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30 Oct 2023 20:50:20
Evening Ed, lots of rumours circulating that EtH is on the verge of being sacked.

What is the situation as you understand it?

Thank you.

{Ed002's Note - My understanding remains that if a new owner were to arrive there will be cahnages.}

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30 Oct 2023 21:18:40
Maybe not sacked yet but I’d say there’s a few at the club having second thoughts about eth. There were rumours a few months back about giving him a new deal and that’s all died away massively.

30 Oct 2023 21:34:23
There were rumours the other week that SJR likes Graham Potter. He could be high on the list of potential replacements if EtH is sacked.

30 Oct 2023 21:57:53
Well that's depressing. or it could work. Be an interesting international break if utd go out to Newcastle and get beat on Saturday. ten hag could be in very big trouble, but I suspect he'll get something.

30 Oct 2023 22:03:33
Sweet Jesus. Think I'd rather have a Shappy/ Ahmed job share. The dream team!

30 Oct 2023 22:13:50
I'll put my CV forward Spenno?.

30 Oct 2023 22:47:24
Thanks Ed - daunting times.

31 Oct 2023 00:41:59
If someone comes in amd is incharge of the sporting side, then they would need to bring in people who fit their philosophy. I would naturally expect someone competent to replace anyone who didn't for that philosophy.

31 Oct 2023 08:12:15
At this point, I’d be very surprised if Ten Haag is still at the helm come the end of the season regardless of whether or not there are new owners in place. I still think he’ll by gone by Christmas.

For whatever it’s worth, I’d have liked to have seen him given a bit more time, but he really hasn’t done himself any favors with his poor team selection and his inability to instill any kind of style of play. Granted, a lot of the latter is down to the players, but it’s Ten Haag’s job to get them firing, and despite replacing half the dressing room, he continues to fail on that front.

31 Oct 2023 08:24:52
I'd be quick to defend ETH. He inherited a mess at all levels and has tried to set us up to be challengers despite probably knowing it'd require some backward steps as he uncovers those who are incapable of adapting. However more important is that we've a coherent vision at the club and if SJR and team decide he's not the man then fine. But I maintain that until that point he get the support from us all to continue to push the limits of these players. We're going nowhere if we hedge like he did last year. He could have done so this year and protected his job, but he hasn't, and to my mind that is to his credit.

31 Oct 2023 08:27:03
Graham Potter………no no no no

Supported United through thick and thin and handed over season ticket money for nearly 20 years, but the state of the club is driving me to despair……. it’s actually doing me in because it’s all I think about.

ETH has to see out his contract at least, I agree with Richard Arnold, we have made progress. Maybe not on the pitch, but in the mentality of taking the power away from the players and back into the hands of the manager. Forget the first season, it’s the honeymoon period where in more cases than not there’s kneejerk improvement. If we think about it, there was always going to be a step back before we stepped forward. Goes without saying when a manager tries to impose his philosophy on a football club. The acid test will be in the next two seasons.

If Chelsea season ticket holder Ratcliffe comes in waving a big stick and replaces ETH with Potter then I’m done I reckon.

31 Oct 2023 08:39:16
Thanks for info Ed002 - your clarity at the moment very much appreciated.

If new owners - or part owners - do come in, do you think they’ll initiate an internal audit before making changes, or do you think they’ll make changes straight away?

Thanks for any more clarity you are able to disclose.

{Ed002's Note - I don't know what you mean in respect of audit, but it is pretty clear who both potential owners will look to run the club on a day-to-day basis.}

31 Oct 2023 08:54:54
FiremanC, I do think there was that first season bounce last year. But to ignore last season completely as you suggest, if what we have now is the shape of things to come then these are extremely worrying times. I fully agree that he talks a good game in terms of structure and discipline. Maybe he should apply for the Director of Football role instead.

31 Oct 2023 09:00:51
Thanks for swift reply Ed. By audit, I mean identifying why so much has failed up to now and why were such a poorly run club, plus keeping those who’ve been doing a good job and those that haven’t.

Or maybe prospective new owners have already been doing due diligence and know exactly what changes need to be made ASAP?

By who both potential owners will look to, could you be hinting at Paul Mitchell there, or another manager? (Sorry, not aware of other managerial names being circulated)

Thanks again for your time here - appreciate that there’s only so much you can reveal.

{Ed002's Note - Paul Mitchell is someone Jim Ratcliffe would take.}

31 Oct 2023 09:12:50
Thank you for the really quick reply Ed002.

31 Oct 2023 12:22:07
I'm pretty sure Jean Claude Blanc at least initially and Paul Mitchell are the ineos/ sjr options.

Haven't read anything on Qatar but doesn't look like they will be in charge as it stands.

31 Oct 2023 13:53:43
I’ve read the same DB90.

Sooner the better to untangle the chaos at United and rebuild a better structure geared towards sporting success.

31 Oct 2023 16:43:38
Hi Ed002. I was talking with an old colleague last week and he seemed to be under the impression that Sheikh Jassim may still be interested in purchasing United and hasn’t actually withdrawn. I’d assumed that he was mistaken on this front, but notice you said “both potential owners”. Are both Sir Jim and Sheikh Jassim still in the running?

{Ed002's Note - He has not made an acceptable offer.}

01 Nov 2023 01:27:52
Thanks for the clarification. Has he withdrawn from the process or indicated that he won’t be making another offer to the Glazers / Raine Group, or was that all just paper talk?

{Ed002's Note - Things can always change.}



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