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26 Oct 2023 13:59:20
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Shappy has written an article entitled, Manchester United Can't Improve Until Injured Players Return

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26 Oct 2023 14:24:38
Varane played 24 league games last year, Martinez 27, so to say “shaw, varane, martinez played 95% of games” is false.

Also if the manager knew Eriksen will struggle to play full matches this season, he should have made signing a replacement a priority, instead he signed Mason Mount.

Now we are left with this ridiculous situation where we can't start “playing football” in ten haags words until Eriksen is brought on at half time each game to bring some class to the midfield and keep the ball.

26 Oct 2023 14:44:03
Shappy - I understand you like EtH, I understood you think he needs more time, which is a view held by the majority of supporters but we cannot manipulate the facts.

He did ok last year based on a relatively solid defence and moments from Rashford or Bruno.

The style and quality of football was average and we won the majority of games by a single goal. The attack was poor and we struggled to score goals. We also got hammered by City and Liverpool, had fortunate run of home fixtures in the league cup and fa cup with Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs all having bad seasons which left the door open for top 4. This is what happened.

You can’t ignore that many supporters wanted a CF, maybe two as the summer priority. EtH prioritised Mount, he invested £60m of a restricted summer budget and can’t find a place for him in the team. He got rid of De Gea, the golden glove winner, 17 clean sheets and spent £50m on his replacement. He then invested £70 on an inexperienced 20 year old CF who is expected to carry the goal scoring burden of a Club the size of Man Utd. Enormous pressure on such fragile shoulders.

In case you haven’t noticed Mctominay and Maguire, players he didn’t want, have have just scored very important goals that have reduced the temperature a touch for the time being at least.

Shaw and Martinez started the season and were poor. Let’s not ignore the facts, the team is losing regularly whilst playing terrible football and most of his signings are yet to hit the ground running. These are the facts, undeniable, he may have mitigation but this team will not suddenly start playing amazing football when Martinez and Shaw return. We might be better able to keep clean sheets but that will not stop Rashford and Antony cutting inside and shooting or get better service to Hojlund. When you are only winning games by the odd goal it shouldn’t be a surprise when you start to lose by the same margin.

Many said a new GK would improve the style, many said a new GK would improve the attack and help the team score more goals. It was nonsense then and it’s nonsense now. This team needed a recognised, proven goal scorer, a quality midfield partner for Casemiro and a new CB. Anything beyond that was a bonus. We didn’t get any of that and now we’re seeing the consequences.

26 Oct 2023 15:08:24
DLIB, I think you have done similar to what you say Shappy did. How do you know Mount was prioritized over a striker? Is it because one was signed quicker than the other, surely you can't blame the coach for that. If Eth was expecting to have greenwood back only to have a Uturn from above resulting in change of plans with little time to make those changes, I cannot blame EtH.
Having a new keeper with the defenders in front of him changing constantly and almost never having 1st choice defenders makes it difficult for the keeper to settle in and build a rapport with his teammates.

26 Oct 2023 15:41:30
It was widely reported by numerous outlets Mount was the priority and he was signed first. The fact he was signed at all is perplexing as he wasn’t what we needed (in my opinion) and now he can’t even get into a poor team that’s already lost 4 from 9. That is the reality.

Why would EtH want Greenwood back? surely he understood the situation? Why rely on a player that missed vital months in his development, that may never return to the top level and a player he’d never even seen train? If the plan was to rely on Greenwood, then it was a terrible plan in the first place and I have little sympathy. The majority of supporters didn’t want him back or to see him play for the Club again.

Onana’s mistakes have nothing to do with a unsettled defence. Maybe if he was sweeping or playing out from the back but most of his mistakes have been poor shot stopping ability.

I’m concerned about the style, an identity was not implemented last season and it’s even worse this season. I want to know which players can’t perform EtH’s preferred style because most of them are going to be at the Club for a long time. I want to know how Hojlund is supposed to score goals without any service and how this is going to change?!

I want to be constructive and debate how things can improve. Having Martinez and Shaw back will not improve the style and if anyone thinks that they mustn’t have watched the games last season.

Ole got hammered and disrespected for not implementing a style of play and relying on vibes and moments. EtH is doing exactly the same and I’m concerned how this is going to change?!

