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01 Aug 2022 14:06:08
Ronaldo posts on Instagram Thursday.
The King plays Sunday.
Plays 45 minutes no shot on target and f, @@@ off before full time.
Some king.

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01 Aug 2022 14:47:15
Your point being?

01 Aug 2022 14:52:12
That completely tallies with my experience of monarchy, get paid a lot to do very very little.

01 Aug 2022 15:02:34
Went early along with Bruno, martial and few others.

But yeah single out Ronaldo.

01 Aug 2022 15:50:27
Madness to see how much hatred there is for somebody who kept us in the champs league past the group stages and ensured we finished in the top half of the prem

Was responsible for 1/ 3 of all our prem goals and probably (not checked) half of our champs league

Waiting for the “yeah but someone else may have scored more if we left him out and played more like a team” …. what a load of nonsense!

01 Aug 2022 16:10:01
Every player who left early should have a rethink. But some did not play. Those who played, it is a shocking decision to leave early.

Drives me crazy when fans leave early. But players who have been subbed off? Jeez, just shocking. Eth has said they were not required to stay, so maybe the frustration should be aimed at the management team and whole squad. But for a team trying to sort out it's togetherness it is an appalling decision by everyone involved.

01 Aug 2022 16:11:45
He wanted out the last few weeks
If a club with champions league came for him he was gone.
Himself and his, agent were contacting clubs.
No one wants him OK I'll stay here with these boys who I think aren't good enough to play with. I don't care how many goals he scored last season. No time for that carry on.
The King. ha some king.

01 Aug 2022 17:51:37
Leahycork, if we get FdJ over the line will you be supporting him or booing him? I think he has also stated that he doesn't want to come here, a similar situation isn't it?

01 Aug 2022 18:24:32
UA, if fdj is forced to come here and he's showed he doesn't want to be here, then I will not support him. We only need players that are committed at the club.

01 Aug 2022 18:43:11
It was a friendly and the manager told them to go and beat the traffic, nothing to see here. If he goes early next Sunday then let’s get angry.

01 Aug 2022 20:17:03
Anybody who goes around calling themselves the King deserves all the stick they get. I don't care who they are or what they have accomplished. However many goals Reinaldo scored last season is irrelevant. Football is a team game and the team was as bad as it has ever been in the modern era. That's the measure by which I judge all the players. Maybe we would have done better if the club had put the money somewhere else. So, having spent the pre-season angling for a transfer and being rejected by all the top clubs, his arrogance is both inappropriate and a real turn-off.

01 Aug 2022 20:24:34
If fdj doesn't want to play for united and comes and is going round sulking like a bold child. Why would I support hin.

01 Aug 2022 20:32:24
If u call yourself the king of old Trafford. Friendly or not stay around till the game is over. Shake hands with the opposition sign a few shirts for the young fans. No he might be late getting by an hour or 2.
And my biggest gripe with him. Do nt go looking to go to another side. And the money he is getting.

01 Aug 2022 20:41:11
More like a drama queen.

01 Aug 2022 23:08:21
Mr T. Not sure how its a load of nonsense. We had 73 goals the previous season in EPL with a goal difference of +29 and only 57 with the self proclaimed King and a goal difference of 0.

That alone shows that there are people who can score without him around, especially when we don’t change the system, as broken as it was, to suit.

Bruno is the biggest evidence of a player that went backwards after CR7 arrived.

I am a Ronaldo fan but the ship has sailed. Time to look forward.

02 Aug 2022 07:29:34
Agree Leahy, considering how he has behaved, stick about.

Beat the traffic ?.

02 Aug 2022 08:04:50
Ronaldo was the only player who played in the game who left early.

Every other player who left early were not there to play.

The other thing is Ronaldo has been pushing to leave the club all summer, he has complained about a lack of professionalism and dedication from his teammates, then he walked out and went home after being subbed.

The professional thing to do after playing a football match is to take part in the warm down exercises to prevent damage to you're body.

He has a top PR team who work for him and surely one of them must have realised how it would look if he left early given the circumstances.

It came across as if he was sulking at being subbed, walking out on a manager who took him off. Whether it was meant as such or how much truth is in that is mostly irrelevant in terms of media perception.

Whether the manager said it was fine for him to leave or not it was a bad move publicity wide for the club and for brand Ronaldo.

02 Aug 2022 10:00:29
He did not ‘walk out’, this narrative is embarrassing guys for god sake. He was also the only player that went off at half time so he’s the only player that had played that could be ready to leave when the others did. It’s just not an issue. The club has a lot of them, players leaving when told they are allowed to leave before the end of a boring friendly where fans were throwing paper aeroplanes on the pitch really is not one of them.

02 Aug 2022 15:31:48
I just saw that 8/ 10 of the most abused players on social media are Manchester United players. Though it was a bit sad if I'm honest. It's just a game.



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