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12 Jun 2024 07:11:56
Whilst unconfirmed, rumours ETH may be staying?

I am a little surprised but not shocked because the longer it went on left me wondering why the delay, however, it does seem a little bit indecisive if honest, should the news be true. Feels like they have demeaned ETH with the time taken to make a decision and we still await communication officially. It makes the manager seem weaker publicly in that it took all this time to reach a conclusion, maybe the senior management not all being in position doesn't help.

There are better managers out there, but I don't include Southgate in that. However, if the club have decided to stick then so be it, we move on. The team has my full support and I will flag the good and bad of ETH where I see it as I always have.

Positively, there is a chance to integrate the U18 players in the next couple of years and that has to be high in their thought process. If ETH is tasked to do that, the club may trust him more than other new options.

I only hope that if the club provide a new contract, it is a rolling one or a better payout structure, so each season can be judged on merit. If they gave him a new 3 year contract, he is terrible again, then the larger pay off affects finances. The new owners are more savvy, so should have thought of this

Lastly, I am not downhearted ETH stays, if rumour true, but a little bemused and wonder what to expect. ETH tactics were spectacularly awful most of last season, must improve there, I still wonder why there was a sudden change towards season end. Wilcox and co will drive better tactics than Darren Fletcher, likely Wilcox given a stronger remit. I hope the transfer department are stronger, we can't just look at players ETH feels comfortable with or has worked with.

The Sun will shine again at Old Trafford, hopefully in August.

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12 Jun 2024 08:58:40
Which better managers are available Redman?

12 Jun 2024 09:07:06
Red man, I'm unsure as to what you think wilcox does or will be doing. You keep going on about this.

You think he will drive the tactics? Bizarre IMO. Give him the managers job if that's the case.

12 Jun 2024 12:52:15
Angel, here we go again. Any victory is down to Wilcox, and any defeat is down to ETH’s tactics. It says as much above.

12 Jun 2024 13:08:22
I love that they did a full review, and have decided to stick with ETH, I was unconvinced by any of the names mentioned.

The players also now know the score so need to knuckle down. They seemed to be playing for him, and if we can avoid as many injuries, and strengthen the squad, then we will see progress. If there is anyone not committed then let's ship them out.

12 Jun 2024 15:15:30
I don't agree with much if anything that Redman and Ken put on here but I do think Wilcox coming in as technical director has had an influence on the tactics and the style of play we will be adopting. The club will decide now if we are going to be a possession based team, counter attacking team, high press team etc and when it comes to transfers, ETH will probably identify positions to strengthen but it will be Wilcox, Ashworth and co who will identify the player who's profile best suits the way we will be playing. I think this is why we have Head Coaches now rather than Managers. ETH will have a brief now and it will be down to him to implement this and when the time comes that he moves on, a new manager who fits the profile of how we play comes in and has players to work with rather than players that the previous manager wanted.

12 Jun 2024 15:53:59
Of course it did that's what he was employed for.

12 Jun 2024 19:36:44
It’s been reported Wazza, Wilcox is said to have suggested to Ten Hag to play Fernandes as a false 9 in the FA cup final which Ten Hag accepted and it worked. People saying the dof or sporting director or whatever having no input are clearly wrong.

12 Jun 2024 20:09:59
I don’t think I agree with the idea Wilcox suggested playing Fernandes as a false number 9 in the cup final but I can imagine a conversation about getting the midfield more compact. I’m pretty certain ETH has played Fernandes as a false 9 before the cup final anyway so not it’s hardly a surprising approach. Essentially if Wilcox is doing this then give him the job ?.

13 Jun 2024 09:58:23
He’s forming a game model for the whole club to follow not just the first team. He’s also not a first team coach. You can be a tactician without being a coach, everything's not so lineal.



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