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31 May 2022 19:39:42
Talksport reporting United have started talks for Nunez and he wants to come to United. Seems like they finally be catching up on what Ed already has said. This one looks nailed on.

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31 May 2022 20:27:21
We'll see. Supposedly Benfica want €100 for him, and they have been known to extract big fees for their players in the past.

Also other teams are supposedly keen on him. Liverpool are one club, while Real Madrid have been touted as another who might turn to him as they were unable to convince Mbappe. While Chelsea's new owners will want to stamp their own mark on the club and possibly have a statement summer. With Lukaku not looking sharp they have need for a star striker.

To be honest if any of those clubs come calling for him then he'd be mad not to move to one of them over us.

31 May 2022 21:30:21
Psg arethe threat to us for Nunez.

31 May 2022 21:42:14
He doesn’t seem a player a European giant like Real or PSG would move for to me, at least at this stage. Maybe a season or two.

31 May 2022 22:24:05
Eds said Liverpool aren't going for him, and there's no indication of Chelsea, or Madrid.

31 May 2022 22:42:13
No player would be mad to join united I don't care who else is in for him.
It's hard for me to understand that sort of mindset from any united supporter.
The true genuine support and life has been sucked out of so many of you it's sad for me to see. So defeatist expectations so low it's very very sad.
We have a very good manager we will sign players he approves he has a plan he will improve existing players he will develop youth.
There are players at our club that have never had a proper elite professional working environment things will improve and in my opinion they will improve quickly.
Too many fans get caught up and analyse often wildly incorrectly things they don't understand and have no knowledge of.
We will get better the standards and expectations will raise dramatically. The holiday camp is over. It will take some time for sure but it will happen a lot quicker than so many of you expect imo.
It's been a long time since I've looked forward to the begining of a season so much.

31 May 2022 22:50:59
Nice to see you being positive Ken, you’ve been a miserable git for a couple of years ???.

31 May 2022 23:08:12
⁶we were spoilt under Fergie for so long, I imagine many fans thought it would go on forever as they grew up knowing nothing else.

The hope for Ten Hag is that he is our Klopp. In that firstly he gets the club and the fans and connects with them.

Secondly that he sets the standards and demands from our players they meet this driving out those that do not.

Thirdly that he sets an identity and style of play, a Philosophy as LvG would say that defines us under him.

If he starts with this the fans will buy in to it. Utd fans tend to slow to turn on a guy and certainly ly not one they believe in.

I personally believe in EtH and have hope that Arnold and Murtagh are also up to it. The narrative I hear is slightly different from Woodward, largely I hope because they have learnt somewhat from what happened under him.

Obviously I have no idea how it will pan out but I am with Ken in that I have hope that things are changing for the better.

I don't expect us to compete in net two seasons. I expect to see us progressing though. I expect to see less of the rumblings of dressing room politics, I expect to see players buying in to his system, I expect to see players suited to the system slowly come in and players not suited to leave. I expect to know actually what they are trying to do on the pitch and to bed a new system in rather than scratching my head at what exactly is going on.

Finally this year we hit what should be our rock bottom. If the aim is to compete for titles again I want to see genuine progress to achieving that in the squad each year to grow towards the aim. It might even mean a step or two back simply by clearing out players and replaci g with people who have to come in and settle because its believed that that guy is going to develop into a key piece, I don't mind it if I can see its part of the plan.

01 Jun 2022 05:49:37
With a front three of Sancho, Nunez and Ronaldo next year, I fully expect to win several cups and the league.

01 Jun 2022 06:52:56
Well said Ken . Here here! Some on here talk like we’re Burnley!

01 Jun 2022 07:20:12
£50m plus Martial.

CR7 can’t play LW anymore so can see us playing two up too often if Nunez does sign.

01 Jun 2022 07:55:40
Ken, I think you have the blinkers on pal.

Just step back and take the red tinted lenses off.

On one hand you could join a team like Real Madrid, league champions, UCL champions. Have won the UCL 5 times in the last 10 years. They have Ancelotti as their manager, the man who has won the UCL more than anyone else, also the only manager to have won the league in all of Europe's top five leagues.

You could join Liverpool, arguably the best team in the world currently, they have achieved more than 90 points in three of the last four seasons. Made it to multiple UCL finals, and win cups most years. They are managed by Klopp who is also arguably the best manager in the world right now.

