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09 Nov 2023 09:51:56
Dissapointing result against Copenhagen, our inability to adapt, individual errors and some iffy refereeing/ VAR decisions.
However, I do thing we saw some promise for going forward (hopefully not a false dawn), really good first 30 mins, good 20 mins in second half when we settled down.
I think the front 4 of Garnacho, Rashford, Hojlund and Fernandes should start the Luton game and also post international break. We need some consistency, give them a chance to build as a unit.
With Cassimero out and McTominy currently in favour I would hope that Amrabat gets a run of games with alongside him.
Varane now has a chance to get some game time with Evans possibly out, unfortunately this moves Maguire to the left side which I think has been identified as part of his problem (even though he has played there most of his time) .
Lets get at Luton, and come out of the international break fighting. We are still not out of the CL. just got to win next 2 games!

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09 Nov 2023 11:40:00
I quite like the idea of Rashford on the right. Takes away the temptation to keep cutting inside and shooting when on the left. He delivers a good cross as well from the right which will be great for Hoijlund. Garnacho isn't concerned about going on the outside when playing on the left either so isn't as predictable.

09 Nov 2023 12:51:05
So we paid £60m for a bench player in Mount?

09 Nov 2023 13:22:31
I’m even worried about Ganarcho attitude if I’m honest, he is not kicking on and the childish attitude is not helping A 17 year old come on for Danes he played like a 28 year old.
Arambat is woeful and miles out of his league, Mount can’t even get in a useless team So many problems
When we used to train we used to train losing a man or 2 to a red, this team don’t even look like it trains with 11, there is a severe problem here with the coaching ETH comes into that too what does he do on the training pitch, I don’t buy these excuses of injuries or everything against us, nobody in that team got a clue what they are supposed to be doing or how to do it
Remember this is little Copenhagen, and at end of day we got a pen that was not even a pen but forgetting all that this is a poor team poorly coached poorly managed it’s going nowhere fast in fact Luton could be the final nail in the coffin!
McLaren is yesteryear too he not exactly being discounted from this shambles.
I heard ETH say we played well for 10 mins well the game now is 100 mins not 10

09 Nov 2023 13:40:49
I think Garnacho and Mctominay are better as subs against tired legs. Varane does not look great and the whole defence fall to pieces under any pressure. At the minute Maguire actually looks our best defender. The midfield keep giving the ball away, especially Bruno. Copenhagen are no better than celtic and looking good for 30 minutes is nothing to be optimistic about.

09 Nov 2023 14:31:30

You are posting so much non sense and making things up.

09 Nov 2023 15:43:46
It's a brave manager who, a goal down with ten minutes to go, takes off his only striker and replaces him with Mason Mount.

09 Nov 2023 16:19:27
Hojlund was shattered. He spent 60 minutes pressing from the front and being our only attacking outlet. Literally going from chasing and harrying to turning and sprinting to get in behind. Then when it doesn't get through to him turning back around and chasing the ball down.

We needed more energy and someone who could press and defend. It was no slight on Hojlund who was excellent last night. Just a case of his race had been run. Also with Rashford now banned for the next must win UCL game we will rely on Hojlund all the more. We need to protect him and keep him well looked after.

10 Nov 2023 01:45:51

It’s him again mate, just ignore it, it will get blocked soon.



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