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03 Nov 2023 07:23:47
Match going fans are the reason the Glazers will not sell even when offered double what the club is worth. They know Old Trafford will still be sold out no matter how terribly they run the club.

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03 Nov 2023 09:33:39
Unruly, I saw a break down of 2009 and 2019 of United's business model, it showed that in 2009 the revenue came from 41% match day, 35% broadcasting and 24% commercial. In 2019 it was 18% matchday, 38% broadcasting and 44% commercial.

Now my uneducated guess would be it is an even higher commercial percentage now. United is a commercial cash cow for the Glazers. I don't know what the answer is for this, emptying the stadium, relegation or just continue as a fan base to support the team (as difficult as they are making it) but protest and campaign against all sponsors etc because I see comments below about relegation but do we really want this as fans even if it meant Glazers going? Surely there are better ways to get them out?

03 Nov 2023 09:35:37
Matchday Revenues amount to less than 20% of total. So, other than the psychological effect of empty seats, it's gong to take declines in sponsorship and broadcasting revenues to have a substantial effect on the Glazer's attitude.

03 Nov 2023 09:44:26

You’re asking people to give up their hobby, for some it might be the only thing they get to do all week that isn’t work or that helps their mental health, in order for what to happen? It’s absolutely disgraceful of you to sit there on your high horse and blame ‘match going fans’ for the mess we are in, people that love the club.

If one person decides not to go to the game it won’t make any difference as 74,000+ will still be there, so that one person will be sat at home miserable and the Glazers will still own the club, but at least they will feel happy that unruly thinks they have done their bit.

03 Nov 2023 09:49:43
Spot on arrogant to blame match going fans.

03 Nov 2023 11:02:26
Newcastle still packed out their stadium during the darkest days of the Ashley regime and still managed to get their “Saudi Stimulus” so i don't really see the connection.

03 Nov 2023 11:45:24
DSG. Ashley sold Newcastle for around £350m allowing plenty room for further investment. The Glazers are asking almost 10X that. Hard to fathom it.

03 Nov 2023 12:04:51
I remember LVG warning eth this was a commercial club first then a football club when he was looking at taking the job. The fanbase so big its hard to get tickets unless you pay above their value and always someone who will buy the seats.

Nothing going to change much until the leadership changes imo.

03 Nov 2023 12:26:07
Most of the fans at the stadium look pretty miserable these days….

03 Nov 2023 12:51:24
I would agree that the match going fans have the ability to pressure the Galzers the most but unfortunately havnt the back bone to go through with anything coherent.

There is no point in protecting outside the ground before a game, then going in and watching the game. That would have zero effect on the Glazers.

03 Nov 2023 14:06:37
Yes that is it Mumbles, no back bone. Joker.

03 Nov 2023 14:54:50
Well GDS2, if the eds didn't edit out half my post, I explained why.

Empty stadiums during our home games would have the Glazers gone fairly quickly. The negativity around the club would make sponsors run for the hills and the owners would look to leave.

Singing songs outside a stadium, then going to the megastore, getting a few beers and a pie before the game and at half time is hardly putting pressure on the owners.

03 Nov 2023 15:15:04
I would not say they have no backbone.
I'd say simply that vast majority like gds2 says don't care enough for it to stop them going. It really is as simple as that.

Some did stop going for sure, but with the 79k there every week its proven that they don't care so much that they won't go. The reasons for going like gds2 says outweigh the reasons for not going. Simple. We know we have a few on the site that don't go anymore. For them, it was a different choice.

If 5000 season ticket holders cared enough and stopped going, those tickets would be sold overnight because there are more reasons to go for most than not go.
Once things are improving on the pitch, the futile protests will subside and the noise will reduce substantially imo.

If I don't like a certain airline. I will choose not to travel with them. I won't buy a ticket and moan about every aspect of the journey every week. ?.

03 Nov 2023 15:31:40
Have to say that I completely disagree with this, I am lthough I am no longer a season ticket holder I take my son whenwvwr I can't just as my dad, uncle and grandad did with me and my cousin when we were his age.

We both get a buzz every match, even though it's been dire of late. He'll we get a buzz when we go to watch PNE at Deepdale and we aren't even fans.

