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31 Oct 2023 07:25:09
I didn't even try to make to watch the game (lucky me) and didn't care that I was missing.

The off the pitch turmoil has sapped all of the enjoyment out of it for me.

Add to it that we suck on the pitch. We aren't fun to watch and barely win. What's the point of watching?

The only silver lining is that I assume that others must feel the same apathy to the club as I do. At least that means less money to the Glazers.

Congrats Glazers, you've successfully taken the joy of Manchester United away from me.

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31 Oct 2023 10:14:41
The simple point of watching is you support your team through good and bad times, you don’t just turn up at Wembley when we lift a cup! You go and get behind them and try help to get us back on the right path!

31 Oct 2023 10:34:49
I think modern day throw away society moulds people into always thinking there is something better and that life has to be about happiness and enjoyment 24/ 7.

People seem less and less content or even able to appreciate what they have. No resilience to endure hard times or discomfort and absolutely no patience for anything that isn't 100% satisfying immediately.

The thing is true happiness is found in hard work, in overcoming adversity, in finding value in strife to be able to truly appreciate success.

31 Oct 2023 10:42:22
Go and support the anti-glazer team founded a few years back. FC United of Manchester. I'll be honest, it doesn't make for much better watching.

31 Oct 2023 11:30:57
Pg3 you won't be missed i'm sure.
If you don't enjoy your hobby then stop watching.
I play golf I play well some weeks and other weeks look like a bloke that's never played before. But I still enjoy it. Likewise I still support the team every week and I'm always hoping that next week will be better. If its not there is always next week.
I think there are a number of supporters that just want to moan I've seen hopes that if the glazers stay in any way that some so called fans want the club to be relegated.
Sir Bobby best nobby sir matt would turn in their graves listening to attitudes like that. Fans that call for that are not worthy of the name 'fans imo. Imo the club are better off without fans like that. Just go and support another team don't wish misery on the club the fans the employees the busineses that rely on the club being in the epl. The whole local community.
It's quite disgusting to want to see the club relegated and if the thought process is that it would make glazers sell up them its a very sad indictment of anybody's thought process.
People who wish and want relegation to teach the glazers and sir Jim a lesson are anti-fans. The players the club and the vast majority would rather see the back of people like that imo. It would please me no end to see SJR come in in the absence of a buyer prepared to buy the lot.
Support the team in good times and in bad. Its fine to be frustrated and disappointed but to wish for relegation to satisfy a personal vendetta against shareholders says a lot about the broken mentality of those people. ( not saying you are one of those pg3)
If I can't have what I want then I wish the whole thing comes tumbling down despite the misery it would cause so many. Very very sad thought process and you'd expect it from a spoilt child of an age where they know no better. I wouldn't want to be in the trenches with some of our players for sure but I'd rather them than be in the trenches with some of our gutless self entitled fans that's for sure.

31 Oct 2023 12:02:13
Tumble ????.

31 Oct 2023 12:13:28
I would be very surprised to see the Glazers sell up if we were relegated because it's hardly going to help them reiae the price they want. I always thought that was a strange thought process. I would imagine their region in those circumstances would be sweeping staff changes and hope they get lucky and dins the right people.

I kind of think that is what is happening at United, we keep taking a swing on appointments and hope one day we hit it out of the ball park.

31 Oct 2023 12:19:55

I shot 84 on Sunday playing golf, played pretty poor and rusty but love the game. lost a bit of money. Showered and rushed to join a couple of friends to watch the game. In hindsight, my golf was better than our football:) . Will be playing golf as long as I can physically and watching united until I die.


Not criticizing you at all and I get it if you don't want the aggravation/ frustration to watch and save torturing yourself. I know some friends who are no longer watching every game.

I get as animated as the next guy but look forward to watching our next game. I watched us in the mid 70's and 80's. we were bad in the 70's and never did anything and 80s was better but went downhill funny enough when Fergie came on board in terms of league results and had a couple of shocking league seasons being mid table and we were truely sh. t.

31 Oct 2023 14:55:02
People say SAF took years to be successful but that's slightly misleading.

1988 runners up
1989 11th
1990 13th and FA Cup winners
1991 sixth and Cup Winners Cup
1992 runners up and league cup
1993 champions

ETH had a solid first season but seems unable to fix things. The other difference is we have had a procession of Managers and the players seem to think they are in charge.

I don't know what the answer is, but I'd like to see some sense being talked by ETH, right now, he looks a little lost

His low point was December 1989 when we played Forest in the Cup, so a season and a bit where it was somewhat pear shaped.

