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03 Aug 2022 08:56:06
Ornstein today confirming serious Chelsea interest in FDJ.

Chelsea also have players Barcelona interested in to sweeten negotiations.

So, if FDJ forced out, might come down to FDJ having to make a choice between United and Chelsea…

Manchester and Europa vs London and Champions League….

Personally I hope United now focus on Fabian Ruiz (similar player to FDJ but better defensive stats) and Sangare (DM) and get two midfielders in for the price of FDJ.

Sesko looking promising and Benni McCarthy looks like a really promising coach.

And hope Ronaldo leaves (part of deal for Ruiz?! )

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03 Aug 2022 09:35:03
I know they're flush but . Koulibaly, Sterling, probably Cucurella, maybe Fofana, and they haven't even replaced Lukaku yet (in fact are entertaining the idea of letting Werner go on loan) . are they really going to go for another massive outlay?

03 Aug 2022 10:03:39
Chelsea will spend. They have the funds and bosses who want to make a statement and really challenge for titles. They have seen Arsenal and Spurs spend and know that there are realistically three teams who will be fighting for that all important champions league place. Shame our club hierarchy aren't as focused.

03 Aug 2022 10:05:17
If they offer Azpi and Alonso in part exchange (combined 40m? ) then be 40m extra for FDJ (though surely be some FFP restriction on wages at least? )

03 Aug 2022 10:08:32
I thought Chelsea might not do aswell this upcoming season, but they seem to be signing good players. They certainly need a forward.

03 Aug 2022 10:25:51
azpilicueta and alonso would probably be closer to £4m than £40m.

Ten Hag and the club are going to look extremely foolish if FDJ ends up at Chelsea after chasing him for 3 months and maintaining the line that no other central midfielder in world football comes as close to FDJ in suiting ETH's system.

Starting another season with MCFRED as the midfield pivot is criminal IMO.

Here's hoping that eriksen can work his way into a deeper role and Bruno starts playing like an adult footballer again.

03 Aug 2022 10:28:51
The club are going to look like incompetent idiots if they fail to sign De Jong after all these months. I hate to imagine the kind of response we’ll see if he moves to Chelsea though.

03 Aug 2022 10:49:45
Would be a blessing if he signs for them soon, he doesn’t want to come to us and we need to move on, chasing him until deadline day and not signing anyone else would be a disaster. Let’s hope if he’s going there and genuinely doesn’t want to come they snap him up quickly and it doesn’t drag.

No panic here, leave that to twitter.

03 Aug 2022 11:17:47
Just to cheer up the doom mongers, I actually think we’ve done extremely well so far in the window three excellent signings from what I’ve seen! Granted I’d of wanted more but pleased so far .

03 Aug 2022 11:31:05
I mean, the fact that we would have to wait for another club to come in for him so we can move on is pathetic. Should have moved on a month ago.

Amateur hour.

03 Aug 2022 11:34:41
Me too Chris.
There will be others just don't know who yet.

03 Aug 2022 11:43:42
Agree GDS, gives time to get others in.

Potential alternatives touted as FDJ replacements:

Fabian Ruiz (my personal favourite - DM/ CM like FDJ, creative passer and can run midfield)

Ruben Neves: won’t fit ETH pressing style as concerns over his athleticism

SMS: again, doesn’t suit ETH blue print . Also more of a CM

Rice: wouldn’t mind getting him and coaching him to ETH way of thinking

Tielemans: not keen, seems to have a bit of an attitude and think he’s more of a CM

Sangare: betree as destructive foil to more creative partner

Renato Sanchez: too injury prone

Konrad Laimer: more destroyer than creator

Koopmeiners: progressive passer but still emerging

Preference Woukd be Fabian Ruiz and Konrad Laimer. But both will never happen.

As GDS said, just get it sorted asap.

03 Aug 2022 12:13:12
Op- personal choice would be forget FDJ. Not a fan of Neves, sanchez injury prone but would like to see Laimer in a utd shirt: we have a history of tough tackiling ball winning mids, robson, keane etc. Always liked SMS andrumoured to be around 50m? change out of the fdj money allegedly to maybe get dest or rb in? wouldn't be against depay on a free and would be very happy with the window.
Telles out on loan is a goer and shifting bailly, tuanzebe and awb would be beneficial as minutes on the pitch would be minimal for these guys, add jones to that.
Priority today mr Ten Hag if you're reading- fine cr7 2 weeks wages and get rid . Let him buy out his deal and go - we save the wages, but more importantly get rid of the soap opera a year earlier. Also dean henderson hasn't done himself any favours and his situation should be monitored. These guys are supposedly pro athletes who should have a bit more to their behaviour.

