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28 Jul 2022 14:08:36
Is FDJ still a legitimate target?

Is there any other positions we are looking at investing?


{Ed077's Note - this has been done to death(by Ed002, so not even gonna leave it for him).

Yes and Yes.

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28 Jul 2022 14:55:06
I’m drawing my own conclusions at this point. I don’t believe the club (even in it’s current position) would let this drag out all Summer if there wasn’t significant confidence that a deal could be struck. Neither do I believe that United would pursue a player who had no interest in joining the club. The Timber situation is a good example of this.

I believe the player is waiting for assurances from Barcelona that he will receive a significant portion of the monies owed to him. Once he has this, he’ll go public with his intentions to join United.

I do not believe for one minute that the player has any reservations about joining United.

28 Jul 2022 15:20:43
TOHOM, I believe the club would do that, I think most of our transfer dealings continue to be handled by amateurs.

28 Jul 2022 15:31:22
AJH - you seriously doubt that the club has received assurances from FDJ’s camp that a transfer is desirable?!

28 Jul 2022 16:00:13
EtH wants FDJ and the club want to do everything in their power to give the manager what he wants/ needs to succeed.

I don't think FDJ wants to leave Barcelona. Why would he? Especially to a club that is currently no where near challenging for top honours.

I think the club have been told by Barcelona that for the right price FDJ is for sale.

Barcelona need to either get FDJ off the wage bill or get him to agree to a lower wage.

From their perspective getting United to bid and agree a price is the perfect scenario.

They now have as strong a hand as they could to play against FDJ. Either sign up to lower wages or move to United.

I think FDJ is resisting this. He wants to stay at Barcelona and for Barcelona to honour the contract they signed him to.

We are now in this stand off, I expect that United have been told by Barcelona that they will push for FDJ to leave.

As such United are probably hanging on hoping to be able to sign EtH's top target.

I think Barcelona playing FDJ at CB is part of the club's tactics to try and get him to accept the United offer.

What I find odd about the whole thing is that United have had a deal agreed for over two weeks now. And yet there isn't even a whisper about negotiations going on between United and the players agent.

Have they met with the agent to discuss terms?
If so how have they gone? Has an offer been made that FDJ and his agent would accept?
If no terms have been discussed then why?

I also found EtH's comments about United moving for their targets when the time is right very interesting.

EtH has been fairly forthright and seems a straight talker. I wonder if he gave too much away with that comment. Who was he talking about?

The FDJ deal has been agreed with Barcelona, so that would suggest he was referring to someone else.

Maybe the club know that FDJ isn't going to sign for United but don't want to publicly end their interest for some reason.

Maybe it's so they can negotiate with another club for a different player with the media focus on FDJ. Maybe ending interest publicly would seem like a very public defeat. Maybe they think the deal could still go ahead.

Either way we won't know what is happening until something actually happens.

It's just a waiting game.

28 Jul 2022 16:01:02
Actually disagree AJH. I think previously this has been the case but more recently we have dealt with transfers better. Yes, certainly room for improvement but I’ve stated previously, it’s not just on the pitch matters we are trying to improve and undo poor attitude/ commitment but also off the pitch matters, such as poor transfer dealings. To many years now clubs have seen us coming from a mile out and mugged us off and we need to change that. Sancho is a good example, we were interested, they upped their valuation, we waited a year and got him cheaper than they wanted. Malacia is another good example, if we’d shown our cards early we most likely would have paid over the odds for him.

FDJ is such a unique and unheard of situation I don’t know what else United could do? We agreed a fee for him with Barca, a fair fee as well and TOHOM, I think FDJ has given indication he would come but would you walk away from £17M especially when you took a paycut to help in the first place and then see signings coming in left, right and centre? I don’t think not wanting to leave Barcelona means not wanting to come to United.

So I think the amateur tag, although still there, is starting to go IMO.

28 Jul 2022 17:41:29
Just so many conflicting reports with FdJ, hard to know what truth really is.

Some reports of him having spoken to ETH, some say no contact.

Some reports say he’s open to a move, some say no way.

Some reports say he’ll consider a wage reduction. Some say that he’s just hanging on to be paid,

For what it’s worth, I tend to agree with Shappy on all the reasons why he probably won’t come (backed up by Ed002 reinforcing his desire to stay at Barcelona and not downgrade to United) but there’s still a bit of hope that he might be persuaded - I believe he’s a world class player similar in magnitude to Kevin De Bryne.

If we don’t sign him, maybe the midfield space will be filled by the mouldable Garner. Can’t see us getting SMS as he’s not the sort of player that ETH wants. Wouldn’t mind Nunes though.

At least ETH has a definite idea of who he wants and is prepared to wait for the right player rather than just make signings to then put a square into a circle - and be stuck with them with no place in the squad for when the right player IS available.

28 Jul 2022 18:57:27
Most reports say he does nort want to come to United, Ed002 says he doesn't want to come to United, why are people still thinking he might come?

This has gone on for too long already. Yes the Manager wants him but jeez, time for us to move on.

28 Jul 2022 20:53:54
Anyone that can't see what's really going on needs to give their head a wobble. Clearly FDJ would prefer to stay at Barcelona but has given at the very least an indication to ETH that he is willing to move if Barcelona want rid, but can't go public as it will weaken his position in terms of getting his owed wages. Read between the lines. Clearly not many poker players on here!

28 Jul 2022 22:04:15
Redarmy, that's the thing though, I don't think FDJ has given anyone any sort of hint that he would come to United.

Why are there no rumours of us being in discussions with his agent over two weeks after we agreed a fee with his club.

I think the only indication United have the FDJ could be for sale is from Barcelona themselves, who seem intent on forcing him out the door.

29 Jul 2022 07:28:58
Steady on redarmy with that sensible opinion of your own. ajh has told what is going happen and what you must think ?.

29 Jul 2022 09:07:23
Manchester United and EtH want FDJ.

Barcelona want to sell FDJ to free up wages and bring in money.

FDJ's agent will almost certainly be happy to broker a deal and get paid millions for their services.

If FDJ wanted to move to Manchester United he'd be here already. We agreed a deal with Barcelona 2 weeks ago. Yet has his agent even met with the club to see what is on offer? Because there are literally ZERO rumours that he has.

Does anybody find that odd? We have known about all the offers United have made, when the meetings have taken place etc. Literally every aspect of this deal has been spoken about in the press. Yet no one, not even Romero know if FDJ's agent has discussed possible terms with Manchester United.

We have been free to talk terms to TWO weeks and nothing.

FDJ doesn't want to come to Manchester United, he might be forced out of Barcelona and there is a chance we get him that way. But he will be dragged kicking and screaming to Manchester.



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