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30 Jul 2022 15:42:57
I only have one thing to shout.
Manchester United, sign some f***ing players.
We needed atleast 5-6 signings that will be part of the first XI.
So far only 3 have come in, Eriksen, Martinez and Malacia. I kind of think Eriksen as a player who free and a bonus and a player we wouldn't have signed if a fee needed to be paid.
Not considering the fact we lost a few players on free as well.
We need 2 players who come in and become first teamers. Ideally 3.
If Ronaldo leaves, we need 4, maybe 5 players then.

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30 Jul 2022 16:37:57
I know it's pre season but what I saw today. We did OK in the first half. Ran out of steam in the second half. A bit of a hangover from last year. Now Erik's on has quality in him. Can he do it for 90 mins all season no he needs help.

We started again with Fred mctom. Do we really need 2 dms starting
And we need another proper cb.

Martial no not for me. Rashford just doesn't have that football brain.

Can't see how others can't see it. And Ronaldo shouldn't start up front cause after the last few weeks he thinks he is bigger than the club
I'm happy with the manager and I hope he gets them few more players he needs cause he does need them.

30 Jul 2022 17:13:17
This is a process, no magic wand or quick fixes.

It will take time, time to train the players in the new managers methods.

Time for the players to be able to consistently do what the manager wants from them on the pitch.

Time to work out which players are capable of doing what the manager wants and to the level he needs, and which ones can't.

Time to turn over the squad.

Time to develop the young players capable of stepping up.

We were never going to go into this season with a squad of players who could consistently perform to the level we need in the manner the new manager wants.

There was always likely to be 3, 4 or 5 players starting in the first team because they are the best available but ultimately not good enough.

Likewise we were never going to have the squad depth capable of covering for the first 11 without a drop in the level of performance.

No matter who we sign, or how many players we sign this summer there was always still going to be weaknesses in the squad.

The most important thing to remember is this group of players aren't as bad as they performed last year.

They might not be world class, but they are more than capable of playing much better than they did last season.

We have hired a proper coach, someone who works with players to get the most out of them and improve them.

If EtH can get a third of our squad playing at the peak of their ability, another third to become better players, and is completely unable to get any real improvement from the remaining third then he'll have two thirds of the squad playing better than they were last year. Add a few signings to that and he probably has enough to challenge for a top 4 spot.

No doubt we'll see 2 more signings this summer. Malacia looks like he could be a key player for how EtH wants to play. Erkisen in his cameos suggests that he will be able to be a very good player for us. Martinez I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Add two more to them three, plus a return of Rashford, Martial and Bruno to their top form, Sancho putting in performances similar to what he did at Dortmund. Suddenly we look like we have a first 11 capable of beating most teams on their day.

30 Jul 2022 17:46:00
Shappy. Time. How much more time does maguire lindelof. Martial. Rashford. Fred. Mctominay I could go on. There time must be up by now. They aren't going to improve.
Ti's a new manager we have not a magician.
I know we can't get rid of them all in one window there's no excuses left for them.
A club like Manchester uniteds size. should be winning trophies not there to make up the numbers
And with them players that aren't good enough nd don't have the right attitude your winning nothing.

{Ed014's Note - I can’t believe he even posted that shite, oh wait….

30 Jul 2022 17:55:40
But if we dispose of those players Leahy we are looking at a level of investment that is simply not available at the club. So we need EtH to work some magic, find a few youth gems, help a few who we have given up on find some sort of form.

30 Jul 2022 18:06:57
Lots of ifs in the last para there Shappy. Waiting on return to form of Rashford has been going on for 2 years, Martial the less we speak the better, Bruno has lost his midas touch from when he came in. We need signings and not just any.

30 Jul 2022 18:47:47
I think you'll need a magic spell to turn donkeys into horses.
Eriksen didn't need coddling up and time to settle in. He put in a delicious corner which Maguire flunked unmarked. He put in a cross from the left side that Ronaldo or any other decent striker would have buried. When he got on the ball making long, short pass or a cross seemed possible.
The only people to have actually up a level are fred and Dalot. They were improved under Ralf and they are improved under ETH.
Martial looks better too, but he never was the answer and never will be. He is not a I will score goals striker by throwing any part of the body like chicharito type striker. Never will be.
Maybe we'll win a few games start of the season, but fixture congestion and lack of depth and I worry.
We need to replace Greenwood we haven't, no replacement for Cavani we are worse than we were last year in terms of squad and numbers.

30 Jul 2022 18:59:38
As I have repeatedly said, the window has been very average, if we don't get a decent striker, we'll not be winning anything and 6th is the best we'll do.

30 Jul 2022 20:42:12
I don't disagree with the amount of change required. I think people need to realise that it will not all happen in next few weeks.

For me every player gets a fresh start and we back the manager through what is likely to be a patchy season.

It is not even end of preseason, give him and the players a chance.
There is no chance that all the poor players from last season can be replaced. We would only have about 5 first team squad players left. Including new signings.

I'm confident that EtH will quickly sort the wheat from the chaff and we will fix our issues over a few windows.

