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09 Jul 2022 10:26:48
So transfers that the club are reportedly exploring or completed.

Daniel Bachmann may or may not join as a back up keeper. This one has gone a bit quite, but given that it's probably the least important deal I'd imagine if it is to happen it will be after the club have finished focusing on more key targets.

Tyrell Malacia has joined the club and is reportedly impressing everyone in training (bar maybe Luke Shaw who is probably sweating over his starting spot) .

Lisandro Martinez seems like a deal that is inching closer every day. The club and particularly EtH want him, Ajax seem resigned to him leaving. Just a case of coming up with an acceptable fee. This deal seems highly likely to happen.

Frenkie De Jong keeps rumbling on, I'd be surprised if it didn't concluded with him holding up a United shirt and the club parading him around like they've won the Superbowl. Great deal of they can get it over the line. Seems pretty likely as well.

Christian Eriksen deal has been agreed, just the dotting of the i's and the crossing of the t's left and we should get an announcement any day. The only thing that could stop this deal seems to be if something comes up on the medical. 99% done.

Antony is wanted by EtH and United have submitted a bid. Albeit one that Ajax was always going to reject. Clear interest, and a show of intent. I still feel this deal is 50/ 50. Will United have the financial might to get this deal across the line along with the other outlays this summer?

Paulo Dybala, supposedly United have a free run at this deal and have spoken with the players agent. I think there is a reasonable chance this deal happens.

Brian Brobbey is the final name we have been linked with recently, in what seems to be a response to the news Ronaldo will push to leave. Supposedly available for around 15m and has worked with EtH before. I think this deal very much depends on Ronaldo leaving.

If all these deal happen, and there is every chance they could then United could be starting the season with as many as 8 new players. Which would be a massive squad overhaul.

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09 Jul 2022 10:53:51
Thanks for summary Shappy.

If, and it’s a big if given United’s past performance in tbe transfer market and the efficiency that other clubs are operating, all the above (bar Dybala - injury prone and back to past strategy of signing big names past their prime) then potentially very exciting, footballing first 11 for new season:

De Gea


Martinez (DM)
De Jong
Eriksen/ Bruno


09 Jul 2022 11:00:25
not sold on Martinez and I think there might be a twist in the Erikson deal yet, depends on us bringing in some good recruits before he commits 100% I think.

Got to get Bailly, Jones (currently injured. ) williams, Telles out now . I would have included Martial but losing Ronaldo I think he will stay til January.

ETH will now be able to get a look at Diallo and Pellistri, no idea where their future lies.

09 Jul 2022 11:18:29
I didn't think Brobbey was one of the players we were interested in, until the papers wrote an article yesterday.

09 Jul 2022 11:51:21
Dybala- another one on the wane but wanting one last big payday -hope we steer well clear.

We need leaders, and good pros -like Eriksen - to make a positive impact in the dressing room which then carries on to the pitch.

Too many players already think they've made it by just being at the club and don't want to work and improve- got to get away from that.

09 Jul 2022 12:07:57
Not convinced at all that de Jong is pretty likely. It feels as if it's as likely that he goes elsewhere/ stays as it is we get him. Fingers crossed as for me it's the most important transfer we will have made post-Fergie. He's the type of player we've needed all that time and is the perfect fit for a ten Hag team. If we had ended up with a different manager he probably wouldn't even be on the radar.

Much more hopeful of the defensive/ midfield options we're looking at. Malacia was an Ajax target last season so seems a perfect fit and you can see already the positive impact he's had. Martinez looks a good player who can play in a few positions, the type of player we've lacked. He obviously wasn't the primary target. Maybe we'll nab Timber next season. Erikson will be great. We haven't got many set-piece special-ists especially if CR7 does go.

Up front as you say Shappy much seems to hang on Ronaldo. I have no idea who Brobbey is but not every signing needs to be a household name. In fact I'd prefer a few who weren't as we keep tripping up with the big signings. Speaking of which Dybala could easily be another failing on big wages but is certainly class. Like Falcao, Schweinsteiger and di Maria were.

09 Jul 2022 12:31:45
I definitely believe that the club that takes about a year to bring in individual players will make 8 signings this summer.

09 Jul 2022 12:56:04
I can't see that Danny, but who knows. He's already brought Savage and Iqbal more into the fold in the last few weeks. I think 3-4 'senior' signings with the rest coming from our youth squads personally. Other senior signings depend on players we weren't expecting to leave a few months ago leaving.

09 Jul 2022 13:38:12
I imagine it would be 1 of Brobbey, Antony or Dybala.

09 Jul 2022 14:25:41
I think Shaw is sweating as he ate far too many pies and burgers after the season ended and he now has to move his big fat ar$e a bit.

09 Jul 2022 15:05:38
Would steer well clear of Dybala, has been fairly injury prone and heard he can be a bit weak mentally. He is also looking for big pay day.
Barcelona owe just over £17m in deferred wages to FDJ and apparently, despite the fact that he, along with others, agreed to help the club during a time of crisis by agreeing to defer what was owed under legally binding contracts which they willingly offered, has now been offered a settlement payment of £3m by Barcelona with the remaining deferred £14m to be written off, due to their financial circumstances. This despite the fact they are looking to spend about 100m euros on Raphina and Lewandowski.
Think Ed1 said the other day they were taking out 1.5 billion loan for new training ground and stadium, this on top of 1.2 billion debt they are in.
Laporte coming out with want to keep him nonsense and salary adjustment needed is clearly a ploy to get him to give up what they legally owe OR trying to get us to pay this money. So, while we have been pretty rubbish with negotiations for some time, questions can equally be asked of them.
There are some who think the Chelsea rumour has been put out by them to get us to panic and shell out extra cash (if true a good tactic from them, would do the same myself) Integrity rules OK!

