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30 Jul 2022 17:43:45
Second half today showed we are again losing our tempo late on in games, it also showed our defence vulnerable, as soon as better players came on in the second half for Atletico we gave up some easy chances. It showed against top teams, Martial and Rashford are not the answer up top. We still need the CDM, a RB, CF when CR7 leaves and Martinez in the CB role. Still time left in the window, but we definitely need 2-3 first team players in this window. Not being negative, l can see big improvements but if we get the right players in we could really make strides this season.

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30 Jul 2022 18:09:02
I don't read anything into results like this. They're essential for fitness and we look pretty sharp I reckon, at least compared with previous pre-seasons. Other than Sancho coming in for Elanga I assume we'll start with this team next week. Malacia looked very good, one of a few positions where I wonder who'll start. Assumed it would be Shaw generally but Malacia looks ready.

30 Jul 2022 18:11:47
Thought Fred, Malacia, Maguire and Rashford were very impressive today; Martial, Elanga and Bruno less so.

Eriksen was excellent, created several clear chances and his corners were a huge improvement.

Thought Pellistri did well; huge improvement on Elanga.

Still need back up forward options though - Martial looked more like his old self today…

Think we’ll be much better with Eriksen, Sancho and Martinez in the line up.

Big bonuses were that we pressed for the whole match and De Gea looked much less wasteful in his distribution.

30 Jul 2022 18:41:24
I don't disagree on fred and malacia.
But rashford wasn't impressive today, he started well with his first shot, but not good enough for me.
Maguire missed a not so difficult header and defensively I think he was just ok.
And for Pellestri, maybe ETH has a reason for having him as a backup wide player ahead of others. And with elanga he started to get into the game, the more he started to run infield. Pellestri likes to do it by default. I think he got subbed due to injury which is a shame.

30 Jul 2022 21:11:14
How can you not read into results like this? This team is sh1t and that's a fact. Were a long long way of Liverpool, City, Chelsea in the league alone, nevermind other top European teams. Rashford, Martial, Elanga, Fred, McTominay, Maguire, Shaw, Dalot, Wan Bissaka - These players are dreadful and seems as if most of them will be starting against Brighton next weekend. Even seems Fernandes is the same as last season, b1tching as always when he plays crap.

Most of the team should have been overhauled this summer, yet we've only bought in THREE players, THREE! After the season we had we should have bought in a load more, we lost four first team players on a free alone! We're a Sancho injury away from seeing Elanga try to play football!

Sorry but this team is dead in the water, first bit of pressure and these same set of players will turn on the manager as they 've done previously. 3/ 4 winners amongst them all, the rest of them have won f all and it shows, they'll be delighted to get top 4, nevermind actually win something.

30 Jul 2022 23:26:09
That's the spirit Scholesy!

31 Jul 2022 07:55:17
Scholes, agree fully and unfortunately, the truth hurts. Some genuinely think rashford and martial are going to score 10-15 goals each. Its laughable the misplaced optimism. We are lacking two top class midfielders, one RB and one young hungry striker.
We will not control midfield with the players we've got. I'd rather we played savage and/ or iqbal than mctominay.
But the fact is that the owners have no money, as long as they continue to draw unwarranted dividends, they'll be happy. ETH is an excellent manager, but he needs backing.

31 Jul 2022 14:02:40
AAA…don’t bang on about the money bit and the Glazers again. the players out there are not good enough that’s the be all and end all, you can’t blame the glazers or money for that.
From yesterday not one of that front 3 is good enough for a top 4 team, even when Sancho comes back going on last season he is the same, not exactly pulled up any trees
Shappy raved about DVB under Ten Haag he will be brilliant well he ain’t no different, still rubbish
All centrebacks waste of time including Varane McT waste of time, Fred can do a job of sorts…
We got big problems too, let’s hope Ten Haag turns out something like we are all hoping, but let’s be fair he not proved to be world class coach yet like some seem to have dreamed up, the same ones that dreamed up RR was
It’s going to be a long road.
Serious problems coming this season, especially if Ronny goes, no one here capable of replacing his goals.

31 Jul 2022 15:09:09
Svilen, disagree completely re the owners. They put incompetent idiots in place to run the football club. They approved contracts to some players that should not have been sanctioned. They seemed all the trophy signings to make money through marketing.
If you think the above is unconnected to where the club is at present, then I'm not sure how you cannot see the connection.

31 Jul 2022 16:06:04
AAA…it’s clearly about opinions, but I just don’t see it the same way as you do, the grass is not always greener on the other side, I fail to see how anyone can say they have not invested in this team/ club if anything they have let some fools be managers that I agree with, no way they should have appointed Ole, RR was a awful decision, probably the worst ever, some of the players who are earning fortunes are never ever worth it, that could be blamed on a multitude of things, even as far as the media begging them up.
I just think the Glazers are an easy target, so what they take dividends it’s there business, so what they financed the debt, that’s how multi million pound business is run in 2022 and been so for many a year.
Everyone said oh look at Newcastle they will spend fortunes, have they, look at Chelsea, serviced the debt, we could go on….
The football is down to the managers the players, too easy to blame others.

Hopefully Ten Haag turns out to be a good manager, Shappy’s view of he is one of the elite is very premature and no one see anything of the sort at this time, mind you he said RR was going to be fantastic… and raved about Ole until he was getting so much abuse, end of the day, players like Martial, Lindleorf McT, Binsaka, DVB are just nowhere near what’s required even Rashford to a certain extent, could also go on and on, can Ten Haag get a tune out of them I doubt it very much, it’s worrying when a man who was at deaths door a season ago and cost nothing is probably head and shoulders above anything we have, that says it all, can I blame Rooney for wanting out, probably not, he looks around that dressing room and don’t see a lot, I would be exactly the same, ok it’s not the Ronny of 10 years ago, but still far in front of our players and he is virtually 38! That again shows something.
But for me blaming the Glazers is an easy target and I can never agree with it, if ploughing a billion quid at something makes them bad owners. well, IMO the biggest mistake they have made is let others run the club, that’s been a serious mistake.



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