurtis?

19 Jun 2024 18:02:39
I think agent fees usually equate to about 5% commission Ken. Based on his market value at about €50m this would mean he's wanting a 25% commission.

I wouldn't want to pay such high commission for a player. I'm not even sure if this is allowed as I read FIFA might introduce caps.

I'm sure an Ed or someone else can correct my understanding if anything I've said is wrong.

{Ed002's Note - Rubbish.}

19 Jun 2024 19:37:16
I posted on the banter site tongue in cheek about Xavi simons. He’s statistically very similar to Bruno. He’s quicker and better at dribbling 1vs1 this why he’s been used on the wing at before he was at RB. Puts in a shift pressing, is press resistant and looks to pass forward. He would be a very good signing.

Zirkzee is a 6’ 4” opposite version of Højlund. Where Højlund likes it in behind and plays well as a target man, Zirkzee likes it into feet, he drops deeper and looks to use his technical ability to turn defenders and likes to be part of the build up play. He’s a lot like Martial in many ways, looking to drop a bit deeper and pull off to either side to overload. He would offer us a great deal of tactical flexibility.

19 Jun 2024 19:27:52
Thanks for the additional insight Ed.

{Ed002's Note - You are making stuff up.}

19 Jun 2024 21:54:36
Ken so you’ll pay Zirkzee 160-200k/ week? Italian clubs have the benefit of lower tax for their footballers.

20 Jun 2024 06:08:41
Kurtis, the agent worked on his transfer to Bologna, and you would assume made sure there was a clause in the contract that allows the player to move for a specific fee.

Now that several clubs feel that fee is a bargain and want to take advantage of that fee (that only exists because of the agent) why isn't the agent entitled to charge a premium in terms of their agents fee after their work will have saved the buying club money?

Also if you are to set an arbitrary fee for agents linked to a percentage of the transfer fee then surely it becomes counterintuitive for agents to negotiate a clause in player contracts that set a transfer fee at a specific amount. Ultimately meaning that the player moves for below market value and the agent gets a lower fee because of that.

The whole reason for agents to want these clauses in player contracts is to help facilitate moves which they can then make money from.

In terms of Zirkzee if he's worth 55-60m in the current market, and we can get him for a total cost of 40-45m but with 12m of that going to the agent rather than Bologna, why should we care where the money goes. Ultimately we've got a bargain and a very good player for below market value.

19 Jun 2024 23:44:34
Which part Ed? I asked to be corrected if my understanding was wrong.

The €12.5m was rumoured to be what the agent asked for. A player database values Zirkzee at €50m.

FIFA implemented regulation capping agent fees at 3% of player salaries and 10% of transfer fees, but I know this faced legal challenge in England.

Again, happy to stand corrected by your insight if you actually want to offer it.

{Ed002's Note - The 5%, the €12.5M, the value of the player.}

20 Jun 2024 10:36:39
Thanks Ed. I'll avoid the swirling social media rumours next time!



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