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03 Aug 2022 19:07:11
I understand the optimism surrounding EtH after 3 years of pragmatism under Solskjaer but where is the ambition of the Club to dismantle a toxic dressing room and re build a broken team on the back of our worst Premier League season?

Less than a week before the curtain opener of a brand new premier league season and EtH will have to rely on the same toxic players that completely downed tools for two separate managers and so disgracefully disrespected not only the shirt but also the fans last season.

Martial was sent out on loan and he'll be leading the line. Rashford came on in a Manchester Derby and walked around. Harry Maguire is still the Club captain. McFred will start in midfield.

This is a group of players that have relied on individual moments to win football matches for at least 3 years. They haven't worked as a team, they haven't worked hard, they haven't pressed, they haven't followed instructions. They have moaned, whinged and leaked to the press when they haven't got their own way or been asked to play out of position or god forbid even dropped, some despite horrific form.

I can't forget or accept what happened last season. Most of the team that will start the opening game of the new season don't even deserve to be at the Club.

We've all watched this team implode, we all understand it's limitations and if EtH thinks he can get away with playing Lindelof and Maguire at CB with McFred in midfield then he'll soon come to realise that he's gravely mistaken and has grossly overestimated the ability and mentality of these players.

If the master plan at Utd under a new CEO and Director of Football is just better coaching of the same old players some of whom have underwhelmed under at least 4 different managers then that will all unravel pretty quickly.

I won't even get started on the recruitment team and negotiators that have presided over yet another excruciatingly frustrating transfer window where they haven't even delivered one of EtH's priority options and sent him into a new season with last years toxic squad. They haven't even sold anyone yet!

Optimism is fine but reality bites.

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03 Aug 2022 20:26:09
Bang on mate. Still a rubbish team, lucky to get 5th. Too many players miles off the required standard.

03 Aug 2022 20:28:24
Well he has just signed Lisandro Martinez, Tyrell Malacia to revamp out left side and signed a creator in Eriksen and is obvs trying to sign a CM and ST so ya know, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

03 Aug 2022 20:47:48
It's not entirely the same group of players. Players like Pogba, Lingard, Henderson have left the club. Three players who if rumours are true lead much of the discontent within the dressing room.

The way EtH has come out to scold Ronaldo for leaving early suggests he isn't a manager who will suffer fools gladly. Hopefully the club move Ronaldo on and back this manager.

Woodward had an ego to match Ronaldo's but with absolutely nothing to back it up.

He's gone, Richard Arnold seems cut from a different cloth. Meeting with fans, and prepared to delegate power to those better placed to make footballing decisions.

John Murtaugh seems to be doing everything possible to provide EtH with what he has asked for.

The biggest problem to transfer dealings this summer is that our prime target is at a club in so much debt it makes our debt look like a pittance.

Barcelona are in over three times as much debt as we are, they are selling off the family silver and cashing in on the kids trust funds just to make ends meet.

They are in a shambles and the new guys in charge seem to be making many of the same mistakes the previous regime made.

I take a wait and see approach. I also understand that Rome wasn't built in a day. We can't change the entire 25 man squad in one window. In reality we might be able to bring in 5 new players, maybe sell/ move on 10 players and hopefully bring a couple of kids through.

It was always going to be the case that at best 60-70% of the squad would be the same as last season.

The toxic dressing room will only be fixed by strong leadership. EtH lays down the law, if it's broken then there will be consequences. Properly backing EtH isn't lavishing him in millions allowing him to buy 20 odd new players in one window. It's supporting him with real action. If he says move that player on, they need to be moved on. End of.

No concern's about the brand or how much he cost etc.

EtH is a prober coach, he will install discipline, structure, tactics and mentality.

He'll work hard to develop the players he has and make them better players. While a strong system/ tactical set up will carry some players.

We'll be better than last season by a country mile, with a bit of luck we'll achieve more as well.

It's a long and arduous road back, and there will be dark times and difficult moments. There are no quick fixes or magic wands to just instantly take us back to our 2008 glory.

