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16 Nov 2023 18:07:19
Someone saying SJR will de-register from the Stock exchange, he got zero chance of that until he owns majority.

Then I read new owner bounce, that’s laughable too since when does a boardroom change make a difference to the football?

1.3 billion is very cheap advertising for Ineos with the following worldwide of united, you could not buy that amount of publicity, don’t think for one minute it’s 25% purchase is for the love of united!

Business is business and in usual circumstances no billionaire would purchase to be a minority shareholder, but with this amount of publicity, it’s slightly different

At the end of day, it will all end in tears, big ego billionaires will never ever see eye to eye, both or in this case 3 will all have different ideas. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Some need to wake up and get in the real world if they think this is a purchase for love of the club.

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16 Nov 2023 20:00:50
What have you been smoking?

16 Nov 2023 20:06:44
Rangersred do you just troll to get a reaction? It certainly appears to be the case.

16 Nov 2023 21:14:10
I think more info about a gradual takeover will be released in time.

Unfortunately, this is the only way in for SJR at the moment but, in time, he will take full control.

16 Nov 2023 23:34:31
SJR will be judged solely on whether he is able to deliver results on the pitch, that's all anyone wants. If he able to make the changes United require to compete agaiñ, then he will be a hero.

The Glazers would not of been hated if they had managed to appoint good people.

17 Nov 2023 01:52:38
Oakbark- not sure about that. The protests were massive in 2010 when we had won 3 on the spin in the league, had been in 3 champions league finals in 4 years.

The resentment towards the glades would always remain.

17 Nov 2023 03:47:37
Behave oakbark. A few of us fans can't quite get past the hundreds of millions of dollars of leveraged buyout debt that they saddled the club with, or the tragic lack of investment in Old Trafford and the training facilities. We had world class facilities when they took over, and now we are very low down in standard of both.

17 Nov 2023 08:02:56
Do you grasp how much 1 billion actually is? This is not an amount of money a business will spend on an advertising campaign.

17 Nov 2023 10:04:20
I think there are a few things that he doesn't grasp Wazza.

17 Nov 2023 13:05:55
Why is there so much hatred of the Glazers and yet none for hopeless managers or players surely if you were playing good football thered be no protests? They back the managers with serious amounts of cash which the managers have spent on useless players you can say the DoFs bad as well suppose that's on the Glazers but think youd moan if they spent all that money on the stadium and training ground instead of players as well they should sell just convenient scapegoats for a lot of fans. Will the new guy get such abuse as well if your still not winning big trophys will the blame be on him then? I mean come on they're running a business sure you guys would take dividends as well i no i would could have way worse owners we did.

17 Nov 2023 13:48:42
Gers, if I gave you a literal pile of s**t and told you to build a house out of it, and you somehow manage it, is it your fault the house stinks?

17 Nov 2023 15:09:24
The Glazers were disliked from day 1 and it only got worse as anyone with a brain in their head could see the club's cash flow was being stripped to finance their debt, leaving us with an aging squad and replacements like Cleverley for Scholes! and no one for Kean or Giggs etc.

However after the flotation in 2012 they've spent more than enough money for us to be up there with the top teams in Europe. Had we been doing that and winning our fair share of tournaments I think the protests would have died down. Unfortunately they have shown themselves to be utterly competent when it comes to appointing the right people to run the club. A self-important, highly egotistical, know-nothing about football accountant like Woodward, even if he was good at bringing in the sponsorship money, was a terrible mistake. which they persisted with for 10 years.

Let's see if SJR can change that. It's probably going to take 2-5 years.

17 Nov 2023 15:10:55
You seriously have no idea how commercial business is achieved that’s why your so fixated that Woodward was so rubbish when in fact he was second to none commercially and the club would have been in serious trouble if he had not been in charge of that, his only downfall wall he did not employ a DOF other then that he done a fantastic job, probably one of the best at what he does.
Keep also banging the same drum about business leverage and costing the club millions you seriously have no idea on business, do you honestly think your knight in shining armour SJR is writing the cheque from his own personal account, of course he is not, he would be a fool to do so!

17 Nov 2023 16:26:26
Leveraged buyout of club was one of the greatest sporting scandals of the century. FA and UEFA should have prevented it. If you can't see that then not worth wasting any further energy on you.

17 Nov 2023 17:14:12
Rangersred. Woodward inherited the most financially powerful club in Europe to leverage, which he did, but to suggest that another competent chief executive could not have done the same is ridiculous. How do you think the club got to the top? It was David Gill working with SAF who provided the foundation.

