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14 Jul 2022 11:26:02
Hello Ed's,

I'm hearing a deal for de jong has been agreed with Barcelona. Any news on this?


{Ed002's Note - The problem is the player - not the agreement with Barcelona.}

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14 Jul 2022 12:03:11
FdJ doesn’t really want to leave Barcelona does he so am guessing selling the ETH project and wages offered will be crucial now.

14 Jul 2022 12:17:34
And the fact Barcelona don’t want to keep him so why would you as a player want to be there when the club are forcing him out

I hope we can get it done hee is a key part to what ten hag wants to do.

14 Jul 2022 12:48:25
I think you need to distinguish between the club and the coaching team.

The club want de Jong to take a pay cut. If he is unwilling, they want to sell him.

The coaching team see de Jong as an important part of the squad, he made 47 appearances last season.

The player, as ed002 has repeatedly stated, wants to stay at Barca. While the club might not want to keep him, on his current wages, he has a long term contract and the coaching team seem happy to keep him.

In other words, the player is wanted by the people he works with on a daily basis and, perhaps, does not care what the suits think about his decision to stay. The club could try to interfere with the coaching team and demand that he is frozen out of the squad. But that would be of no benefit to anyone.

14 Jul 2022 13:12:25
Who said the Barcelona coaching team want to keep him. I've read that the manager has told him to move on.
But what you read and what's true are different things.
I'm assuming nobody is privy to the conversing between eth and de Jong.
If he stays and is frozen out then where will he be. Like bale a rich man on the golf course waving at his career as it passes him by.

14 Jul 2022 13:13:26
Barca are turning into United under Ed, complete disconnect between what the coaches want and what the club wants. Is it true Frankie is on £350k a week?
Frankie cut your loses, they cannot afford you anymore, move on.

14 Jul 2022 13:15:42
I get that Danny but for them to continue to get players in he needs to go, why should he agree to less wages when he signed a contract, it’s not his fault Barcelona are a mess

Let’s hope the ten hag pull and the project of leaving that sinking ship that is Barcelona is enough to convince him

I don’t see us struggling to pay him the wages he wants and if Barcelona are still around in 4 or 5 years then maybe he can go back if that’s his dream.

14 Jul 2022 12:38:59
I've heard this one each and every way now. Three weeks ago it's not the player, terms had been agreed, it was Barca. Now we've got the fee agreed but it's the player. No-one has a clue lol.

14 Jul 2022 12:41:51
Guessing FDJ needs convincing about the project : why join a club that wo t be competing for trophies regularly? So maybe he’s waiting to see what other players are coming in? You have to assume that he’s continually speaking to ETH about this though.

Also he’s going to need to convince his new wife to move from sunny Spain to…… sunny Manchester.

14 Jul 2022 13:28:01
Ken, he has played consistently in the first team during his three seasons at Barca. I don’t see any evidence that the manager wants rid of him. This seems to solely be the club trying to reduce costs, nothing to do with the coaching team not wanting him.

14 Jul 2022 13:43:08
So an assumption or guess on your part Danny.
Let's wait and see what happens.

14 Jul 2022 14:37:43
Based on the available evidence - i. e. Xavi played him.

The rest is based on what Ed002 has said, the player wants to stay in Barcelona.

14 Jul 2022 14:19:37
Do you think we’ll get him over the line Ed?

{Ed002's Note - If Barcelona do something which will ease the situation, then yes.}

14 Jul 2022 14:23:01
Ed002 or Ed001, how do you see it playing out with regards to the player joining or not? I know it’s hard to know what he’s thinking but think the player could be tempted?

{Ed002's Note - The player wants to stay at Barcelona but they don't want him unless he takes a drop in wages which leaves a stand off.}

14 Jul 2022 15:23:24
The second person to draw during a duel wins. Wonder who drew their weapon first in this stand off?

14 Jul 2022 15:50:01
Thank you so much Ed. OK - so Barcelona need to offer up some of this £13m they owe him or similar?

{Ed002's Note - It is not quite like that.}

14 Jul 2022 16:49:38
Thanks for input Ed002, always the only information source that says it like it really is, and not the click bait elsewhere.

14 Jul 2022 17:10:28
Are you able to provide any more info, Ed?

{Ed002's Note - The detail is of no relevance.

14 Jul 2022 18:34:07
Ed, are MU getting any encouragement from FDJ agents to keep negotiating?

{Ed002's Note - There is no need to negotiate. There is a need to persuade the player that dropping down a level is a good thing.}

14 Jul 2022 18:50:37
At least Martinez is over the line. So far so good, two quality additions to the squad.

14 Jul 2022 19:40:29
Convince him that dropping to europa will only be a for now thing. Or, and this is based only on my opnion which is based on what's been written and what we've heard from the eds, that he will be treated better wanted and used as a vital part of the team and i think Barcelona place pedri gavi busquets kessie they have just signed torre i'm not sure their plans for him and they have nico gonzales as well as riqui puig and that's just the players i know of they have young players and probably want others to join.

{Ed002's Note - He wants to stay and play at the highest level. Barcelona need to free up the money that can be saved from his wages to sign others so they want him gone.}

14 Jul 2022 20:06:30
That seems to be the consensus onlined that Barcelona are telling him to go amd telling him they won't take him on tour, personally i don't think they have treated him very well in this whole thing but i can only go of news reports and the info you give us. I think he will join because of the way Barcelona are telling him to go in a way forcing him out.

Thanks for all the info on this one ed its been a bit of a roller coaster.

15 Jul 2022 05:47:40
Its a mess of Barca's own making, offering ridiculous wages they couldn't afford to pay, not paying the players, and then not being unable to complete players sign on a free like Kessie and Christensen because of the salary cap.

If Frankie really wants to stay at Barcelona he will probably have to take a wage cut like Dembele and forego the majority of wages owed, none of which looks like happening at the moment.

{Ed001's Note - yeah that is the other thing, if he stays they are struggling to get Kessie and Christensen registered. Such a badly run club who have existed for years purely on the backs of the fear Catalan banks have of upsetting them.}



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