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, they are taking out a huge mortgage, it is 1.5bn in euros though, not sure what that equates to in £s. They are selling off portions of their income as well to enable them to spend now, so they are going to be in more trouble later on. Laporta is going to destroy them for the long term.}

09 Jul 2022 15:25:13
Was it someone at Bayern who said something along the lines of the club (Barcelona) won’t exist in a couple of years? May have been something in relation to Lewandowski and dealing with them?

{Ed001's Note - it was Honigstein on a podcast, he said that he had been told Bayern won't accept a payment for Lewandowski unless it is all up front as they believe Barca will be liquidated within a year or two. No idea how true it is, but he did say it.}

09 Jul 2022 15:29:31
Any chance the Glazers may sell up and buy them? Sure Barcelona are more marketable then United ?.

09 Jul 2022 15:41:43
Good summary by the OP.

My tuppence worth on the players mentioned.

Dybala is a big no no for me. Talented player given the right set of circumstances but he’s far too lightweight for the Premiership and I don’t think he fits the profile of a player who’s mentally robust enough. He’d end up as another Di Maria of you ask me.

FDJ. It’s a fact that we are heavily invested in bringing him to Old Trafford. However, it’s also a fact that he doesn’t want to leave Barca. If the player deep down wanted to come to us I reckon he’d be on tour now. I don’t think he’ll be a United player this summer and O fear this chase will fall into the nearly man category. Eric wants him and he knows best. If it were me I’d go after Ruben Neves. Thought he completely ran the show at Old Trafford, and most importantly Prem proven.

Martinez I can see happening, versatile player and would strengthen us at the back wherever he plays. Not sure he was our first choice defensive target as I think Eric was keen on Timber given his age and potential. But Martinez is versatile and I’d take him in a heart beat from what bits I’ve seen of him.

The boy Antony, can see this one gaining momentum especially if CR7 leaves. He could play across the front 3 so would give us versatility but I get the distinct impression that Ajax would be loathe to let him go. If we do go for him I think we’ll have to pay over the odds and I’m not sure he’s a player we should do that for.

09 Jul 2022 15:48:38
Exactly Ed1, yes knew it was Euros sorry did not specify.
What they are doing in selling off future incomes is similar to Equity Release mortgage on your home.
All well and good in the short term but what happens in future years when the income they have sold off is needed for everyday expenditure for the club. No doubt someone will find an empty bag of crisps at the stadium with a supposed impression of Christ on it and sell it for a couple of billion euros.
Not sure if they will ever be allowed to collapse.
One thing I would say is all very well having democracy in appointing people to run things, but clearly to be elected you have to win votes, to get votes you have to give the voters what they want ie shiny new players all the time on huge wages. Thus the circle keeps turning
The best thing they could do is appoint Ed Woodward to run the finances!
P. S. One and a half billion euros is approx £1,270,000,000 (that's a big number!

{Ed001's Note - it is scary.}

09 Jul 2022 16:30:04
Antony is not a centreforward, so can't be seen as a player who'll directly replace Ronaldo. He was meant to supplement our attack with Ronaldo in it. If Ron goes we have Rash and Martial as things stand. Unless we go down the false nine route which would be where we would be able to fit 2 of Donny, Eriksen and Fernandes in the same lineup. But it's a ridiculous formation, Pep has the players to do it and Erik has a formation of his own.

09 Jul 2022 16:32:33
FiremanC, agree about Martinez, we have put in improved offer for him seemingly £43m, think this was about what they wanted. Suspect he will play centre back, he is very tenacious, good reader of game and very good distribution.
With regard to FDJ, think there is a confusion between not wanting to leave Barcelona and not wanting to come to us. It is abundantly clear he does not want to leave, but he would have to be very foolish not to realise Barcelona want him gone, to get money in and get his wages off the books.
I don't believe a word Laporte say's about keeping him, it's just a tactic.
Dealing with him coming to us, suspect if no ETH he would not want to, but he needs to make a decision on his medium/ long term future and knowing he is going to be one of the very first names on the team sheet for every game, and hasn't ETH told him he will be the 'Conductor of the Orchestra' I think he would, for his career choose to come. He knows ETH and if he believes in him it would be the right choice.
Indeed, can see him being prepared to sacrifice the harsh weather conditions he is currently subjected to and bask in the balmy climate of Manchester. Time will, of course, tell, but am optimistic he will be wearing No 6 shirt next season and giving far more justice to it than the last few years have seen.

09 Jul 2022 19:56:28
Well Frankie ain't coming now, 3 months of a total waste of time. I can't take another season of mcfred. please for the love of God, but a few decent midfielders. Can't take another season of them two in the middle.

09 Jul 2022 21:49:23
New name being linked at GK, Thomas Strakosha on a free from Lazio apparently.

10 Jul 2022 06:03:12
Who told you that Nick?

10 Jul 2022 08:43:40
I think I've been had but wasn't the only one, a pro Barcelona rag wrote some odd comments on why he shouldn't join United. and a few picked up on it last night as he said them. oops ?.

10 Jul 2022 08:45:39
I've been had addict ? ignore.



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