31 Oct 2023 15:28:39
It is very telling that with many calling for Bruno to be stripped of the captaincy (with which I agree), there aren't many candidates jumping out at you. With all the purchases over the last several years, it is striking that leadership is not a characteristic that the club appears to value so highly. This, I don't understand at all. It is essential that we have eleven leaders on the pitch and several as back up. The other characteristic that we lack is consistency, individually and collectively. Do the players that we buy display consistency when our scouts are in attendance and suddenly lose it when they come to United? I know that it is not as simplistic as that but surely character in a player is crucial. The flakiness of many of the players is galling.

31 Oct 2023 15:56:02
Ajh. Check your history books. Fergie started in 86.

31 Oct 2023 16:10:44
Holder for me the 2 standout candidates were cadimero and martinez. Both out at the moment.
Martinez would have been my choice.

31 Oct 2023 16:13:50
Don't get me wrong, I want to watch. It's just not fun anymore.

31 Oct 2023 16:35:58
AJH, Sir Alex took over in November 1986.

86/ 87 = 11th
87/ 88 = 2nd
88/ 89 = 11th
89/ 90 = 13th
90/ 91 = 6th
91/ 92 = 2nd
92/ 93 = 1st

So took 6 whole seasons to win his first league title, realistically 7 given he'd only missed a couple of months of his first season.

4 years to win his first cup in 1990 (FA cup) .

In order to create that title winning side Sir Alex had to dismantle the previous side, and change the culture within the club. To do so meant 3 bottom half finishes, a 6th place and two runner ups.

What do you think it will take EtH or any manager of this United side? The team needs dismantling and rebuilding from the ground up. While EtH has started on changing the culture and attitude.

That took arguably our greatest ever manager 6-7 years, but fans are now crying out if it takes more than 2 years.

I'd also argue that the competition in the league is much, much harder now. Teams have more money and there is great competition for players. We probably have 5 of top ten best managers in European football working in the EPL currently. Pep, Klopp and Arteta for starters. De Zerbi, Emery, Postecoglou, Pochettino, Thomas Frank and you can't dismiss the job Howe is doing at Newcastle. That's 9 top class managers doing fantastic jobs at their clubs in the EPL.

Given the money, the managers and the squads. It's hard to argue that the fight for top four this season is the toughest ever. City with Pep will win the league, arsenal with Arteta and Liverpool with Klopp will likely also make the top four. Although there are no guarantees. That leaves Vila with Emery (most points in the league since he took over), Spurs with Ange (currently top), Newcastle with Howe (playing well despite having the toughest fixture list so far and playing UCL), while it's hard to discount Brighton with De Zerbi.

That's 7 teams genuinely fighting it out for four places. That's before we consider teams such as ourselves and Chelsea who should be in the mix. Given our history, and spending power. That's literally half the league have a genuine shout of top four not because other teams are poor, but because they are playing well.

31 Oct 2023 18:27:54
Pg3. Look at it as a period of pain. All bad things come to an end so we can appreciate the good times even more.
My golf ain't much fun sometimes either but I'm still at it?
It's poor but remember it's your hobby you can't influence it so just got to keep hoping and keep the faith.

31 Oct 2023 19:48:19
I deliberately ignored the first season as he joined part way through. I know he joined in '86 as I was a season ticket holder so was there. I swear some of you could start an argument in an empty room.

31 Oct 2023 22:53:59
So what you see is a very simar trend ajh with the diet of rebuild required. As a season ticket holder back then you must remember those early few years as torture.
Of course nobody is saying eth is going to do the same. I don't think anybody belive that it's possible.
But it just outs into context the scale of the task. Even in the mid years cruyff? Anderson bebe? See Anthony Mount amrabat. Or veron?
Whatever he is doing at the moment needs a change.
Patience is tough but the context is tell me a manager faced with a task like this has done it in less that a few seasons?
We'd all like to see more improvement and there needs to be some or else the pressure will mount.

01 Nov 2023 04:31:56
The problem is that as the game has evolved on the park then so sadly have the expectations of all around it.

Players are paid stupid money and as a result they are expected to perform to any system, instantly. Now I would agree that for the money they are paid then they should be able to adapt.

I foresee a future where its not the best players that get to play but those that can indeed adapt, instantly.

In my mind it’s a transitional stage we are in from unfit larrikins and lads who could play and adapt to ultra fit players who can adapt. At the moment we are at a point where, in the most part we have good technicals players who are fit but have no ability to adapt or change.

It’s coming, but slowly. Perhaps ETH is a ahead of his time, and trying to plug gaps in his longer term plan, if only we knew what that was eh!



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