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27 May 2024 14:21:59
The fan campaign to keep ETH is a joke. For years we’ve begged for a football structure made up of football (not finance) experts. Now we have the start of one it’s supposed to not use its knowledge, experience and skills to respect the wishes of a petition to keep ETH. All on the back of winning an FA Cup.

The ultimatum to either respect ‘our’ wishes or face the backlash that “INEOS are as bad as the Glazers” is pathetic and childish.

Such loyalty to a man who has overseen the worst season for many years is admirable but wholly naive. However, everybody is entitled to their opinion. But the one that matters is that of the football board.

If the board decide to keep ETH, so be it. But it should be a footballing decision based on a review of the last 2-years and whether ETH suits the footballing strategy defined solely by the board.

For fans to collectively believe they know best. Words fail me. It’s liquid arrogance. The club, and in particular the development of a squad, needs to become resilient to the negative impact experienced due to managerial changes.

I pray the club do not listen to the fans, the media or even ETH telling the press he’ll go somewhere else and carry on winning there.

Personally, I think it’s more important that supporters should show faith in the likes of SJR (as co-owner) and Wilcox, Ashworth and Berrada. They are the long term future.

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27 May 2024 15:08:02
What about in his first season, 2 finals and 1 cup and 3rd place finish? With a better available squad? Imagine if arteta/ Klopp were fired in their first two seasons.
Hopefully with a better structure above him, and better available squad we should see a much improved 3rd season.

If not EtH, who would you pick? Tuchel who falls out with everyone, Frank who hasn’t won anything, McKenna who hasn’t even managed in the PL or Poch who has never won anything in his time in the PL?

27 May 2024 15:21:09
I don't believe any of those involved are mugs and am not worried Iver then pandering to fans whims. I think they will pick who they think the best man is.

Who that turns out to be, Lord knows. I don't think they keep Ten Hag if there is a better option. I also don't think there is a clear and obvious outstanding alternative either so I am going to just trust them to get it right.

I think Ten Hag words and fight resonated with the fans after the final. I think it did him a world of good in the eyes of the mob.

27 May 2024 16:36:51
Too many football experts on twitter and YouTube. Embarassing. If we start next season poorly they’ll be calling for his head before Xmas. The glazer thing to do would be to listen to the mob and appease the fans, INEOS I hope are different, base your decision on facts and a clear vision…. nothing else.

27 May 2024 17:02:30
BRD what absolute utter garbage.

Why should fans put our faith in Ineos? Because they have done such a fantastic job with Nice and have a track record of turning football clubs around? Nonsense.

Of course they need to take into consideration the will of the fans. Its the paying fans who keep the club going. Its because of the fans we aren't joining the European Super League.

If you're happy with Ineos rejecting the fans opinion, and running a dictatorship club then so be it. It's no surprise we are in the sh*t we are. You're part of the problem.

27 May 2024 17:13:48
He's the 5th Manager since SAF, including some. big names, they have all struggled which tells you something is wrong. He's had 2 years, don't underestimate how much he will have learnt about the club, SAF had a dogy start remember. Changing Manager every 2 years is just madness.

27 May 2024 17:37:48
Another load of rubbish BRD.

He also oversaw our best season for years last season. But let’s erase that from the history books.

27 May 2024 19:00:22
We've seen EtH during the highs and the lows. He kept on fighting and we won the FA Cup.

Give him one more season. INEOS haven't completed their structure yet and will have to implement over the course of next season aswell, in particular when Ashworth eventually joins.

27 May 2024 19:55:31
Erm Kurtis, we should put faith in Ineos because they are putting a footballing structure in place with highly qualified individuals for the roles. Why should we listen to you sat un your arm chair over the likes of Jean Claude, Omar Berrerda, Jason Wilcox and Dan Ashworth? Show us your credentials.

27 May 2024 22:03:10
G_Nev at what point did I say I know more than those being appointed? Oh yeah I didn't. I'm stating the opinion I'm entitled to as a fan and highlighting the history of Ineos "success" with their other club.

Go crawl back under your bridge.

27 May 2024 22:43:24
@Kurtis. How, exactly, am I part of the problem? I share my opinion of ETH in here and with friends - and I’m quite sure this forum and my local has no sway over club strategy. I certainly don’t get on ETH’s back when I go to games. I don’t throw my toys out of the pram on X, Facebook or some stupid petition.

And, to suggest that if the club do something that many fans are against will in some way bring the club to its needs is laughable. Fans will still turn up and buy their merchandise even if the football board sack ETH. The supporters to date were weak and benign in their efforts to get the Glazers out - myself included. We accept big decisions because as much as we’d like to think we can sway them we can’t. If you think fan reaction to sacking ETH will somehow worry the board then you’re going to be disappointed.

They’re not rejecting fans opinion, they’re relying on their own. That’s very different. I find it reassuring. They know far more than you and I ever will about football club ownership, strategy and such decision making and will use facts and evidence spanning ETH’s entire time at the club. You’re basing it on one weekend. Short sighted. I’d hate an owner that made a decision based on ONE GAME!

What’s so sad about this situation is virtually everybody in here wanted Qatar or SJR to get the Glazers out. A process has started and you’re on the new owner’s back already. SJR has spent £1.25 billion to be able to make such decisions and you think he’s the kind of guy that is deterred by social media or you calling me part of the problem.

Finally, to compare sacking ETH to the proposed ESL is daft. The ESL involved and united supporters from multiple clubs. It was going to be a paradigm shift in football competition. It was anti-competitive and one step towards franchised football. You’re comparing that to one club sacking a manager? A futile and desperate comparison to win an argument.

28 May 2024 13:59:05

When did what the fans think become a joke. Saw a pole 78% want his to stay 13 percent gone and 9 undecided. I don't think its about winning one game but a massive majority look at our year maybe not with as a critical eye as the small minority. You are a small minority and also have a voice and opinion.

Why do the fans need to back Ineos over eth, we have seen nothing yet from ineos to judge them by anything. If you go by the nice experience they screwed taht up until now but have lost their manager to Nice.

ETh has won two trophies with a injury plagued squad, 3 finals. City's first ever domestic cup defeat under Guardiola.

This page wants most of the players gone but a handful including yourself who is quick to tell us during the season how most of these players are no good. If we are that bad then why the lofty expectations. Can't have it both ways.



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