26 Oct 2023 15:59:31

Shaw was injured after two games in and Martinez was probably never right and I would imagine it can't be easy to play your best if you have a gimp foot. No fit striker to start the season, then we have sancho drama, antony drama and just a ton of injuries. Putting lineups out there that is a compromise all over the place.

To discount Martinez and Shaw's influence is very convenient to support an argument its all the managers fault. In a funny way our form dipped once Martinez got injured ln early April last year and our form dipped and somehow we started to struggle to score late in the season.

The reality is you don't rate this manager and will sugar coat it every which way and not come out and say you want a new manager. You even attribute his success to other peoples failures, which is typical.

I have zero concerns with onana, mount, hoiland, erickson, cas and all have been excellent signings imo but Antony. Mounts time will come and karma is a weird thing.

I am not going to pass judgment until we see a healthy united squad on the pitch and time for these players to gel together and acknowledge the quality of our play is hard to watch and stressful as hell.

26 Oct 2023 16:49:08
Ahmed - Stop talking nonsense, I think EtH deserves time, I think he has mitigation, but I’m not naive or blind. He needs to implement an identity and style of play.

Utd didn’t play good football last season, even when Martinez was in the team. We struggled to score goals and most games were won by the odd goal and could have gone either way. I’ve not discounted their influence, the team will improve with Shaw and Martinez back fit, they might keep more clean sheets but it’s fanciful to believe the team will all of a sudden start playing great football. Last season was a decent start, but we’re trying to progress and improve. Anyway I’m not going to repeat myself and prefer to concentrate on the evidence.

Mount does not have an obvious position in the team, he’s come to Utd in poor form on the back of a disappointing season at Chelsea, it’s not obvious to me where he fits in.

Hojlund is only 20 and in his second season as a professional footballer in one of Europe’s top leagues. He has potential, he’s raw, but with no service and no attacking identity I find it hard to see how he scores the goals the team craves. In his defence I think even a top CF would struggle to score goals with no obvious or consistent service or supply and no attacking identity.

Antony has not developed other than cutting inside and shooting with his left foot. I think he’s had over 70 shots and scored once. If this is his specialty someone needs to tell him it’s not very good. He lacks strength, power and pace. He has no right foot and rarely crosses the ball.

If you don’t have concerns I’m not sure why and you’ve not been watching the games.? It’s got absolutely nothing to do with karma. The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. I have concerns, I’m worried, I follow the evidence and it’s not about being right or winning an argument on a fan forum. I want all these players to be a success, I whole heartedly want EtH to succeed, I want Utd to improve and play good football. My wish is that Mount, Hojlund, Onana, Martinez, Antony etc all end up being fantastic signings and win us the league. When they play well I will praise them and if EtH gets us playing cohesive, attractive, attacking football I will salute him. I’m only expressing my concerns and commenting on what I see.

Anyway we’ll have to agree to disagree, no hard feelings and I’ll keep everything crossed that the team improves!

26 Oct 2023 17:47:31
Where has this narrative come along that EtH's signings have been terrible?

He has signed 16 players for United, however 6 of those he has had to sign on loan due to the mismanagement of the club over the past decade. A further 2 were free transfers, leaving 8 players signed on permanent deals who the club actually spent money on. So EtH has only been able to actually spend money on 50% of the players he has signed. Two of those 8 are players who in truth were signed to add squad depth rather than actually go into the first

So let's look at the signings. Loan players include Dubravka, Weghorst, Butland, Sabitzer, Amrabat and Reguilon.

Dubravka was signed to act as back up, but went back to Newcastle in January with Butland signed as cover. No money was seriously invested in a back up keeper, however this does show that the club have not been as forthcoming with funds as many seem to think.

Weghorst was brought in as a Ronaldo replacement after the Portuguese threw his toys out the pram and created a potentially tricky situation for the new manager to have to handle. The fact that the best the club could offer EtH as a Ronaldo replacement just further highlights the restraints the manager was working under.

Sabitzer was a short term solution to Eriksen getting injured (This is a recurring theme) .

Reguilon was signed on loan due to injuries to Shaw and Malacia. Another loan signing, and not the managers first choice. That was Cucurella who the club reportedly bulked at signing due to having to pay a relatively small loan fee. Further signs that the willingness or the ability to spend has been restrictive to EtH.