Or you could join a club that hasn't won the league in 10 years, haven't won any trophies for 5 years. Have a structure that doesn't seem to know how to run a successful club from a sporting perspective. Yes they have a new highly rated manager, but this is the 5th manager they have hired since they last won the league.

You would be crazy to pick the third club over the first two if you had the choice of all three clubs. The first two you are as close a guaranteed as possible to be part of something successful. In your short career where you few chances to join top sides, to turn down two of the currently most successful sides to join one living on a hope and a prayer is madness. If you're a fan and lifelong supporter of that club then maybe is makes sense to you personally (I'm looking at you Alan Shearer), but to the rest of the world it's madness.

You say we have a very good manager, that we will sign players that he approves of, but that doesn't mean anything really. We have been in this position before. Jose was a very good manager, in fact according to his CV he was one of the very best ever. He signed players he approved of, Lukaku, Mkhitaryan, Pogba, Sanchez, Bailly, Lindelof and Fred.

How did that turn out? Were they great players?

There are no guarantees that EtH as highly rated as he is will work. I hope he does, I am supporting him and the club. Yet I have also been burned enough times to not be a blind sheep and follow the herd off a cliff.

The people who have been at the club, running the club for the past 10 years are still here doing it. The people who made the silly mistakes of hiring and firing managers, the same people who thought signing the 5th choice target because it was more financially appealing and that it would work as well as the first choice, the same people who seemed to put brand appeal above ability and mentality when signing players.

The same amateur clowns are running the circus, so I have concerns that EtH might not get the support he will need.

Will he be allowed to sell/ move on players who aren't good enough or are disruptive influences? Or like his predecessors will he be told no, because the club will lose too much money on them?

Will he get his first choice signings, or will he have to agree to the club signings that will help sell shirts and season tickets?

Will he be allowed to make changes to suit running the club. For example maybe he feels a preseason tour to the other side of the world is distracting and limits the time he can spend training his methods and improving the players. Maybe he feels a pre-season tour in Europe would be better for the team. Will the club agree to that? Or will they pack him and the squad off to China, America or Australia to fill the club coffers with a few extra million pounds.

Because it doesn't really matter how good a manager is or how great their potential to be is, if they aren't given the tools or the environment to be a success they will struggle and ultimately fail.

So yeah, if I was a young footballer and Manchester United came calling for me this summer, I'd want to maybe give it a year and see whether anything has truly changed this time or whether this is another false dawn and I'd be tied to a club that refuses to sell players for the next 5-6 years of my short career.

01 Jun 2022 07:57:47
Totally agree Ken
I can’t believe any player wouldn’t want to play for Utd

Let’s have it right, if it wasn’t for Guardiola or Klopp would players really want to go to either City or Liverpool

We are a massive club that has been mismanaged that’s all

Hopefully there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

01 Jun 2022 08:01:59
Think you’re right Ken: players have been starved of coaching, inspiration and structure for so long now.

Just adding these ingredients will surely improve us.

Can’t wait until start of season:

Believe Sancho and Rashford will prosper under ETH

With a proper DM, defence will improve

Youngsters such as Hannibal, Garnacho, Fernandez, Amad, Elanga, Garnerand Shoretire (among others! ) will be given a chance to shine

Will take time but, with proper coaching (3 very experienced coaches now in place) we will be so much better next season - couldn’t get any worse.

01 Jun 2022 09:12:53
That positivity is warranted Ken, but it works both ways.

Now we have a proper manager and coaches back in place, then surely we’d expect the standards of the current squad to improve dramatically too. I’m thinking Maguire, Rashford, Bruno, Martial (if he stays), Sancho, Varane, Dalot etc - they all need to raise their games by several notches on last year - and frankly they all have the ability to do so. They can’t be as bad this season again.

01 Jun 2022 09:23:14
I think the appointment of ETH has made United a bit more appealing for players again, with his reputation as a coach, how Ajax played and with what seems to be a new direction of recruitment as well. I’d almost consider it a safe move for someone like Nunez as well. He comes in a personally does well, either United are successful and he’s part of the rebuild and the chance to be the ‘main’ man. He does well but United are not that successful but he’s enhanced his reputation and shown he can do it on the “big stage” and gets a move to Madrid, PSG, Munich. Both parties have poor seasons but the position the club currently find themselves in wouldn’t have that much of an affect on his reputation and would still get a good move if he pushed for one.

