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13 Jan 2020 18:16:42
Phil Brown saying Poch for summer talks have began at Utd.

Apparently there are some issues around the current set up and decision making he wants changing.

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13 Jan 2020 18:51:32
Who is Phil Brown mate? Not the one who used to manage Hull is it?

13 Jan 2020 20:40:13
Pilib De Brun, does a podcast called Beyond the pitch.

13 Jan 2020 20:47:09
He’s a broadcaster of sorts. Been on talk sport and podcasts.

Supposedly he has some links in the club give pilib bruin a search.

13 Jan 2020 21:24:49
I was thinking maybe poch would be Barcelona manager by the end of the week.

13 Jan 2020 21:52:55
Did he not say he would never manage them because of his love for Espanyol?

13 Jan 2020 21:53:04
Seems Setien is going to Barcelona Deano.

13 Jan 2020 23:02:32
I'll admit, I had to Google Setien. Not much in a managerial career, unless I'm missing something, to make you think he could manage Barcelona. Sounds a bit familiar.

13 Jan 2020 23:19:23
If anything surely Poch is waiting to see how Madrid do or possibly Juve.

14 Jan 2020 06:43:53
Nou, his time with Betis proved he is a very good coach, very highly thought of.

14 Jan 2020 06:45:01
I wonder why Poch would want to join a club that is a dithering sentimental mess, that didn’t make a move for him when he became available, where they seem to prefer an ex player despite having zero relevant experience and a win ratio that gets fans all excited when it goes near 30%? If Poch is still keen on us, we are indeed lucky. Barcelona ditch their league winning manager, top of the Spanish league whilst we sit by filled with such emotion, every day our manager reminds us of 99. Once we were elite.

14 Jan 2020 06:48:57
Bit harsh on Setien Stevie. His Betis side were one of the most attractive teams to watch last season. With Barca’s side, could be something special.

14 Jan 2020 08:38:34
Thanks for tip, really interesting podcast by the fella, enjoyed listening to it.

14 Jan 2020 08:50:36
To be optimistic, IF Poch does come in, he’ll find lots of Potential to work with, given youngsters in first team and reserve teams emerging. Of course he’ll need a few players but he really could hit the ground running.

And I think credit needs to be given to Solskjaer for the transitional role he’s taking as the squad is thinned our. He must know he’s not there in the long term, but he’s doing the job the club needs at the moment t and I think history will thank him for it.

14 Jan 2020 10:11:14
Listened to the podcast and backs up everything Ed002 has said about the amateurish way the club is run.

Please please Mr Woodward, get an experienced Sporting Director in to oversea the footballing side of the club, step away from the footballing matters (though appreciate it’s not just you - the whole structure needs a reboot by someone who knows how to organise the footballing side of the club) and focus in the commercial stuff that you’re so good at.

Can see why Poch is allegedly insisting that the club need to get a SD and has the final say about players before he considers joining us.

14 Jan 2020 11:01:22
Red man, would you really want to work for an organisation that sacks an employee the moment a precieved better candidate comes along?

We have a manager, whether you like them or not. I can see the argument for hiring a better manager. But to sack a man just because someone else is available is a terrible way to run a company.

Who would want to work for an organisation that sacks you the moment someone they feel is better becomes available?

14 Jan 2020 11:26:02
Shappy that’s nonsense. You always want the best man for the job and if the current person is o to of his depth, you make the decision that best serves the organisation.

14 Jan 2020 11:29:34
Giving OGS a permanent contract at the time they chose to rather than waiting til the end of the season to make a decision . now that's a terrible way to run an organisation.

14 Jan 2020 10:42:02
Take a look at this, gives you a good understanding of the coach.

14 Jan 2020 12:47:08
We are a brilliant prospect for any manager. The club is in such a mess that anyone who comes in will be viewed as being on a 'hiding to nothing' so will get minamil blame if performances are not great, and a massive windfall if it all goes tits up.

