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27 Oct 2023 21:16:22
A lot has been said about our form style of play and injuries etc. I watched our preseason games and l have to say l was excited by the way played, pressed tempo etc. While understand it was preseason the game against Arsenal and Madrid were a full blooded affair from both teams. It looks like the young hungrier players can play the system while the more senior players can't or won't. Eth needs to make some big calls, the team either work hard and play to the fast tempo, pressing system or he drops players and plays the young lads. I don't think anyone of us fans would have an issue with these very good young players working hard to build something. We are not going win the league this year and players know it, but EtH needs to start building this season. If players aren't performing bring in the younger ones, we do have a crop coming through. It has already been highlighted that Hojlund is getting no service, crosses through balls. I think even dropping our wingers Antony and Rashford and going with 4 midfielders working hard to win the ball, pushing on the full backs and get crosses into our CF.

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28 Oct 2023 12:01:54
But ETH said the last two games we have played well in the majority of them, he even said we have pressed well, I don’t know if he still frequenting Dutch cafes regularly or what but I’m struggling to see it, unless of course that is the level he is aspiring to!

28 Oct 2023 14:16:54

Don't put words in his mouth and he did not say that. he said we have shown we can play the way he wants in spells during different games. He also mentioned some stats as us winning the ball back from our pressing that leads the league but we don't do enough or make good decisions when we win the ball back.

28 Oct 2023 14:31:01

Its clear as day you don't rate the manager but don't make up stuff to suit your criticism of the guy. we all get it.

28 Oct 2023 14:59:45
If players have been crap for months, it's time to rest them and try others. Rashford isn't putting the effort in and Bruno, whilst creative, gives the ball away continually. We have ready made replacements chomping at the bit, I don't understand the issue.

28 Oct 2023 16:16:18
Ahmed it’s clear you think he is the best manager in the world and just ignore all the shortcomings but I suggest you listen to words that come out his mouth, after the game in the week he said we played well, yesterday he said we pressed well and we’re not that far away from city, he was clearly talking about how the crow flies!

28 Oct 2023 17:45:51

You are making things up. I listened to the whole thing its online. people can go listen. Never said a thing about being close to city. did say we can beat them. don't make sh. t up.

28 Oct 2023 17:55:04

You think rash is not putting an effort in based on what, his scoring stats. We tried garnacho as a starter he was pretty poor. He is an impact sub when the game is more open. Walker will eat him as a snack tomm if he starts. No way the manager does that.

28 Oct 2023 20:39:40
He's ambling around, appearing disinterested. I have been his biggest defender but the kick of enthusiasm and effort is just uninterested. He gives the impression of not being bothered.

28 Oct 2023 23:03:16
I agree AJH. Something has gone wrong for him.

28 Oct 2023 23:36:28
There’s no defending Rashford for his performances this season. He’s a big time Charlie more interested in women than football.

29 Oct 2023 01:51:19
I think the teams problem and Rashfords is that we don't have a decent midfield who can shield the defence and also support the forwards quickly. As a consequence when (if) he gets the ball he feels the pressure to produce something spectacular as he knows goals from and support from midfield is limited at best.

29 Oct 2023 01:05:36

What makes you think he’s more interested in women than football? I’m sure he has a partner but you rarely see her, I don’t really get that criticism.

29 Oct 2023 06:13:26
Why do we question peoples character with innuendo and gossiping and no facts. Is it because during the summer he was with girls and tabloid news picks that stuff up.

I have news for you, they are all out there in the summer from Marbella to Ibiza and other parts of the world having a good time. Its not a crime if you are single and many of the married ones are no better btw. If you are insinuating he is out partying and that is the problem, that's complete false and he does not do that.

The only thing I know from someone who is close to quite a few players of ours and says he is very frustrated with himself as his own expectations from himself is to score a lot of goals and frustrated with our pace of built up play and lack of service. Actually feels he is as fit as he has ever been so no physical issues at all.



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