Finally Amrabat, on loan but with a buy option. Again the manager wanted/ needed a fairly inexpensive player in todays market and again the club could only deliver that player by some protracted loan deal.

Eriksen was signed on a free in EtH's first summer to add depth to a weak midfield having missed out on other targets. While that role was reserved for Evans this summer, again after other targets either moved elsewhere or the club baulked at the asking price.

So let's have a look at where EtH has been allowed to spend money and how they have performed.

Malacia for 12m, signed as a back up LB and has been solid enough. Inexpensive and probably value for money. Done what was expected.

Martinez for 50m, was easily our best defender and added aggression and fight to the side. Was arguably one of the best CB's in the league and made all those who questioned him due to his size eat their words. If it wasn't for his injury last season he'd have been considered our best signing easily.

Casemiro 60m, Last season he was immense and held our midfield together on his own for most of the season. He obviously isn't FdJ who was clearly the managers first choice and was a bit of a reactive signing by the club due to missing out on the dutchman. This season its becoming clear that we over paid for a player who is now showing signs of decline. Vital player to last season's successes, but is not a great long term signing.

Antony 84m, probably the only signing who really has disappointed. Massively overpaid for him, which many such as myself did point out last summer. If we paid 40m for him last summer most would probably say he's been average rather than poor. Which is probably accurate. He does a lot of off ball work that is important for the team, but has so far been underwhelming on the ball.

Those four are probably the only four signings that the club have paid for what can really be judged with it probably being too soon to really judge this summers signings.

Onana 42m, has had a few shaky moments, however, given the injuries to the defence and the number of high quality chances that have been presented to the opposition right in front of him its hard to really judge even on the small sample size.

Mount 58m, has quietly been good without being outstanding when he's been able to play. He's missed 6 weeks out injured. A talented and flexible player who I have no doubt will prove his worth this season. We over paid as we always do, but that's not the managers fault.

Hojlund 68m, looks impressive in his limited minutes due to injury. Overpaid, but we always do. However if he reaches his potentially he'll look like a great signing.

Finally Bayindir for 4m, cheap back up keeper (the 4th keeper the manager has had to sign and the third back up keeper he has signed) . No opinion as he hasn't played

Other than Antony I don't see a lot wrong with our signings bar the prices paid for them (something that is not down to the manager) . With half of the signing the manager has made being either loans or free transfers its clear he has been working under restrictive conditions despite the fees paid. He has also had to make many reactive signings (Weghorst, Dubravka, Butland, Sabitzer and Reguilon) due to injuries or other situations. While players like Malacia, Eriksen, Evans and Bayindir have had to be recruited to add squad depth, all of which have actually been decent signings, especially for the cost.

26 Oct 2023 17:53:29
I think eth is a brilliant manager if given the time to assemble a team of his. A lot of the players currently available for selection are so limited imo and only in the squad because of where we are and nothing close to his type of players. He still knows how to grind out results with what he has at his disposal. Its not pretty for sure atm but will get better as the season goes on.

I went to the FA cup last year fearing the worst given how our form had dropped and we were knackered as a team. We were playing a team that was a generational team. I think Real Madrid completed 17 passes in 45 minutes against them in one of the semifinals legs.

We got beat but I was so impressed with how we played and tactically eth was brilliant in terms how he set us up. The gap in quality between the two teams was so evident in many areas of the pitch. I Came away thinking this is the guy for us if he is given time and the funds to build a team, we will win plenty of trophies under him.

26 Oct 2023 18:00:23
The only thing I would query is why haven't Utd signed a really domineering central midfielder who can boss a game. That should have been out priority.

26 Oct 2023 18:27:08
THs signings have been awful Casemiro paid 60 mill for a past it player with no legs Malacia will never be a player 12 mill wasted Antony worst player in the prem 80 mill wasted Hoijlund who nos lot of money for unproven player who dosent fit in to the style poor fella gets nothing created for him Mount good player but didn't need him dosent no how to use him 55 mill could have used for a player u need Onana no upgrade on degea had as good a keeper in Kovar sold him for peanuts 45 mill wasted that's an eye watering amount of money couldve been better spent got to look at the squad and think that's 900 million spent in 5 years for what TH and Ole both cheque book managers with zero clue how to build a squad i could build you a title winning squad with that dough manager at UTDs the best gig ever like a real life FIFA game no real pressure either long as you scrape top 4 or close to it odd wee cup run could be there for yesrs.

