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14 Jul 2022 20:57:13
Obviously just speculation, but previously by Mr Romano it was reported that United had agreed a deal with Barcelona for €65 plus €20 in add ons, which were being discussed.

Since then the whole FDJ being owed €17m in deferred wages and that he wouldn't leave without them.

Then we had Starsky and Hutch, I mean Anrold and Murtaugh fly to Barcelona to sort out the deal.

Now Romano saying the final agreement has been reached for €75 plus €10 in add ons.

Assuming the figures are correct it looks like United had just agreed to give Barcelona an extra €10 guaranteed so they can pay off FDJ and get the deal moving.

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14 Jul 2022 21:28:48
Don’t think there is a deal here. The player does not want it. Stupid to be chasing a player not motivated. Reminds of pogba saga.

15 Jul 2022 00:19:36
Why would the club chase a player for 2 months if he didn’t give an indication that he would be willing to come if Barcelona had to get rid

He might want to stay at Barcelona but things change and the situation has changed Barcelona don’t want to keep him

Even for us it just doesn’t make sense to chase him for 2 months if he hasn’t gave some indication he is willing to be convinced

But we will see what happens.

{Ed001's Note - the club are chasing him because the manager wants him and Barca are keen to sell.}

15 Jul 2022 01:35:40
Totally disagree, he’s the number 1 target for the manager.

15 Jul 2022 05:25:43
The player does not want to come to United. That's it, time to move on.

{Ed001's Note - the player does not want to give up 17m euros, that is the issue.}

15 Jul 2022 07:32:30
It is understandable. He has helped out Barcelona by deferring his wages.

Barcelona are in one hell of a mess. I'm surprised they managed to get a 1.5bn remortgage/ loan out with the debt they already have.

15 Jul 2022 07:45:38
If eth cannot convince his man to join then he needs to be honest with the club thank them for doing their part admit defeat and tell the club to move to his next target.
If he thinks he can convince him then he should stick at it imo.
It will be a hard one for eth to swallow but anybody blaming Arnold mortgage the recruitment team the glazers the armatures needs to know what their talking about.
The ate pursuing de Jong under request from the manager. They have done their part it's over to eth now.
If he can't do it he has to be big enough to say so.

15 Jul 2022 08:02:28
Or it’s up to Barcelona to pay what they owe or make an acceptable offer of said payment to the player.

15 Jul 2022 08:04:03
Is football the only industry where people are sold against their will?

15 Jul 2022 08:35:23
The only legal one MancMan.

15 Jul 2022 08:49:20
Ken, I agree. FDJ is obviously EtH's first choice and that is understandable. That midfield position is absolutely key to how EtH sets his side's up. While there are other players who have the required skillset to play as EtH would like they would probably take a significant amount of coaching to be able to play that role in the manner and to the standard EtH wants. That could be months into the season.

FDJ knows EtH and knows his tactics. He excelled in them at Ajax prompting Barcelona to part with €75m to sign him in the first place.

You'd expect him to almost seemlessly slip into the team and have an immediate impact and quickly accelerate how the team adapts to play how EtH wants.

That is why in my opinion is make much more sense to chase the player EtH wants above all others. Even if it takes all summer.

While you'd imagine EtH would have had a quiet word with FDJ and/ or his people to judge whether he'd be open to moving.

I expect that in an ideal world for FDJ he'd stay at Barcelona, receive all his deferred wages, stay on his high salary, live in a beautiful city that he is settled and play as a key member of the team for a side in the UCL and will challenge for the title next season.

Yet that probably isn't an option for him, at least not all of that. If he truly wants to stay in Barcelona he'll probably have to write off most of his owed wages, plus take a further paycut.

If he isn't happy to do so then he'll have to move on. The question is to where.

I expect he has to publicly declare he wants to stay and will need to do so to get his deferred wages, plus a loyalty bonus.

Which I fully appreciate and understand. If I was being forced out of a job I enjoyed and that would require me to relocate internationally, your damn right I'd hold the company forcing me out to honour paying me every last penny I was owed.

I expect once his deferred wages hits his bank account, the move to United will accelerate and happen pretty quickly.

15 Jul 2022 08:50:04
At the end of the day, the player has to play somewhere, unless he’s willing to do a Bale and wave his career away at the expense of seeing out his contract. If the latter is true then we or Barcelona can’t do anything about it. Xavi will be under immense pressure from the powers that be to dish out whatever sanctions they see fit. But having said that, if the window passes without him moving then they are going to play him, can’t see Barcelona dictating he sits on the bench, that situation ain’t good for anybody.

If he decides that it’s not worth the aggravation and agrees to move, is it going to cause a problem for us down the line? Middle of winter, he’s sat in his s****y pad in Alderley Edge staring out the window with it absolutely hammering down…. are him and his family always going to be dreaming of sandy beaches and Gaudi?

I think RA and JM need to sit down with Eric and lay the situation out and say “listen, we’ve tried our best, but the situation is too complicated with too many factors in the mix. I know FDJ is your primary target, but it’s time to move on and draw up some other targets”

As a fan it just doesn’t feel right this transfer to me.

15 Jul 2022 09:34:14
Ed001 thanks for providing this information. What ways can you see that clubs coming together to resolve this? I know you have mentioned recently that you think the deal will happen because United are so keen and Barcelona need sell, but how can the £17m be settled?

{Ed001's Note - I would think United will pay some towards it in either the transfer fee or signing on fee. Maybe both. It is not the first time that something like this has happened.}

15 Jul 2022 10:31:43
I still think the deal will be done and he will end up at United.

15 Jul 2022 11:00:03
Sounds logical and is a compromise of sorts. Thanks Ed.

15 Jul 2022 10:51:48
What's your opinion of FDJ, Ed001? Think he'll be a useful signing should it get over the line?

{Ed001's Note - he is a decent player who is very well suited to the way you intend to play. Not sure he is worth all this effort though, there are better players out there who could do the same job imo.}

15 Jul 2022 11:24:06
Barca are in one helluva mess. I read a suggestion that Bayern weren't keen on selling Lewandowski to them as the payment structure would run across several years and there is a real fear the club could even be liquidated by then! Is it that serious?

15 Jul 2022 16:32:26
Ed001, will a deal be concluded in the near future do you think or will this run for the whole window?

{Ed001's Note - I would will run right up until the end.}

15 Jul 2022 18:54:42
Im not sure ed they will want their new players registered especially raphinha and soon to be lewandowski.

16 Jul 2022 05:11:32
Ed001 - who, in your opinion are the better players who could do a better job? Just curious as to who you have in mind.

{Ed001's Note - just off the top of my head Nunes and Ruiz look much better suited to English football. I am just talking about potential buys though so not including players that are not possible to sign right now such as the obvious one Bellingham.}

16 Jul 2022 06:38:27
Thanks Ed
I thought of Nunes too. It will be interesting to see who we land.

{Ed001's Note - I think Nunes would have been a better option as he is capable of playing more roles in the team.}



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