Had Woodward confined himself to looking after the marketing side of the club's affairs while ceding the footballing side to the right people, he might have left the club without £1bn+ in debt, a stock price that was essentially no more than it was at issue in 2012, FFP problems, a crap manager and a poor squad with no discernible strategy. But, for some reason or other he thought he was competent to make decisions on transfers. He was not. So, I think it's fair to hark back to him as the chief problem. Anyone who leaves a business in a far worse state than when they inherited it is a failure.

And, yes, Woodward did make all the transfer decisions.

17 Nov 2023 17:16:27

Damn right. The leveraged buyout was a disgrace although perfectly legal. Some of us could see that from the outset. Helps if you are financially minded.

Oakbark, how many times have I said about what might have been done with £1.2Bn or the dividends the leeches have taken. They appointed Woodward but the direction set looked to be a financial one with football second.

17 Nov 2023 19:28:15
Do you honestly think SJR is not financing the deal then?

I don’t get all this Gill was fantastic either, he happened to be in right place right time.

Woodward for all his faults is one of the best commercial directors out there.

How Glazers funded the club is nothing to do with it, that’s there choice, you really think anyone put there hand in there own personal account to fund a business and then says no I don’t want to make money or take it by way of dividends I buy the business for the love of it…. LOL everyone as a motive SJR will have his reasons, they won’t be because he loves united and won’t take a penny back, it’s a business like it or lump it all football is a business these days especially in EPL.

17 Nov 2023 19:56:32
Red Man I am not sticking up for the Glazers but I do believe that there would be a lot less people and a lot less venom spat at them if we had remained successful.

I know there were people who criticised the LBo from the start, bit there was a lot more people willing to ignore it. There was a lot less people angry back at the Stoke game in 2010 than there is now.

I don't think the Glazers have been good and I have always been highly critical of the club's appointments under the stewardship and believe their biggest failing has not been the mechanism they used to purchase United bit ultimately as owners they have allowed executives to run the club so poorly.

No one has ever liked or wanted the Glazers but there has been a lot of ambivilance especially under Ferguson. Had we been successful over the subsequent decade again there would have been a lot of ambivilance and people happy with the success to ignore it.

17 Nov 2023 20:49:41

I have said the leveraged buyout was a disgrace from the start, but I understood it. We were never going to remain successful, the players bought, Ronaldo, Rooney, the CO92 were all in place when they arrived and were not replaced. Those who were happy with what went on the pitch were happy, sorry but those like me who understood what the owners were doing were not because we saw the bigger picture.

17 Nov 2023 22:43:35
Red Man, I am not disagreeing with you however the point I was mmakong all along was that if we were successful many many people would not have cared. The anger against the Glazers has risen in line with the failure.

There was a minority from the word go for whom the LBO meant they vocally oppoaed the Glazers.

What I do think is that under the Glazers leadership of we had spent that extra 1.5 bill9n on players we still qoild not be where City, Liverpool or Arsenal are because we didn't have competent people on place and I do hold the Glazers responsible for that becae surely as owners that should have been the bare minimum they had done.

And yes I know that money may actually have been spent on infrastructure.

Since the Glazers took over, and especially since Fergie left, I don't think there is any club in the world which has got so little return for the money it's spent. For me that is as disgraceful as the LBO.

United have spent enough to win EPL and ECl in that time but we have l9ked nowhere close and are not any closer.

It's been so long since a United thrilled me or stirred the soul. I grew up on talea of the holy trinity, the Babes, I grew up watching the bravery and brilliance of Robson, of watching Coppell Olsen Kanchelkis Giggs And Sharpe, th swagger and arrogance of Cantona, we could go on and on.

But who put of this time has that effect on my kids? I can remember being told Robbo wasn't fit to lace Big Duncs boots, I tell my son none of this lot are for to lace John O" Shea's!

18 Nov 2023 17:43:32
Thered be no anger at the Glazers if utd were even remotely successful these scarves and protests are proper childish they're business men of course they're in it to make money same as the Ratcliffe fella will be i often wonder if that trickles down to the players and manager aww well no matter if we loose 7-0 somehow the Glazers will get the blame. They can't be blamed for lack of funds you should definitely be winning big trophys with the spend personel tho is all on them hopeless DoFs and managers you lost a gem in Ragnick he'd have been a banging DoF loads of contacts and knowledge weak board if they let a fairly unknown in ETH talk them out of keeping Ralf if that's true obvs.

19 Nov 2023 02:41:55

You’re deliberately ignoring the points everyone else is making because you’ve already made your mind up so fairly pointless you posting here.



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