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04 Aug 2022 09:56:09
I'm hearing lots of talk about Gill and Ferguson being brought back into the fold of the club to offer guidance and advice to those in positions of power?

Is there any truth?

And if there is, why? I really don't get the point of going backwards to go forwards. Reminds me of Liverpool through late 80s and early 90s. Only when they made a clean break with Houllier was there any kind of progression for them.

Break from the sentiment and get better people into the right positions within the football club.

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04 Aug 2022 10:36:21
Angel - The Club absolutely loves living in the past, that’s how they make all their money by trading off past success. They have no interest in building a future whilst they can still sell dreams of the Busby Babes and Class of 92.

Building a future takes competence and expertise attributes not associated with Man Utd for a very long time now.

04 Aug 2022 12:03:52
I asked the same question, the minute I got the news, what have two 80 years old got to offer in the modern game, they forever remain legends. But truth be told their Era have long gone so with ideas. Bring in young, vibrant n intelligent people to handle affairs and move this great club forward.

04 Aug 2022 12:19:02
When Fergie retired he should have got his statue, stand named after him etc. and been given no role in the club, in fact he himself having seen what happened with Matt Busby, should have made a clean break.

04 Aug 2022 13:31:57
To appease the fans and buy time would be my guess. We are all less likely to have a go at them as they bring back memories of the glory days. Unfortunately football has moved on but instead of having special-ists we go for sentiment. As others have said the game has moved on but above and around the manager we as a club are reluctant to do so.

04 Aug 2022 13:42:41
I doubt they are being given much role at all, and certainly not a decision making one. The problem we have is that so many of the contributors to this site are living in the same past they keep complaining about.

04 Aug 2022 14:09:26
The only problem with this is if SAF gets involved with what happens on the pitch, with the team, at training. Otherwise I think they are both good additions. This club has not be run by football people, LVG said it himself. You need football people involved at the club to be the middle ground between the billionaire owners with no experience and understanding of football and the management, coaching etc staff.

04 Aug 2022 15:02:18
It very much depends on the role.

They can I'm sure have valuable contributions to make in some areas.

But why not thrash the idea before we know the detail that's the 'in' thing to do.

{Ed014's Note - well nothing that Fergie has given in the way of advice, which is reportedly plenty, has made a blind bit of difference to the farcical way the club has been run, so do you really think for a minute that’s going to change.

04 Aug 2022 14:55:57
Football has not really changed that much in decades. The players are fitter and faster but fundamentally its 11 v 11 on a pretty standard sized pitch. The tactics employed today have not varied much in the past 50 years. Why do we have to be a club who don't value experience and knowledge just because the owners of those qualities are older.

I would bet that Gill and Sir Alex are still more knowledgeable about how to run a football club than 99% of most people and certainly more so than the Glazers. As long as ETH is left to coach and choose the players he wants then all is good.

04 Aug 2022 15:49:36
Jesus ken get a grip man, rumours, opinion etc, that's what we are here for.

The 'in' thing for you at the moment is to just moan about everyone else.

04 Aug 2022 15:53:36
Is it not that they, along with Brian Robson are to be a soundboard for Richard Arnold?

04 Aug 2022 15:34:10
Ed014 I don't know what he has or hasn't contributed to be honest and I don't know what this reported new role is.
Usually I find it best to find out detail before dismissing anything or endorsing it.
Maybe I'm just old school in looking at options with an open mind.
I'm looking forward to the football starting.
We are in for a really tough season but hopefully we will see a better team putting in more effort and embracing challenges instead of running from them.

{Ed014's Note - Ken even you aren’t daft enough to know that Fergie has done nothing to improve your lot and you’re just kidding yourself believing anything different.

You’ve got yourself into some kind of dream world where you’re simply refusing to look at anything outside of your own opinion mate.

04 Aug 2022 16:25:21
In fairness Ed, Fergies advice has made a difference .

It brought us Moyes, probably played a big part in bringing us Ole as manager and bringing back Ronaldo. So it would be fair to say that his advice has contributed quite a bit to the current mess.

{Ed014's Note - I rest my case bilko ??