United make a Lot more revenue elsewhere then stadium, empty seats would not be a good luck admittedly but the sole outcome would less money for the powers that be to spank on crap signings. The Glazera won't sell for less than they want, and it won't affect the price of fans stay away for a while.

No one is forced to go to OT but I will every chance I get when work nd life allows.

03 Nov 2023 15:37:52
Very different that though Ken isn’t it, I assume that airline hasn’t been supported by 4 generations of your family who have been flying with them every week for 100 years? That’s how it is for some people, supporting the football club and being a part of that family has helped me through some tough times and that’s how it is for many others.

If I thought me not going to the games would make the club win the league I’d stop going tomorrow but me not going wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference, the Glazers won’t sell and I’d be sat at home miserable while my family and friends were at the game. It’s not that I don’t care, just unless everyone does it (which they won’t) then the odd few doing it doesn’t matter.

03 Nov 2023 16:32:25
Yes exactly gds2 you don't care enough not to go. I don't blame you for that. There are more reasons for you to go than not go.
I couldn't give a hoot what my grandad did or my dad if I felt strongly enough I would not go.
You don't feel strongly enough.
But what your saying is if Everyone stuck their hands in the fire you would put yours in too.
I have you down as anti glazer ownership I think like the vast majority. But the fact the own the club is not enough to stop you going. I respect that. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

03 Nov 2023 16:59:21
Strong words directed to me and unnecessarily so GD2. Just my view. You have yours which I respect.

03 Nov 2023 18:54:48
GDS2, I'm talking about giving back your season ticket, as Ken said, there would be 100,000 people waiting to take your place.

I'm talking about leaving games, making a bigger statement than singing "we want Glazers out" and then leave the ground saying "that will show them".

My family had 2 season tickets for three seasons from 2007 until 2010. Traveling from Ireland took its toll financially. I go to 2 or 3 games a year. If one of the games I was at had a protest planned, I'd leave. Drink and sing songs outside Old Trafford would probably be more entertaining than watching a 1 nil win against Luton.

To be able to say in the future "I was there protesting, amazing what so many people came together to try and make the change they wanted"

Back bone is probably not the right phrase to use. Too comfortable is probably better.

03 Nov 2023 19:20:01
That should say "not talking about giving your season ticket back"

03 Nov 2023 20:13:33
We had this exact conversation years ago Ken, I thought you were talking nonsense then too. You have no idea how much I care, I’ve explained and you’re ignoring me and saying what you think so never mind.

Your original post were strong words directed at me and many other season ticket holders unruly so I quite rightly responded, nothing personal.

03 Nov 2023 22:26:13
Shame on you mumbles. I usually agree with you on most things but you can’t be calling match going reds cowards. I’ve been fortunate enough to go for years, and I say fortunate enough, because some of the people I sit near spend what little money they have remaining to buy their season tickets for 30 or 40 years. You clearly have no idea what it’s like for some people who go to every home game, nor what it’s like in some of the areas around south and west Manchester. These are genuinely nice people who love the club and their lives revolve around going to old Trafford to talk to people and support the team. Regardless of how bad the team may be, the online fan base is fairly disconnected from match going fans.

03 Nov 2023 22:31:55
Gsd2 you seem to misunderstand. I've no issue with you going at all. I'm not suggesting you don't go. The exact opposite actually. Your too determined to have an argument to read properly.
You have more reasons to go than not go. Your disdain for the owners is trumped by your love of the team. That's the way it should be and that's the way it is for the vast majority. Everybody has their choice not to take your route and to not go but imo that's daft because like you they realise the team is more important than the owners.

03 Nov 2023 23:13:19
Wazza, I said back bone wasn't the right phrase. The problem is the season ticket holders that complain about the ownership and do nothing unfortunately are a problem.

I understand the cost of a season ticket. For me to go to 2 games a year is the same price as a season ticket. I understand the connection the match going fans have but I'll reiterate, they're too comfortable.

Very hard to organise 65,000 fans to do one thing, but there's never been a mass walkout at a game.

My views are if you have a season ticket, you're guaranteed to see United again anyways so therefore it would be a lot easier to walk out and protest.

If you don't like the government in charge but don't bother voting at the next general election then should you have an opinion on it?



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