03 Aug 2022 21:44:56
DLIB, we’ve cleared out Pogba, Lingard, Henderson, Cavani, Mata, Matic, Pereira and Telles. We’ve signed 3 and I’m expecting we’ll have another 3 in by end on august.
Give the new structure a chance. What was you expecting, swap out 14 players and replace them all in one window? Ten Hag has given the lads preseason a chance to show him their worth. Some have stepped up, that’s all they can do. I’m not naive enough to think Martial, Rashford and Maguire are going to be our long term solutions when getting back to challenging for titles but Ten Hag needs 3 windows to get the squad he wants and the board seem to be targeting the players he wants.

Reality is we’re not on City and liverpools level but we were never going to be after half a transfer window and a few training sessions under Ten Hag.

03 Aug 2022 21:54:35
Bang on DLIB. I’m glad someone has added a dose of reality to this forum. A realistic and refreshing appraisal compared to the normal ‘popular politics’ that’s normally spouted.

03 Aug 2022 22:03:06
I don’t trust any of these players, mark my words the first sign of trouble they’ll turn on the manager. Somebody said at the end of last season that the outgoings were just as important as the incomings this summer yet we’ve only sold Pereria. (I’m not including the lads that walked out on a free. Had they all signed new contracts which the Club wanted they’d all still be here as well) .

I desperately want EtH to succeed, I want to believe that things are changing but until I see some tangible evidence the reality of the situation is we’ll line up on the opening day with Maguire/ Lindelof at CB and McFred in midfield. Shaw will probably start at LB with Martial and Rashford in attack. Some of them haven’t been good enough for nearly half a decade and that’s not about to change anytime soon.

In my opinion it’s unacceptable that in the opening game of a new season the starting line up will more than likely be entirely composed of last years failed and toxic players.

Let’s not forget this lot lost 4-0 to Brighton only a few short weeks ago and as far as I’m concerned not much has changed.

If people want to be optimistic then of course that’s their prerogative but I need more evidence than a couple of decent pre season games and I see absolutely no evidence of the Club performing any better in the transfer market either.

Let’s see what happens!

03 Aug 2022 23:26:04
I was super happy to see Garnacho and Iqbal. I thought also Laird did well. I'm not sure if I would have seen this much of them under previous managers.

03 Aug 2022 23:49:41
Thing is dlib these players turn they will be gone

They shown there true colours last season and us fans won’t forget that p. poor excuse they called effort.

04 Aug 2022 00:12:01
This is utter rubbish DLIB. There is a massive squad overhaul underway, many have gone (not just 1) and many more will go.

3 new players in and the club is working on more with 1 month left to go.

List because you don't like the 5 players mentioned doesn't mean that EtH doesn't.

Total rebuild is in progress.

New leadership. Yes
New manager. Yes
New coaching staff. Yes
Get rid of the players causing dressing room unrest. Yes
Buy players the manager wants, not club targets he doesn't. In progress.

Seriously. Why so frustrated already? I was as frustrated at Rashford strolling as anybody. But let EtH weed out to rubbish, work with the rest and start to build a team that can challenge. IT TAKES TIME.

04 Aug 2022 00:21:36

I mentioned awhile ago we have a squad full of players that won't be first choice on anyone's list to purchase, but as the window goes on and teams start looking down the lists you'll see a fair bit of movement.

Bailey has a couple of suitors. I'm sure Tuanzebe will also. Williams will move. Hopefully Jones follows Rooney to Washington.

Couple left on loan with what looks like their wages being covered. And plenty more will follow.

It hasn't been the full on window many were expecting but I'm willing to give the manager the benefit of the doubt. One of the main problems with the squad building (or lack of) was we kept adding to the squad without departures. It didn't help that Ole was a horder when it came to mediocre talent. Getting in bodies that weren't improving us much at all and most of these lads on high wages.

I'm quite happy with the manager keeping his powder dry and not being like a kid in a candy shop buying players for the shake of it.

There is of course a flip side to this and it's if we don't get results early than the wheels come off yet again. But Ten Hag seems like he's a smart man who doesn't leave much to chance.

I think we'll see a few come in yet but the opening few games are going to be big tests.

I hope you're well mate.

04 Aug 2022 07:05:08
Mumbles - I’m ok mate, thanks for asking. It reassures me that sensible posters like yourself are feeling optimistic pal. At the end of the day we all want the same thing. Roll on Sunday!

04 Aug 2022 08:51:37
After that I’ll advised interview I’d say dean henderson was one of the supposed leaks.

04 Aug 2022 09:49:44
Iv been called a few things on here over the years but sensible has never been one of them.

Good to hear you're well mate.



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