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09 Jun 2022 13:31:29
Reports surfacing that we are negotiating for Anthony for Ajax. not sure of the source. probably just another easy ajax link but I hope not.

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09 Jun 2022 14:06:05
Why not tim? With greenwood out the picture we need a winger, elenga isn't good enoigh martial is leaving, leaves just rashford and sancho.

09 Jun 2022 14:12:47
Tim you going to give yourself a hernia??.

09 Jun 2022 14:17:56
Who is buying martial bolger? I've not seen that.

09 Jun 2022 14:27:50
I’m happy about the link is what I meant. Think he’d be a decent addition, Trust me Ken the transfer window is the least thing annoying me right now. Try contacting BT about internet issues and that will really wind u up ?.

09 Jun 2022 14:31:46
I think he means he hopes it isn't just another rumour.

09 Jun 2022 14:31:54
Would mean sending Pellistri, Amad and Elanga out on loan.

09 Jun 2022 14:40:25
The main stream media will now look for another 60-80m forward for us to sign now that Darwin Nunez is heading elsewhere.

09 Jun 2022 16:08:56
Saw a report we are speaking with mendes about nunez today i don't think this is over yet i dunno maybe i'm just hopeful but ed hasn't said liverpool have made or had a bid accepted yet.

09 Jun 2022 16:14:16
Who did nunez agree to sign for?

09 Jun 2022 16:18:12
Didnt one of the eds say he's leaving ken?

Be another sign of things being the same if we keep him.

09 Jun 2022 16:30:56
Nunez has signed for no one yet ken (although you wouldn't believe it the way everyones going on) seems like we may be making a play today hopefully ed can give us some information in the next few days.

09 Jun 2022 17:17:23
Can we find a taker bolger?

09 Jun 2022 19:11:44
That is the big question ken
Maybe not but i wouldn't like to rely on martial for next season he hasn't the desire or attitude for me.

09 Jun 2022 19:20:34
According to a reliable source on Insta, ETH is in Portugal himself trying to hijack Liverpools deal.

09 Jun 2022 19:37:57
I would not be surprised if we end up with Anthony as our attacking purchase this summer, we may look at a low cost/ free buy that EtH is aware of that is low risk to back Ronaldo up.
EtH convinces Martial he has no suiters and it's in boths interests to stay this year to see what happens and move next year.
Rashford covers left side/ attack, Elanga covers right side/ wing back. Even Fernandea could cover Ronaldo as false 9.
Front 3 of Sancho, Ronaldo, Anthony for year and look for striker next season.

09 Jun 2022 18:46:12
Bit harsh to say elanga isn't good enough, you can't judge him on last season no one Was good enough.

10 Jun 2022 16:14:18
Brad…. you seriously think Rashford will play understudy to Sancho…. what on earth as Sancho done to warrant a starting place? And you jettisoned Erlanger Amad, Pellestri, for someone called Anthony that not ever played in premier!

How do you know he is any better then the ones we already have!

11 Jun 2022 00:17:10
Rashford is a one trick pony who has never progressed, he basically needs the ball into space snd to be able to cut inside onto his right foot. He has not developed anything else over the last three years and now teams know how to cancel him out.

To defend against Rashford you offer him the outside as a right back, if he takes it he will go down a blind alley.

Over the last 2 years he has shown little willingness to his defensive duties this won't wash with the ETH system where he requires eggort in the press.

Rashford lacks football intelligence, he cannot see nor do anything but drive I to space or hit the ball into space.

He would work in a counter attacking team as it stands.

It is sad but its the reality of him, he burst onto the scene but never kicked on. He has not developed anything else In his arsenal over the past 5 years.

It is sad but he has never kicked on, he will never become what we hoped. He is clearly a good person and did fantastic things over the lockdown but that should not mask his on field ability.

For me he is one of the key barometers of where we are headed, if he remains and the board refuses to sanction his sale he will just be another limited money drain on the club, kept because he is a local lad who has done good for society not because he will be a piece in the jigsaw in the future of a EPL winning team.

11 Jun 2022 16:40:16
OB, but you have no idea perhaps ETH thinks he can get something more from him! I agree he is a one trick pony, TBF it’s the last 3 years coaching that should be bought into question

He as pace he has strength, he has ability, he scored goals in premier, maybe lacking in brain, but then so do many, if ETH is as good coach as everyone keeps hoping, then maybe he is at a better starting point then a 70m player who done or won nothing and not even tried and tested, but he got a sexy name, so that’s ok.



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