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04 Aug 2022 16:29:29
How's everyone feeling for Sunday and the rest of the season Then?

Still think we're a bit short of strength and depth. Need at least 4 signings in my opinion, aswell as get rid of the deadwood.

Were worse of as a squad than this time last year but still time to go to make signings.

Hopefully EtH can get the best with what he's got until he gets what he needs to get us back to the top.

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04 Aug 2022 16:58:31
It depends on what your hopes are.
We are miles short of the top 2 imo.
The rest for me are pretty much the same.
It will be a very tough season.
We are short on quality right now no escaping that.
Ideally all our business would be done by now but it's not as easy in real life as it is for our kids on here that play it all out on a computer game.
Hopes for me are
Good cup runs
Top 4
Better to watch
Players playing for the shirt and fans
A better home record
I'm sure by the time the window closes the squad will look a little different.
I'm not confident but for the 1st time in years I'm hopeful.
Should be good craic watching it unfold.
We have rescued the team from the criminal ineptitude of the Norwegian clown and RR so for me it's all win win this season imo it can't be any worse than last season.
Eth has a he'll of a job to do.
Only time will tell if he can deliver improvement. I'd like to think he can even with no more signings.
So it's all upside as far as I'm concerned.
Unlike many on here I'm not an expert on running football clubs I just find it hard to believe with all the expertise we have on here not 1 person is making a living from the game they have all the answers to. ?‍♂️.

04 Aug 2022 17:09:15
Love it Ken
Here’s to a season full of progress ??.

04 Aug 2022 17:16:01
Not at all confident as long as McFred are starters. The fact that we’re so short up top is a little worrying too.

04 Aug 2022 17:25:14
Similar to ken, also

A defined way of playing, players picked on merit, topm3ffort and application, players improving as they are coached properly.

04 Aug 2022 17:55:55
What ken said. The End ?.

04 Aug 2022 18:57:23
Decent football, good atmosphere around the club.

We will struggle at times adapting to a new style and obviously we will have players who can’t do what the manager wants, as it’ll take 2/ 3/ 4 windows to get players out and in to make it his squad. So let’s show patience and back him.

04 Aug 2022 19:08:45
No ones experts on here just a lot of opinionated fans who love the club and say what they think is best. It's and rumour and banter site after all, just take things with a pinch of salt.

I think 5th or 6th with current squad definitely need the negotiation team to step up and sign players.

04 Aug 2022 19:28:46
Several people said 2 months ago that the outgoings were more important than the incomings.

I still think that is true. Richard Arnold said to the fans in that infamous meeting down the pub that the dressing room leaks had left the club.

Well here we are a couple of months later and I haven't seen any leaks yet.

Maybe he was right, that has to be a positive move forward.

We need/ needed to get out the bad apples to stop them rotting the rest of the fruit bowl. And that seems to be well under way.

Getting rid of players with the wrong attitude is more important than getting rid of players lacking the required talent.

In that respect I'm hopeful the club can resolve this Ronaldo issue. Whose attitude to himself and his personal preparation is exemplary. Yet his attitude to team work and self sacrificing for his teammates leaves a lot to be desired.

He likes to stand on the shoulders of his teammates rather than trying to bring them up to his level.

That isn't what we need right now. So thanks Ronny for the memories, you'll still be remembered fondly, but don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I still expect us to make two more signings, maybe even three.

I cannot see us ending the window without signing a midfielder and a forward. Maybe two forwards.

Another name that creeped in over the last couple of days is Sergino Dest from Barcelona. Whether United feel they want to re-enter negotiations with them for another player remains to be seen.

However, he could be an interesting option if AWB leaves the club. Obviously he has played under EtH before (which seems to be a prerequisite for signings this summer) . He is comfortable in either full back position, but interestingly is also comfortable playing further forward as a winger on the right. Which means he could be back up for Sancho if needed, or at least another option.

Who knows, it's all speculation until they are holding up the shirt.

I'm feeling excited and hopeful for the new season. I expect to see a different United side this season. A side that works harder, that has a clear plan, that tries to play offensive front foot football, with a manager who gives youth a chance and who picks players based on form and effort in training rather than the name on the shirt.

I like the new rules, such as no phones at meals or team meetings (should be a given, shocking that it wasn't) . Meals must be eaten together and food prepared by club chefs not whatever the player feels like that day. Consequences for being late or breaking other rules.

They might not sound like much, but they are a signs of a tightly run ship with a purpose. Positive signs heading into the new season that things will be different this year.

This was never going to be a quick fix. It was always the case that EtH's first choice 11 this season was going to have 5-7 players who were here last season. While the rest of the squad was going to be made up of the same players who failed last season.

I expect this to be a 2-3 year turn around. I base that on the fact that I think we need at least 15 new players added to last season's squad to give it the level of quality and to have the right attributes that etH needs for success.

Now not all those players need to be bought, but kids given a chance this year will take a couple of years to develop the consistency to be top level performers. While the reality is that we will typically see 4-5 signings each year at most. Obviously not all those signings are likely to hit the heights expected of them.

That means it will be 2-3 years before we have a team capable of closing the gap between us, and City and Liverpool.

A title challenge before EtH's third season will require those above us regressing as much as us progressing. I don't see that happening over the next couple of season's.

04 Aug 2022 19:52:28
I’m sure by september 1st fred and mctominay won't be the starters its really about who comes in at this point. There surely is no way nobody will be signed it will be absolute chaos if that would be the case.

04 Aug 2022 22:27:49
After that Henderson interview and the way media were critical of de gea or would be fair to say Henderson was a leak.

05 Aug 2022 00:18:19
I don't get all the McFred hate. One is a young player trying to make it and in an underperforming team with older experienced pros who have not put in a shift. Mctomminay nearly always gives his all for the team. Jose rated him highly enough to promote him to the first team. Fred is also a player who puts a shift in. He can't be such a mug if he plays for them most games.

05 Aug 2022 06:56:20
Amused with all the panic. Rather not waste money on average players who then everyone complains sbout and makes it difficult for the club to buy and wait. We are much better than what some are posting here. It will be a tough season of rebuilding and new manager. Give it time.

05 Aug 2022 08:25:45
I will be there east stand supporting the team as per usual. Its the season start, every team equal. Irregardless of who plays/ starts if they play well or try, they will get the cheers, if crap they will get the stare of dissappointment ( not a fan of booing/ jeering my own teams players) .

Its like any other sport, a crapppy game, misplaced passes etc but if they pop up to score a 96th minute winner off the back of their arse then its a win, all smiles and on to the next game.

05 Aug 2022 11:44:31
Hopes for the season:

1. at least one young player steps up and makes a real impact in the first team
2. at least one player improves significantly from better coaching
3. we see hard work and commitment from all the players
4. we start to see a style of play
5. the football is entertaining and Utd play on the front foot.
6. no Ronaldo.

05 Aug 2022 13:12:40
Kevani, one step at a time, let's try and beat Brighton and start the season well.



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