26 Oct 2023 18:49:07

You are going to be a very frustrated supporter. eth will be here for many years. Get used to it, he will be buying rubbish and has no clue.

26 Oct 2023 19:42:17
Did Eath build the Ajax team? Their academy produces talent suited for the system. Overmars was very influential in building the team.

Should ETH be building United's team? Or should we be getting in someone who has provwn they can, it isn't Murtagh, he has never built a team either.

26 Oct 2023 20:36:42
Amad my man i couldn't give a monkeys if ETH is here for yrs iv only a passing intrest in UTD a soft spot from my youth . Do u actually watch football other than UTD games u should start youll see what proper coaching can do without a bulging cheque book. UTD aren't taken seriously these days even the media barely a few words when you get smashed its kinda the norm now loose at home to Burnley Everton barely a sentence written started when Mourinho left standards completely slipped come on what manager of a big club would say trophies are for ego that's embarrassing its not changed loose 7-0 6-3 0-3 to Seville hardly a media storm its got in to the support as well you accept rubbish with a cheer that shouldn't be happening at a big club like UTD you should have the biggest managers people like Ancelloti top DoF as well not some uni dropout and an unknown Dutchman just sad seeing an iconic club in such a state.

26 Oct 2023 23:11:23
Gers if you want to talk about big clubs in a state then how about the one that got relegated down several divisions and technically went out of business, the ashes were bought up and they slapped some lipstick on the pig and sent it back out on the street corner to earn another £5?.

27 Oct 2023 01:12:12
Yes Gers we are never taken seriously or mentioned in the media at all, we are practically ignored aren’t we, every single tweet or word anyone says isn’t plastered across the back pages. I can only assume you’re a troll.

27 Oct 2023 01:55:52
Barely a sentence written. Jeez. Jog on Gers.

27 Oct 2023 06:52:39
oN the gers

I actually watch a ton of football across Europe and have a pretty good idea of were we are in the process and what he is trying to do.

Our fix is a little bit more complicated and undoing years of mismanagement is not a 12 month job. A club that reports a world record turnover but still losing money is hard to comprehend and can't believe the people who are running the club have allowed it to get to this.

I would think 60% of our squad is on double the wage they should be. Not an excuse but we are handcuffed. We need to shave another 50-75 mill of our wages imo before we can compete for top talent in Europe. The fix at united is at the executive level and the structure not the manager imo. its not a coincidence that everyone that comes in underachieves. Ancelotti would be no different.

Watched nc and Leverkusen last couple of nights and Leverkusen has a great team and a lot of talent across the pitch.

27 Oct 2023 07:13:31
Gers also never spent 1.5 billion to win a couple of league cups we always put a competitive team out . Its not that big a deal when UTD loose if we lost 7-0 5-0 6-3 etc thered be major fan protests papers be all over it u guys its not really a big shock anymore. I no u play in a tougher league but youve outspent the rest of the teams u should have far higher standards. Not a troll i like to see UTD win keeps my boys happy but i no terrible football when i see it if u fellas can't says more about u than me i just see on here lame excuses and people gettingsmart with comments they don't like no discussion.

27 Oct 2023 08:08:41
Gers, " We always put a competitive team out". In a two horse race? Well done Princess ?.

27 Oct 2023 09:24:21
By competitive team do you mean finishing 4th in a 2 horse race? ???.

27 Oct 2023 19:24:57
Ahmad my man the reason your in a mess is the glazers they've appointment some poor souls to run a footy club and let them run riot with the cheque book not a big fix UTD top DoF top manager youd see a huge difference tho i think youve been left with a load of fresh deadwood by TH the true damage a manager does is only truly seen when they're sacked happened at Rangers we got this Caixinha fella in same as TH talked the part gave him a fortune done the same signed all these Portuguese and Mexicans he'd had at his previous clubs man was a fraud set us back years emptied the wallet and left us with a load of unsellable useless foreign players trousering a fortune had to loan or free transfer most of them . Least TH got Hoijlund in for u he looks the part if u can sort out some decent service.



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