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22 Jul 2022 14:31:31
One for Ed002 if you'd be so kind - you have mentioned on a number of occasions that De Jong does not want to join the club, my question then is why Man United are pursuing him at all? We know they are pursuing him enough to have sent John Murtough and Richard Arnold to Barcelona to discuss the player. Are they naïve enough to believe they can convince De Jong? It seems like bad practice to invest any time at all on a potential signing if you know from the get go they don't want to play for you?

{Ed002's Note - They will be trying to persuade the player to join.}

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22 Jul 2022 15:44:27
Is it a case of he doesn't want to come, or publically he is saying this, because he is owed 17 million euros? If he says he wants to leave publically, then should imagine Barcelona will simply say you can go without the money owed. You could look at it the opposite way - why would you want to stay at a club that have pretty much publically said you can be sold? Both answers lead me to the money he is owed. I don't blame him tbh, but if he does stay at Barcelona I wonder if they will try and force him out etc.

{Ed002's Note - He would still be owed the money if he left for Barcelona. He has made it clear he does not want to move to Manchester United. He has a contract with Barcelona - they cannot force him out.}

22 Jul 2022 16:12:14
Didn’t Barcelona renegotiate his contract so he would be paid more in later years to offset the C.V. cuts? Which would mean if he left he wouldn’t necessarily be owed anything, unless it was stipulated that the reduction would be a guaranteed repayment irrespective of contract being fulfilled. If this was the case then I’m sure it would have been reported. You’d also have to think that Ten Hag would have a good idea of what Frenkie desires and wouldn’t pursue a dead end.

{Ed002's Note - No.}

22 Jul 2022 16:59:57
I was under the impression that if he left Barcelona wouldn't owe him anything. that's the narrative on many sports outlets. Same with some of the other players. In Spain now, and the Spanish media are in general disgusted with Barca's behaviour overall.

{Ed001's Note - they are still due to pay him, which is the issue, they have to pay him the money if he stays or goes and they are trying to force him to waive his right to it.}

22 Jul 2022 17:54:39

After the remortgage ( or whatever it is they have done) that Barcelona have done are they still dependent on offloading players to comply with la Liga's FFP?

If so, will that stop them regenerating new players?


{Ed001's Note - yes, the sell off of the TV right percentage just allows them to spend every penny they bring in from sales on the team at a 1:1 rather than the 1:3 or 1:4 ratio that they were having to operate under before it.}

22 Jul 2022 18:24:54
Ed seems to me Barcelona are in very dire straits selling everything bar the kitchen sink and owing players money while signing other players that would really p155 me off if I was a player morale can't be good
Is it as bad as it seems.

{Ed001's Note - they are a mess and Xavi has his work cut out. They are gambling the future on achieving success now. If they continue to struggle they are in a real mess.}

22 Jul 2022 19:19:36

They make Utd look like a well run club. I suppose financially Utd are.

22 Jul 2022 18:56:43
As a business man that is pure madness they will have no assets left the fan base can't be happy.

22 Jul 2022 21:57:23
The big question then, is can FDJ be persuaded to join and if so, how?!

23 Jul 2022 07:05:52
It is a pointless pursuit. FDJ doesn't want to move to Utd. Move on onto another target and find out if they would be haooy to join the club.

23 Jul 2022 08:43:18
I don't think ten hag wants another midfielder unless it's Frankie boy. I get the feeling he's happy to wait to get him later on if possible. Neves is crazy money and maybe teilmans but I don't think ten hag is fussed about him. So it's mcfred again for 12 months until de Yong or similar is available. unless Martinez can play in the defensive midfield area.

23 Jul 2022 10:35:19
It is a giant quagmire of a financial mess. I don't confess to understanding it but it seems to be two issues. does he intend to remain at Barcelona until he gets what he's owed, or surely if he's legally entitled to it he'll get it one way or the other eventually wherever he is? Then, the more important point, does he have any intention of joining us regardless. I can only assume the people at the top inc EtH believe he can be swayed or have had some indication of this. If we end the window with Malacia, Martinez, Eriksen and a striker/ Antony that's a more than decent window IMO. With de Jong too it's a brilliant one.

23 Jul 2022 10:45:40
I think if we don't get FDJ over the line then near the end of the window we may push for Matheus Nunes.

23 Jul 2022 13:40:40
Supasub not seen anything of him. What type of player is he? Are we linked with him. Not sure if he was on list ed002 gave?

23 Jul 2022 17:10:38
Ken, Ed002 has said something along the lines of him being considered by us as a lower cost Matic replacement. If that's the case then he may well still be considered as the player to take the ball from defence and retain possession, play forward. From what little I've seen of him I'd say he's similar in stature and style to Rodri but with a better engine/ more dynamic. Pep I think is quoted somewhere as saying he thinks he's one of the best around so I presume City are keeping tabs on him. Ed002 I remember mentioned Wolves are in for him if they don't get Palinha who I presume would be a replacement for Neves.
If you search Matheus Nunes here or on the Liverpool page maybe? Ed002 does one of his summaries on him.



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