30 Jul 2022 21:12:29
Why do these same set of failures deserve even more time Shappy? They'd be dragged out a long time ago at clubs like Madrid yet we should put up with it?

30 Jul 2022 23:12:45
I think most of us agree that there is no quick fix and that we have too many players who are not good enough and never will be. The very best players are not going to come to Utd right now with other clubs far more attractive. So we just have to be realistic patient and allow ETH the time he needs to get things right.

As long as the players try their hardest and show respect for the club and the fans and if we can fight in every match right til the end then that's progress. In two or three transfer windows time we will be in a better position to judge ETH always provided the club back him financially.

31 Jul 2022 10:22:02
Scholes, What did you expect? The club to release or sell 24 players and buy an entire new 25 man squad?

Over a three year period Pep and Klopp moved on around 20 players each at City and Liverpool to rebuild their squads.

They didn't do it in one window. Maybe we can do something similar, but that is a three year project. There will be players currently in the squad who'll still be here in three years time.

Also there is an argument that none of these players have been properly coached and developed as players for 3-4 years, in some cases longer.

Lets see what a top class coach can do, maybe a few will surprise us.

{Ed014's Note - this literally happens every year, start a season saying how good you’re going to be, finish that season saying how poor your squad is.

Start another new season saying how all those poor players may come good again.

Rinse and repeat.

31 Jul 2022 10:53:50
Ed014, I'm not saying we have a great side, merely that many of these players are capable of playing better than they did last season. Last season was an all time low, achieving 54 points, yet the same group of players managed 74 points the season before that. So let's not pretend its a squad full of relegation level players.

This group of players are no where near good enough to be challenging City and Liverpool for the league.

Yet for me the difference between Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and United isn't huge and to be honest most of those with a manager like Pep or Klopp would finish 3rd even with the squads they have currently. I really don't think there is much between the squads and its the managers that will make the biggest difference. all those squads have their own weaknesses that will stop them from challenging City and Liverpool.

Where they finish will be a combination of how the managers get the best out of their squad, over come the weaknesses in it and a bit of luck in terms of injuries and suspensions.

United's squad needs rebuilding without a shadow of a doubt, we need to mould it to fit what the new manager wants from his players. Many of the current squad will eventually leave as they aren't good enough to challenge for the title.

But that won't happen this year, its a 2-3 year rebuild before we we could be in a position to challenge for the title.

{Ed014's Note - not suggesting they’re relegation level but 74pts in comparison to 95+pts is a long way off as you agree.

Managers will of course make a difference and Conte is a big plus for Spurs aside from their squad isn’t yet that great and again Kane and Son a massive plus for them.

Chelsea for me still lacking on a fair few fronts and I’m still nowhere near convinced by Tuchel.

I like the way our squad is developing and they have another years experience as does Arteta.

I think you have the worst squad of the top 6 but potentially a very good manager which if it goes well will work in your favour, it’s how your mentally fragile squad hold up when it matters.

That is also something that the experience from last year will help us as that’s also a potential Achilles heal for us.

Agree on the length of your rebuild as a genuine starting 11 is still needed.

31 Jul 2022 11:53:00
Shappy, I think the 2-3 year build will only work if the club backs the manager. We still have 5-6 players that are Championship level at best.

Why haven't Jones, Bailly, Telles, AWB been moved on? The reason is because the owners don't have tge mentality or the will to release or sell them on the cheap.

Until the owners are fully on board on the footballing side, we'll be also-rans.

Ps. I'm not a subscriber to the theory of a 3 year rebuild. We've been "rebuilding" since SAF left. We don't have the luxury of time. Sheringham wrote recently that if the club had "real" ambition, then Kane and Rice will be playing for us.

Sadly, our owners don't have the resources to improve the squad or facilities. There focus is on drawing dividends and improving their US franchises and investments.

31 Jul 2022 12:39:34
AAA, which players are championship level "at best"?

I agree that we have many players who aren't good enough to be challenging for titles.

But I'd argue that every one of our players would comfortably be able to play for an EPL team and do well for them. Even if that was a team in the bottom half of the league.

As for why haven't certain players left yet? Could be for any one of many reasons.

Maybe the player hasn't had an offer they are happy to accept. Or it could be the club haven't had an offer they are willing to accept or even any offers at all.

You slate our players as crap and not even championship level, then bemoan and wonder why no one is willing to pay good money and massive wages for these crap players.

Three years is about how long it will take IF the club make mostly the right moves, bring in the right players, move on the right ones etc. It also depends on the manager succeeding in his remit.

Previous managers failed and thus the length of time the rebuild is taking has dragged on.

As for signing Kane and Rice, first off neither are for sale and would require bids north of £150m each to even tempt Spurs and West Ham. Which is frankly ridiculous.

While neither player probably wants to move to United currently.

31 Jul 2022 23:16:53
When ETH came in, everyone on here said realistically, it'll take 2, 3 or 4 windows before we're competing. As long as we played well and showed progress, most of us would be happy. Now, after one window, people are waving the white hankies. Short memories.



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