Like Ken, it’s the first time for a long while I’ve got a buzz about the new season starting and I’m not even excited about potentially winning leagues and cups, I just feel we’re going to see a team more commited, more desire, better football and with this, titles and cups should take care of themselves.

01 Jun 2022 10:00:47
I side with Ken to a point on this. There will be an attraction for the new known successful manager and a project to take the club back to the top. A player will also see the profile of being No9 at United as very good for the career. We are still a big name just badly run. ETH has a pull for his work at Ajax but isn’t a Pep or Klopp so we should not be over confident of attracting players however, as Ken said ETH is infinitely better than the numpty who was given three years. I expect a better organised smarter quicker team next season.
In terms of who we get let’s see but I hope we don’t get drawn in to possibles who use us to boost their own contract negotiations. I also hope we target the right type of players and not for media clicks in the Far East. There should be positivity as long as the club sign first choice not fourth.

01 Jun 2022 10:36:44
Maybe you should make the same choice as a supporter captain hindsight.

01 Jun 2022 10:51:49
Ports, of course there are scenarios where Nunez could lose.

Maybe be personally does well but the club struggles. He then looks for a move and the club force him to see out his 5 year contract, maybe even activate the one year extension option meaning he has to spend 6 years at the club. He turns 23 in June. If he signs a 5 year deal with a one year extension then he could be forced to stay at the club until he's 29. Just like Pogba.

Or maybe he moves to the club and is the wrong fit. Much like Lukaku did with us or for his return to Chelsea. Spends 2-3 years here struggling before having to make a backwards step at the age of 25/ 26. Or maybe he stagnates like Martial, spends a few seasons on the periphery of the team, doesn't play enough to continue his development. Meaning that he is unlikely to ever fulfill his potential.

Of course there are scenarios where moving to our club could negatively impact his career. Name the last player to move to Manchester United and improve as a player and enhance their reputation?

Hopefully that changes under EtH, but there are no guarantees. Surely the prudent thing to do is wait and see. Why move to United before you see any evidence that the malaise of the past 10 years is a thing of the past. See how the club perform under EtH for a year, do the signings this summer succeed, do the current players improve, do performances and results get better.

Why gamble of a hope that United have changed when you have the option to join a side that doesn't need to change, that is performing well, with a proven manager and a proven winning ability?

Joining United now over clubs like Liverpool and Real Madrid is akin to joining Liverpool in 1999 over Manchester United and Real Madrid. You'd have been mad to have chosen Liverpool then and you'd be mad to choose United now.

01 Jun 2022 11:43:58
To add, klopp has massivley under acheived with that liverpool side.

Arguebly the best liverpool side in 30 years

And what do they have to show for it

Thay have had 1 title in 5 years lost 2 ucl finals won 1, Won 1 fa cup and 1 carabo.

Not saying they are not a great side.

01 Jun 2022 12:18:58

Who is the Captain Hindsight comment addressing? Btw promotion means he is now Major Hypocrite.

01 Jun 2022 12:25:32
Shappy, the fact that you’ve used Pogba and Lukaku as examples and essentially suggested they are victims makes your argument floored straight away IMO. May as well use Lingard as well.

Can I name a player who has moved to United and improved their reputation in the last 10 years? No obviously not, we have been stumbling along for 10 years and are regarded for having a poor recruitment record. But are we to believe this has to continue under this new regime or structure? I can however, look at what players have worked under ETH and improved and enhanced their reputation and base an educated opinion off of that.

Has Lukaku improved under Tuchel, a highly regarded Manager/ Coach? Or is it still United’s fault his first touch goes further than I can kick it?

01 Jun 2022 12:30:05
Oh and Martial as an argument too. 3 very creditable and top professionals who have been hard done by, by the club ?‍♂️.

01 Jun 2022 12:52:30
Shappy redman.
Captain hindsight. Lots of paragraphs above on why a player should not sign for united and on the other page he is suggesting players to sign for united.
Pathetic nonsense double standards talking out of both sides of his mouth contradicting himself time after time.
Now he says if he was a young player he wouldn't sign for united.
Thank God for that we have had enough of that wishy washy character signed before.
From now on nothing he says with regards to players united should sign holds any credence.
Worse BS merchant than Johnny's ex.