04 Aug 2022 16:26:42
Angel no issue with your opinion. My opinion is that it's hard to form any relevant opinion without knowing any details.
But if people want to form opinions after reading an article in the star or Sun I'd suggest their opinion is not based on any solid foundation.
If its OK for you to give an opinion is it not OK to challenge that?
If you know what role people have been offered then fine but if you don't know any of the detail then how do you know its a bad idea?
Or is it any idea is a bad one?
I've no idea what you do for a living but if everybody wanted to thrash you for what you do and tell everybody how useless you are without knowing anything about your job I'd imagine you would be OK with that. No?
I'm not sure what you expected this summer. How much money did you want the club to spend on new players?
Who is going to buy all the players you want rid of?
What are your expectations?
How do you think your expectations should be funded?
What do you know about selling players and the associated costs?
What is it you want?
What's your ideas?
What's your business plan for the club? (I'm sure you can come up with one without knowing any detail of finances or contractual situations)
Apart from city and Liverpool maybe chelsea who is doing much better than us?
I would write off last season we had 1 of the worst manager in our history starting the season and an equally as bad interim finishing the season.
Eth has now to handle the Ronaldo mess.
Who's at fault for his behaviour?
Who is at fault that no club wants to buy awb or lindelof or Fred or mctom?
Spurs have signed a championship full back
A 35 yo left wing back
A midfielder from Brighton that missed a large chunk of last season for dubious reasons.
They are being held up as having a great summer. i'd rather our 3 signings over those lads.
Aside from Jesus who I think is a great signing are you sorry we didn't get any of their other arsenal signings?
Am I happy we have not signed more players? no I'm not I'd rather we had done more at this stage but we have not but your go 2 man ed002 has told you the club are trying to get deals done so put all your faith in his words or do you only quote the negative stuff he tells us and ignore the positives?
I'd love you to walk a mile in the shoes of the people trying to get things done and then thrash you for the crap job you'd do.

04 Aug 2022 17:52:08
Ed014 I'm not in any dream world.
I'm not predicting or expecting success all I'm looking for is improvement.
I think that's not too much to ask for from the low base we are coming from.
I just don't in a world where I pretend to know all the answers on things I've no detail on.
I'm forthright with my opinions and challenge others, you'd included.
How many people on here make a living from the game?
Lots of things are wrong at the club I've never once suggested otherwise.
But until I see how eth gets on I won't write him off.
Experts on here had arteta as the worst manager in the league last season. Even worse than ole. Now they are say he will get top 4 or compete for it.
People flip flop all the time.
Perisic a mid table Brighton midfielder and a championship full back who was on loan last season are going to drive a spurs title and cl campaign. Not imo they are not.
No dreamworld just not slating everything about the club because its a fresh start imo. It will take some time for me to form a thought out opinion instead of a kneejerk reaction to every piece of clickbait printed.

{Ed014's Note - Ken the site isn’t for ex managers, players, owners or directors of football.

It’s for the guys at the bottom of the food chain who have an opportunity to say their piece about whatever they want, yourself included.

There really is no need for you to act like some kind of censor and tell them they can’t have an opinion about what ever they want to give an opinion on because they weren’t or aren’t one of the aforementioned.

Please don’t try and tell me either that those two have done a single thing to improve your lot and in particular Fergie because if you can give a single example I’ll eat my shorts.

04 Aug 2022 20:00:59
Alex Ferguson and Ed Woodward are responsible for the Ronaldo mess. One is in love with the player and can’t let him go even though he stabbed him in the back, and the other is in love with the marketing machine which comes with Ronaldo and the £ and $ signs it brings to their masters pockets.

04 Aug 2022 21:06:45
Ken, who on this site has said that Perisic is going to drive Spurs to the title?
Spurs have strengthened well and they have incredible strikers, so they will improve over last year. Perisic is an excellent player and will also help their cause. I think they'll finish 3rd, which is pretty good for them.

04 Aug 2022 23:06:33
To quote from a very famous film……. ”There we go again with the negative waves. Just think it’s a mother beautiful bridge and its going to be there”.



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