14 Jan 2020 12:58:12
Oh dear Shappy

If someone is not performing as a football manager they are sacked and replaced. They have a contract and that is what happens. (Unless you are the emotional sentimental choice. ) Look what Barcelona have done.

There is more than one better choice than OGS, hundreds with more relevant experience but now you want to pull on the heartstrings of whether to sack an employee if there is better out there. Next you will tell us that we can’t sack players off and buy new players even if there are better out there!

Just shows how much sentimental emotional baggage is invested in the manager.

14 Jan 2020 13:26:34
Shappy when your student days are over and you go back into the workplace looking for a job you will soon find out that the ideological world you speak of does not exist.

14 Jan 2020 14:10:32
On top of all this, despite my thoughts Poch should be appointed, I still prefer OGS in charge above Moyes, LVG and Mourinho right now.

14 Jan 2020 16:35:40
I only looked at his stats. He took Betis to 6th place, which for one of the historically bigger clubs in Spain, should be achievable, and they're in the bottom half just now. Seems to have been a bit of a journeyman before that, even managing Equatorial Guinea.

It just seems sometimes that any foreign manager who does a half decent job with a smaller team in their own league, instantly is better than some of our own. Look at Emery, feted by many at Seville. Flopped. Silva did well in Portugal with Estoril and Sporting, came here and flopped. There have been others. Meanwhile we turn our noses up at the likes of Eddie Howe, who's worked miracles keeping a club the size of Bournemouth in the toughest league of them all, whilst still trying to play attractive football.

14 Jan 2020 18:11:29

Not sure it’s the best time to big up Eddie Howe at the moment.

I am not saying we should have Setien or whatever his name is but if he took Betis to sixth he has more relevant experience than Ole has for us!

14 Jan 2020 19:38:22
Nou, not sure which La Liga Real Betis you mean, but the one I'm talking about are certainly not one of the bigger clubs in recent history. Last year's finish of 6th was the highest in about 12 years. in fact in 2010 they were relegated and played in the 2nd tier. Very good choice by Barca, I'm sure he will do well. Take a look at the video above, better than just looking at his stats.

And yes setien is a much better coach than Ole.

14 Jan 2020 20:04:03
Yep, the other team in Seville. Put it this way, I've heard of them a lot more growing up, than I ever did of Getafe or Villareal or Sociedad. Joaquin was a top player, one of my favourites. Great kit as well. Bar a few years here and there, they were always a La Liga team over the last 40 or 50 years. They're also a La Liga winner way back. All of which to me, makes them one of the historically big teams in Spain, rather than just over the last 12 years.

Red Man, no, it's not going well for them at the minute, although injuries haven't helped, especially when you've a small squad. But nearly every manager of a smaller team will come a cropper at some point if they stay there. They can't keep working miracles. It's just whether they manage to get a bigger move before that happens.

14 Jan 2020 20:44:31
Well we can talk about history and look back at the wonderful things they achieved way back when. But you have to look at what he done with this particular Betis team. And most recent history tells us that they have not been a top team for quite some time. And was definitely not just 'achievable'.

You also have to look at his philosophy and the way he wants to play the game. He has a very distinct playing style that was starting to wield results even though Betis were one of the poorer teams in the league. Plays lovely and exciting football that I'm sure will translate with better players.

I'm not sure what kind of game we play at the moment.

14 Jan 2020 21:28:25
He's 61, and Betis have been his biggest club to date. Maybe I've missed something.

15 Jan 2020 06:32:50

And he is still a better more experienced manager than OGS.

15 Jan 2020 10:49:34
I never mentioned Ole once, Red Man. My point is how we overlook good young managers in the UK, but get all excited over the latest foreign 'name', with arguably less on their CV.

17 Jan 2020 12:27:03
He's 61 managing Barcelona now. They usually know a thing or two about coaches 😊.



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