01 Jun 2022 12:55:54
Shappy, can we counter with examples of Keita, Werner, lukaku at Chelsea, Saul, tons of defenders bought by Pep, Oxelade Chamberlain and surely many more?

I think you would be more supportive if we just started calling EtH as OGS.

Also, why is Klopp branded as one of the best? He is good, getting better but far from the best. Managing one of the best Liverpool sides in almost 3 decades and he has the same number of CL titles as De Matteo. Houlier too won them the CL. Havent you always called Pocchetino a choker? Klopp has lost how many finals now? isn't he a choker too? Or do you just get wet dreams of him.

01 Jun 2022 12:59:19
Ports all 3 players shappy has slagged off numerous times. oh silly me the wind has changed.

01 Jun 2022 13:20:11
Ken, I guess he feels sorry for Sanchez, Di Maria and Maguire too ?

Question for Shappy, what player has left United and gone on to enhance their reputation and improved? Argument for Depay, but he wasn’t liked by the new manager who came in so unfair to use him as an example. Oh, and he was on a 5 year contract and left.

01 Jun 2022 15:47:59
Ken, I thought you more intelligent than that. Of course players will sign for United, what I'm saying is that we will struggle to sign players when we are competing with clubs currently in a much stronger position than us.

That's common sense isn't it? Business 101, the stronger the competition the harder it is to compete.

If Darwin Nunez has a choice of Manchester United or Benfica then sure he's likely to see United as a step up.

If his choices are stay at Benfica, or move to United, Liverpool or Real Madrid, then for any player who doesn't have a natural affinity for United would be daft to dismiss Real Madrid and Liverpool for United.

We've chased Haaland before, and is a player many at the club would want. He's agreed to move to our city rivals. He also turned us down before for Dortmund.

We are not a club currently that can attract any player we want. While if more successful clubs compete with us for players we are interested in we are likely to lose out.

I'm not sure whether you just didn't read what I wrote or whether you lacked the comprehension. Either way best get a new pair of reading glasses to rule the first option out ?.

01 Jun 2022 16:28:46
Shappy I thought you were a positive person but it seems you were just an Ole stan. When ole was targeting Pau Torres he was "top" but now he's "crap". When Ole was here (despite not being 1/ 10th the coach Ten Hag is) we had an exciting project that would be a draw over anyone. Now Ten Hag is here and we won't be getting any good players because they'll wait for Liverpool (despite 0 evidence to support that) .

United still have more money, more wages, more prestige, more history, and England has become more desirable than ever.

Haaland turned us down because of his father and our relationship with Railo.

I doubt we'd lose a player like Nunez, who has given Mendes a mandate to get him to England (Mendes, you know, the guy who represents ronaldo), to a club that isn't even interested and can't offer the money or the long term role we're capable of offering.

01 Jun 2022 16:30:56
Business 101 the stronger the opposition is the harder it is to compete? ??? which book does that come from.
No shappy you are just being silly. you have said players should not sign for united and that if you were a player you wouldn't.

I think you have said enough. As usual too much actually.
Why would a young player sign for united? You think they shouldn't if psg pool city Madrid bayern etc are also in for them.
You have made yourself very clear.
Keep looking over the fence shappy at the green pastures elsewhere. That's where you'd want to be.

Why are you even on this page? Why not go where the trophies are.
Your double standards exposed again.
You prattle on about history tradition united dna. Yet you can't think of a reason a top player would come to united. You know nothing about history tradition the united way if that's how you think. Nothing. You are a fair weather fan and a sing when your winning merchant
Your statement is a joke imo.

01 Jun 2022 16:33:01
Shappy, salah vvd Robertson were all mad to join Liverpool were they? Don't be such a twit.

01 Jun 2022 18:57:28
God I wish we had signed the choker Klopp as manager instead of Moyes or LvG.

I personally think he's a brilliant manager.

01 Jun 2022 22:52:23
Of course he is oakbark.

02 Jun 2022 09:42:23
I have watched him play. I hope we don’t spend stupid money on him. He is decent/ good but not 100 million if the reports are true.



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