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14 Jun 2024 16:41:08
Ornstein reporting united have made an opening bid of 35 million for branthwaite. sanity rules i guess, starting to really like ineos.

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14 Jun 2024 17:09:41
First offer always was going to be low

everton need the money by the end of the month

Will prob end at 40-45 plus 5-10 in addons

But young potential signings is what we should be doing build a young team.

14 Jun 2024 18:20:29
Glad we’re not going in with a ridiculous opening offer, but am half expecting one of the other big clubs to do so. Can’t say I’d mind too much if they did.

14 Jun 2024 18:23:12
And we have lift off! Nice. Expect a swift rejection but that’s part of the game.

15 Jun 2024 07:45:38
Rejected but frames where we think the valuation is for him and glad to see us have some discipline. Don't hear anyone else in for him given so many clubs are looking for cb's.

I expect us to get something done in the low 40's or move on to someone else if we are egtting stretched higher. I think ed002 mentioned our priority list of cb's a while ago and he was 4th or 5th choice on the list the rest were more expensive.

{Ed025's Note - it will take over £60m to get JB ahmad, which is dirt cheap considering you paid £80m for slab head and big prices for the other time wasters who are nowhere near as good as Jarrad mate..

15 Jun 2024 08:13:08
Yeah Ed but that’s because we overpaid for those player, glad we aren’t just paying up because Everton want and we are incompetent for once. We know Everton need to sell and while it’s probably lower than JB valuation it’s a good starting point and I’d say £50m plus add ons be about right for potential.

{Ed025's Note - i think its a bit of a low ball offer with an initial bid reportedly being £35m WRD, he has a 4 year deal with us and i think we should keep him rather than sell him for a pittance mate, but it seems like he wants to go so i suppose a deal will be struck somewhere but if it was up to me the bidding would start at £60m, he will turn out to be a stellar player and FEC i expect..

15 Jun 2024 08:28:37
Doubt it will be much below £70m.

{Ed025's Note - i agree spenno..

15 Jun 2024 08:19:00
Ed025. That we paid up for slab head doesn’t follow that we should do the same for other players now. The ethos of the club in that respect is hopefully changing dramatically and what we value a player at and pay will, again, hopefully, be way more realistic.

{Ed025's Note - the likes of Utd and other big clubs will always have to pay a premium Fizz, everyone puts at least 25% on their price when the big boys come a calling thats just the way it is mate..

15 Jun 2024 09:20:24
United are just chancing their luck off the back of Everton’s financial circumstance I guess. This summer will be about United working in the transfer market and trying to undo poor performance over the past how ever many windows. Everton know they can state £70M because previously United have paid those prices. £55/ £60M with add ons up to £70M would probably be fair in this market for a player who we could get 10 years out of.

15 Jun 2024 10:35:11
ED025, Everton need to sell, so unless they can sell other players instead of JB before 30th June, then I think Utd might actually get him for £50 million plus add ons.

{Ed025's Note - hopefully other bids will come in and drive the price up MH, but i suppose £50m + add on,s is in the ball park mate..

15 Jun 2024 11:11:33
I don't think this new management structure is into going in the area people are talking about or even value him at those numbers. look at Ashworth case.

If we go to 50 mill plus add ons that's 60 mill. No one else will come in for him at those numbers. Still say low 40's plus add ons then we walk away.

60 mill is leny yoro zip code. easy choice to make if we are spending that kind of money and if the player is on board to coming.

15 Jun 2024 15:10:54

I agree, a deal like that would probably suit both parties aswell.

{Ed025's Note - he is certainly open to it MH, and i expect it will happen mate..

16 Jun 2024 11:05:25
There will be wiggle room on the price, it'll be more than United would ideally like to pay, but less than Everton want. That's the way negotiations work.

I expect we'll start to see prices come down a little over the next couple of seasons.

Lots of clubs have been hit by the pandemic and now have FFP/ PSR issues because of the loss of revenue during that time.

Simply put clubs just have less to spend.

Everton are in a pinch and need money before June 30th, yet very few teams can afford to spend before then due to their own PSR issues and balancing the books.

That means Everton either accept a lower offer than might otherwise be expected, or they don't make raise the money needed and probably end up with another points deduction.

United are in a similar boat, we can't afford to spend too much before June 30th. While we might be able to pay a bigger fee afterwards, that won't be of any use to Everton at that point.

If United are the only team coming in for any Everton players before June 30th then it really puts them up against the wall and United will probably get Branthwaite for a much lower fee because of that. The other thing to factor in is that all of the fee from Branthwaite will be considered profit. Onana is the other player often linked with being sold to raise funds. Yet because he was bought for a few that could reach 33m there will still be a certain amount of his fee to be amortised meaning 15-20m of what they sell him for won't count as profit and therefore doesn't help them with PSR. They'd need 50-60m up front for Onana to solve the PSR issue compared to 35-40m for Branthwaite. The reality is that there probably isn't anyone who'll be able or willing to pay the amount they would need for a player like Onana to satisfy the PSR requirements.

From what I gather Everton need between 35-40m in their account before June 30th.

That will be why United's reported opening offer is around that figure. Also United can't really afford to pay much more than that before the end of June either.

I'd expect there to be some compromise, where United pay 35-40m upfront (whatever Everton need for PSR), then there to be some add-ons payable at a later date depending on certain criteria being met. Probably with around half the add-ons being fairly easy to meet (number of games etc) and the other half being harder (linked to club success) .

I'd imagine the total package might be worth around 60m if all add-ons are met, with United realistically probably paying 50-55m when all is said and done.

It'll save Everton from further PSR sanctions, while the larger figure will be reported to help them save face. Yet it'll still be less than they want and most Everton fans will rightly feel a little bitter about it.

As a United fan I'm not going to lose any sleep over the club taking advantage of another clubs situation. After all many clubs have ripped us off when selling players to us and have taken advantage when buying players.

Just looking at Everton for example they charged us more for Rooney than the price they agreed with Newcastle, pushed us with Fellaini to get a premium deal, while they also got cut price deals for players like Saha, Howard, Phil Neville, Gibson, Cleverley and most recently James Garner.

Even if we get Branthwaite for 20m less than current market value, Everton will still be the side that has had the better of the transfer dealings overall between the clubs over the past 20 years.

However, I can still sympathise with the Everton fans who'll be reeling at losing their most promising player and the club won't even be able to take advantage of it or use the money to buy a replacement. Much like ourselves under the Glazers we had to suffer for the incompetence of our owners, Everton fans are suffering the same right now. So I can easily sympathise with them over that.

I just hope that they have the decency to see past the likely lower fee and they give Branthwaite a fair reception when he plays against them and not to take out the situation the club are in on the player. He's been a good player for them, given his all and his sale will probably play a big part in helping the club get some financial stability and hopefully avoid more points deductions next season.



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