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09 Nov 2023 07:34:57
Good Morning everyone

I guess we are all getting over the disappointment of last night in losing a game that looked like cake walk in the first 25 minutes.

A very strange game and not making excuses but Rash red changed it completely.

I want to defend the manager though. watching the game the first 25 minutes, i thought to myself this is damn good. It was so controlled, sharp, crisp and the ball retention was almost like a training ground game and doing it at a hostile ground in CL.

Tactically spot on and they looked like there for 5 or 6 beating. However the red happens and we can debate if we agree with it or not and everything changes and we concede terrible goals imo.

I could not see a tactical issue even with 10 men but the back 4 just has no composure when we are under pressure and its individual errors that you must be so so frustrating as a manger when watching this.

We are a mess defending crosses even with Maguire who is suppose to be good at it and we tend it defend back into terrible areas off the box and never convincing.

I thought Varrane was really poor and read all the uproar before the game about him not getting picked but 100% with that decision. This is not just about the 4th goal which he was responsible imo.

Even before the red when evans went off we lost some of fluidity and crispness at in terms of playing the ball out and build up play.

Read the manager likes Maguire on the right and it looks spot on and the problem seems to be the LCB position and no one really suited to play there but Evans atm.

I really think we would be a great watch and very difficult team if we get two proper CB in even with Martinez coming back. the current options are all poor imo and a mistake waiting to happen.

I recall eth early in the season where we looked wide open and people were criticizing our midfield and him saying something about the back 4 and not so much about the midfield and starting to understand what he may be looking at and referring to.

100% back this manager and given time and some structure around him and the right players we will win everything with him. everything.

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09 Nov 2023 07:47:17
You think we are a good watch

Did I read that right?

People will say Rashford sending off turned the game which it did but I thought that Arambat was awful, Mount was non existent when he come on, Dalot terrible, Varane clearly had falling out with ETH all contributed to another poor display 10-15 mins we played OK not exactly scintillating stuff

Remember this was Copenhagen where would they finish in the EPL. 10th and below probably.

09 Nov 2023 07:58:15
I thought we did ok considering our recent performances

Never a red and never 2 penalties but why do our defenders switch off so often

Dalot is absolutely awful who offers nothing defensively or attacking wise.

09 Nov 2023 07:58:20
For me, we have to let the ownerahip thing play out. If SJR is going to oversee the football side, let him appoint his people and then let them get the people they need in. No point changing things now to change gain. No point bringing in players in Jan unless it's under the new regime and fit with their plan.

09 Nov 2023 08:32:58

Read my post again. Yes I did the first 25/ 30 minutes was absolutely top drawer. 29 passes for that first goal and how we did it was superb.

Ambrabat, mount were not on the pitch. The starting 11 were brilliant and put that hostile crowd to bed and it was so quite but the united fans singing. Varrane coming on red card and then it all went sideways.

09 Nov 2023 08:47:02
Spot on oakbark. Time for cool heads and less passive and emotion.
Thought we were a little unfortunate last night to go down to 10 but we didn't deal with it well.
Garnacho stood of his man not tracking back twice and we conceded 2 from those crosses before half time.
There were further defensive errors post the crosses but stop the cross and there is no issue.
Rasmus looked good.
Amrabat was poor in 2nd half imo as was maguire and the less said about dalot and varane the better.
Conceding multiple goals in quick succession is down to a lack of leadership know how and quality. These players fold like a deck of cards at the 1st sign of adversity and have done under multiple managers.
Sit back wait for the new regime and keep hoping it gets better in the meantime. Very disappointing and frustrating.

09 Nov 2023 10:03:48
Good opening spell. The red card was stupid but looked worse in slow motion. The fact Rashford went about 2 feet past the ball to protect it rather than close to the ball made it more likely to have action. It wasn’t a brutal over the top challenge but it left him open to the red because he carried it through.
Problem was we didn’t reorganise straight away. We seemed to dither. Their first goal was not down to Garnacho as Ken suggests but we should be asking who was at the back post leaving someone utterly free. The manager should have reorganised as soon as the red was given, he had time to think whilst the review was going on.

Even saying that the use of Var seemed sporadic, looked to me like someone was offside in front of Onana, yet there was no suggestion of a Var review. Conceding one, we still didn’t tighten up. Handballs were soft but we didn’t have anyone on the pitch or in the dugout that ensured we tightened up. How many times after a red is a restructure done and most times a substitute.

Amrabat was frankly useless in the second half, Varane for their 3rd gave a pass like a schoolboy with wet pants. We just folded, lacked character, Dalot failed at the back post is shocking as a full back. What was Mount doing at Centre forward?

We started so well, Hojland and Garnacho had them all over the place, but we lack structure and guts outside a few players.

09 Nov 2023 10:13:38
We will absolutely NOT win everything for some considerable time. I admire the sentiment and whilst I would love that to happen I feel a need to temper expectations. We are a million miles away from that and I fear the powers that be will have cycled through a few more iterations of management before we get there.

Regardless of that I will continue to support the current manager, even though I personally think he is struggling at this level and the team, as frustrating as it is, in the hope that they step up to the plate and ETH proves me wrong.