03 Aug 2022 12:26:03
If FDJ moves to Chelsea and we are looking at alternatives, what about Jourginho?

03 Aug 2022 12:46:08
Not that we know exactly what's happening with de Jong but United appear to be doing exactly what the manager wants by holding out for the player. If he doesn't come, or joins another team, so be it. There's no point in rushing into purchasing another inferior player just for the sake of making the fan's feel happy during the transfer window, because those fans will be the first to turn on the club when the transfer doesn't work out. Rather than regard the saga as a failure I think it's a highly positive statement of intent. The club is backing EtH to the maximum extent of the now reduced budget.

03 Aug 2022 13:11:33
Shawthing, I see where you coming from its just that fdj according to a variety of statements doesn't want to come to us. We have tried but he is although a top talent in his position, not the only piece of the jigsaw that may fit: just an expensive one.

It could be countered that by pulling away from the deal also shows a positive statement of intent that we will not be treat like crap and messed with false hopes by Barcelona or any other club. We have always paid over the top for players and that is why we fail to shift them when required.

Also, one for the eds to clarify possibly, but Barcelona have issues with fdj for as long as we have had interest and haven't burst their size5's to resolve. this is more pressing as if they don't shift personnel they can't or will struggle to register lewandowski, kessie etc etc.

03 Aug 2022 13:42:26
The means justify the end. If the manager has his heart set on De Jong, then let's see how it plays out. If he's happy to get through a couple of opening games without midfield reinforcements then that's him rolling the dice.

Two ways to look at it. We look like fools chasing a player that for intents and purposes doesn't want to come. Or we're composed, know who we want and won't be forced into the market buying players that we don't 100% want.

I'm sure we'll sign someone before the window closes.

03 Aug 2022 14:41:52
Mumbles either way the folk with all the double standards will throw their toys from the pram.
There is no pressing most united fans right now that's for sure.
The fans either dislike the players, the linked players, the manager, the owners, the coaches, the stadium, or the training facilities.
So there is no keeping most happy.
Some just want a sugar daddy to come in and change everything overnight.
Nonsense sentimental and emotional talk.
We have a challenge facing us and its a huge challenge. We can only face it 1 step at a time and that's what we will do.
Fans are Amatures but think they know it all when in reality they know sweet fanny Adams.

03 Aug 2022 14:52:02
Spot on ken.

03 Aug 2022 15:22:14
Ken, you are a massive hypocrite. You spent years crying about Ole, even though the club appointed him and he had more management experience than you. And here you are criticising other fans for behaving like you did.

03 Aug 2022 15:35:09
Until FDJ either signs a new deal with Barcelona, a deal with United or moves to another club the press will have to continue to speculate and keep the story going. Too many people invested in this story now for them not to have to add twists and turns to keep people going until it comes to its conclusion.

Do your best to ignore it all, 99% of it is made up rubbish, of the current 168 players we have been linked with this window only three have signed. Which makes the other 165 probably bollocks to make you click the link or buy the paper.

03 Aug 2022 16:41:12
Just to add to the doom, Chelsea in for Sesko.

(Think our back up is the tall fella who plays for a German club)

How much money are they going to spend?!

More gazumping in this window than an 80s estate agents!

03 Aug 2022 16:53:14
Whether it’s Fdj or someone else the reality is that we seriously need strengthening in that area, we can’t be doing with another season of mctominay and Fred can we? That spells calamity. I agree that we shouldn’t just sign anyone if the Fdj deal goes south but surely there should be backups in place if that happens, with some groundwork already done. Fred I think can improve under ETH to what level I’m not sure, as for mctominay I just don’t think he can cut it at this level.

03 Aug 2022 16:55:25
Ken, just because we're calling the way the club is run and the quality of the squad and facilities, it doesn't mean we're "amateurs". Non of us have thrown our toys out of the pram. Are you satisfied with the squad, facilities and the way the club is run? If you are, then that's fine, but to most of the fans, it's not good enough.
We've been without a title for 9 years without a trophy for nearly 5 years. No one gives us the right to win anything and everything, but we need to see a clear plan. The plan has started with the excellent appointment of ETH. We've bought decent players. But ETH needs to be backed. The club need to sort the Ronaldo issue, the investment into the facilities, the transfers, the players contracts. And if the current owners can't do this, then we will continue protesting until the club has owners who can.
We all want the same for our club, and we know its going to take a bit of time for ETH to impose his methods, but he's going to need help from the club, the coaches, the players and from us, the fans.
I'm not holding out much hope for a top 4 finish, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be losing my voice during every match as I'll be supporting our team 100%.

03 Aug 2022 22:14:28
Bang on AAA. As United supporters who actually go to Old Trafford we only want the best for the football club.

We want the club to act in a professional and efficient manner when dealing with transfers. We want contracts and wages to be administered in a controlled manner for once.

We want the stadium to move with the times and reflect the fan base. We want the training facilities to be the best training facilities in the world.

We want the infrastructure in and around the ground to give the best supporter experience.

We want all of this because we love the club and want it to be on a par with its world standing……. at the very pinnacle of world football.



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