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14 Jun 2024 21:51:02
Cunha is a name I’m seeing get mentioned a fair bit over the past few days but hasn’t been mentioned in here for a long time. Ed is there any interest in bringing him in this summer? I know he’s not particularly prolific but I think his all round play could really benefit the team.

{Ed002's Note - Matheus Cunha (S) I am not aware of any interest of Manchester United for a couple of years. Wolves have other attacking departures coming up and will not want to lose Cunha as well.}

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15 Jun 2024 11:31:07
I don't think he'd be a bad shout to be honest. Hard working, technical, EPL proven and is a different profile of striker to Hojlund, likes to come deep and link the play, create for those around him. Also capable of playing wide if needed so offers another option there which would lessen the need to sign another player for the wide areas this summer. The only real downside is that he'd likely be expensive for the level he is at and the role we need him for.

I think there are other players of a similar profile available from outside the EPL for much less than he'd cost.

Ultimately this, like any signings we potentially make from the EPL, comes down to whether its worth paying a premium to lower the risk that they fail to adapt to the EPL.

If we can only make 3-4 signings this summer, is it worth paying a bit more for each of them to lower that risk that they fail to make a real impact.

For me personally it's only worth buying players from outside the EPL if they are significantly cheaper than a EPL proven alternative or there isn't a similar available EPL proven alternative, AND vitally the money saved is put into other transfers to improve the squad and mitigate the risk of a less proven player failing to adapt to the league.

I know I'm in the minority in that view as most people are won over by the fancy, less know player from the continent. We tend to be fairly dismissive of players we see week in week out playing for "smaller" EPL clubs.

Which is kind of weird as we had the majority of our success under SAF by buying the best players in the EPL. Those are the ones who have typically had the biggest impact and have had the highest success rate.

The same can be said for most successful teams, they tend to try and buy the best players from their own leagues rather than spend big on unproven players.

City for example have bought Walker, Sterling, Mahrez Stones, Grealish, Philips and Ake. Even KDB while not bought from an EPL club had EPL experience.

Liverpool bought Gomez, Henderson, VvD, Robertson, Mane, Jota, AOC, Mac Allister, Wijnaldum, Shaqiri, Solanke. With again Salah having EPL experience even though he wasn't bought from an EPL team.

Even Arsenal have bought a few EPL proven players to build their squad under Arteta, White, Tierney, Jesus, Rice, Havertz, Zinchenko, Ramsdale, Raya, Trossard, Jorginho, Soares, Ryan and Willian.

Those three teams have built nearly half of their title winning teams (with the exception of Arsenal who haven't won it yet) with EPL proven players.

Bayern Munich do the same in Germany, Real Madrid and Barcelona the same in Spain, PSG in France and the likes of Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan in Italy.

There is something to be said for buy key players for your team from other EPL clubs where the players have proven they are capable in this league and that they just need a bigger, better team around them to step up.

I think this summer it would be prudent if we can make maybe 50% of our signings from the EPL, mixed in with a couple of well scouted players for much cheaper fees from outside of the EPL.

Branthwaite seems to be one, and we have looked at Olise (although he's much further down the pecking order), with rumours of looking at players like Guehi, Joao Gomes, Cunha, Onana, Toney, Eze, Kerkez, Chalobah, Kilman, Tosin, and Ait-Nouri. I wouldn't be surprised to see at least one of those along with Branthwaite join this summer.

15 Jun 2024 12:16:10
I like him, good player. Seems a humble bloke too from the few videos I’ve see.

15 Jun 2024 22:56:50
Shappy, I think that aiming for making signings from inside the premier league is a great way to do our business if there are players available at teams outside of the top 6 who are to the level we need.
As you say, those players are already up to speed and performing in the league so they only have to adapt to playing in our team. If we’re signing players from abroad it should be young players with high ceilings who can grow into the league or great opportunities too good to pass on.
Signing some of the players from the list you provided earlier would be a great start to a rebuild. Branthwaite, Kerkez, Cunha and then in a dream world Neves and Yoro would be fantastic business.

16 Jun 2024 09:11:37
Good post shappy and agree if we can get top players from the PL that's the best route. Unfortunately Maguire and AWB have proven paying stupid money for pl players who are okay is not a good route. Fergie shopped the top tier and bought the best in the pl.

Brantwaite being Pl proven, one season at a team who was fighting relegation does not justify the lofty price tags and better defenders out there for that kind of money. Van der ven went to spurs for half that amount and I would say they have done exceptionally well.

Real Madrid raids the French league every year or best in class from other top leagues and top teams and not sure what you are referring to. Bayern also goes and buys the best from top teams/ rivals in Germany. Its akin to us buying city's best players or arsenal.

16 Jun 2024 16:12:31
Ahmad, obviously it's about getting the balance right. You need to be recruiting players who suit a chosen style of play. They also need to have the the talent and the mentality to step up and be successful.

While there have been many successful signings brought into the EPL from all corners of the world. I strongly suspect if you looked at all the EPL transfers that those signed from other EPL club have a higher success rate than those brought in from other leagues.

It's no good signing someone who doesn't suit your team just because they come from the EPL. Likewise the same can be said about signing players from outside the EPL who don't suit your team just because they are cheaper.

When signing players from the EPL you will pay a premium, with a bigger premium if they are also homegrown, and bigger again if they are also English.

That's just supply and demand. The best English clubs want to have the best English players, those are few and far between and thus cost more.

Passports shouldn't matter when signing players, but they do. And to suggest otherwise is to choose to be blind to it.

Firstly, clubs need a certain amount of homegrown players to meet the squad requirements of the league. Secondly, in terms of branding an English club will want to use English players, just as a Spanish club with Spanish players or a German club with German players. It's important for their image and to sell merchandise.

I'm not saying we should only sign players from the EPL, but that typically the best side in any league tends to sign the best players from their own league.

If we want to get back to the top then we need to try and bring in more of the top players from the EPL. Not only does it go some way to minimising the chance of that player failing, it also weakens league rivals.

Look at Klopp's Dortmund, they started to threaten Bayern's dominance, then Bayern signed Lewandowski, Götze and Hummels from Dortmund. Strengthening their side and weakening a rival.

When City first started to become a top EPL side they made a habit of signing players from Arsenal, as did Chelsea. As these sides signed Arsenals best players they overtook Arsenal in the league and established themselves as a top side. Even we took RvP from Arsenal when the opportunity presented itself.



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