Lord knows I’ll happily shout from the rooftops if he does!

09 Nov 2023 11:19:32

Actually never after a red to your front line. its done when a CB or mid gets red carded and you see managers swap a forward for midfielder or defender.

09 Nov 2023 12:07:27
The red card for Rashford was the correct decision. No question. It’s evident now that we have too many players of average and below average ability. Dalot is responsible for the conceding of so many goals. I really do not understand how he keeps his place. Goals change matches and his part in the goal changed the course of this match. Given our reluctance to buy proven players at exorbitant fees, we should be focusing on buying young promising players and on our own younger players, not on bog standard average players who are clearly no better than what we already have.

09 Nov 2023 13:28:49
You need experienced players too
One minute your crying for leaders next minute your saying have a team of under 25s
There are quite a few youngsters in that squad that are not exactly pulling up trees
Antony young Garnacho young Mount young Rasmus Young Sancho young Dalot young AWB young many more too Age don’t matter you need a style you need direction you need coaching you need a plan you need tactics and be able to change at any given moment we have none of the above.

09 Nov 2023 13:30:52

Fact is the cross for their first came to someone on the back post unmarked and that is where Rash should have been. We were not reorganised.

09 Nov 2023 14:33:38
Experience does not guarantee leadership. We have plenty of experienced players but they are not leaders. It is quality committed players that we need. Younger players can be moulded and are more receptive to coaching. Too many of our more experienced players appear to be blaming the management for their own lack of ability, commitment and technical nous. As far as they are concerned, they have arrived.

09 Nov 2023 14:52:11
Redman where was garnacho at backpost for other goal. If you insist rashford would have been there or should have been then its same on other side surely.
Your talking nonsense.
The cf pulled of maguire it was never rashfords man.

09 Nov 2023 15:18:56
Ken the man that squared the ball to the striker was their left midfielder which rashford/ bruno should have been marking.
Bruno is higher up the pitch than Garnacho when the ball was crossed in.
The one which you blame on Garnacho was infact Dalots problem. Garnacho was closing down the ball passer to their right forward who crossed the ball. I think you should stick to golf ??.

09 Nov 2023 16:54:36
Where did he square the ball from? Pen spot. Never seen any right winger there ever. Never seen any right winger where the chap scored from. Bed man, you see what you want. If you say there should have been a rw there, it's crazy.

So the rw should have been there, but lw shouldn't have been there on other side. As usual, you're consistently inconsistent re your favourites. Should garnacho not tried to have cut out both crosses on his side for both goals in 1st half?

You give out about Anthony and rashford not chasing back. Why do you not call out garnacho? You are biased, that's why. He was 5 yards away and made no effort to close the crosser.

We were a man down, there will be a man over somewhere. That's what aired in 10 v 11. But garnacho couldn't have been bothered to try and cut out the crosses. Crosses destined to the area where we were light. But he didn't try.

If it was on the other foot and it was rashford not tracking back, you would be throwing one of your tantrums.

09 Nov 2023 17:40:00

Suggest Specsavers if you think the guy who squared for the first goal was at the pen spot.

09 Nov 2023 20:45:58
Jodler you are wrong, it’s not a red card it’s absolutely pathetic!

09 Nov 2023 22:25:29
Ken let's end this now. If Garnacho wasnt in between their left midfielder and their left back, and he went to mark their left midfielder the left back would have been free to roam forward, it was dalot which wasnt tight enough it is clear as day watch the video!

We played with 4 at the back 4 in midfield and 1 in attacking midfield and 1 striker. Take 1 of the attacking players off and put a right midfielder on to get the job done correct. Moving the attacking midfielder to right midfield isn't going to work and didn't work. Stop trying to create an alternate universe, its nothing to do with agendas against or for players its clear as day on the video in that instance what happened, no ifs or buts it happened! The attacking midfielder (square peg) was caught up field and didn't do his job and we got caught out.

I am a bit shocked after watching utd for 70 odd years you claim you lack the basic understanding of tactics like this, OR is it YOU with the agenda against Garnacho?

09 Nov 2023 22:27:26
Sorry where i wrote their left back or left midfielder i did mean their right sided players.

10 Nov 2023 06:22:48

If you are going to do a forensic analysis of everything on a football pitch there is always a player who is at fault for conceding a goal and a manager responsible for having that player on the pitch.

We are all frustrated and a bit shocked at the manner we concede goals and looking for why and who to blame someone for it. You can argue as some have, Garnacho has got to get tighter and not allows that cross, awb should not make that back pass as there was no pressure on him, Varrane crazy gift or dalot losing sight of his man. Maguire heading the ball back into the middle of the box and keep going.

If you excuse the embarrassment at Liverpool and city last year our back 4 was pretty solid. We are missing our entire left side atm and it seems like Varrane with Maguire or Lindelof is not working and someone each game makes mistakes and we concede.

One thing that is quite evident is when we are put under pressure and sitting back, we look all over the place and not good at dealing with things and it leads to a mistake by someone.

10 Nov 2023 09:54:32
Ahmad 'we are missing our entire left side atm' really hits the spot. Add Martinez and Shaw to this mix and we might see a differenti result.



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