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30 Jul 2022 15:38:02
There are 2 players I think of when I think of king of old trafford. Neither of them are Cristiano Ronaldo.
As much as I love you Ronnie (and to be honest it's getting less and less) you are not the king and never will be.
I was very hesitant about him coming back and I don't want him to stay given what has gone on this summer.


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30 Jul 2022 15:44:50
Agree Rosspique.

30 Jul 2022 15:57:54
The king and all doesn't really bother me that much. Social media is crap anyway. I bet Zlatan used to say crap like that anyway.

What bothers me is the constant leaking that he wants out. He's doing it way too much. He can go, it's fine. It's just a year early than the contract.

But Ronaldo aside, you have to question the ambition of the club.
Traditionally when we've lost out on top 4 we've heavily invested in the squad.
All marketing but no real quality signings.
One malacia that no one was looking for. Eriksen was a long flight between the mighty Brentford and Martinez we overpaid.
Our transfer dealings have been crap yet again.
Rangnick wasn't wrong when he said we need 10 players. He was vetoed to try for a move for Dusan Vlahovic who is really good. Vetoed for Denis Zakaria.
Not really trusted for the DOF type job when he's actually more suited to that than coaching.

If you were Ronaldo, and every game you do a graveyard shift against lower ranked teams, you would want out. Ultimately he's a selfish guy and a lot of players are. He wants to play in a team where he gets chances to score. If he had actually gone to Man City, I think they would have won the UCL.

Game against and I worry where is the goal coming from? Martial has a knock and Sancho was ill. What happens if neither of them can start?

30 Jul 2022 16:07:25
The King won’t be playing on Sunday. Denis Law is 82!

30 Jul 2022 16:48:26
Our transfer dealings are hampered by 3 unpleasant facts. Firstly, we are not in the ECL. Secondly, we have run up the debt, spending, as Arnold said, over a £1Bn with nothing to show for it, leaving us in a position where the Board will not or cannot sanction any lavish spending. Thirdly, we don't have any value in the squad we'd also be willing to part with.

I doubt our net transfer budget is any more than c £100m-£150m and if we can't get specific players EtH wants or will settle for at this time, we will acquire no one. EtH will attempt to improve the players we have in the squad. You may not like it, but it's based on realism and good business sense. Woodward left a virtually empty shell behind him. We're just going to have to be patient.

30 Jul 2022 17:18:16
Let's face it, $150m is nothing in this league these days. Maybe a few teams will have a lower net sales due to some high value out goings (city for example) but we have not had that luxury. But the bottom line just on money spent is that $150m gets you 1 maybe 2 good players and 1 potential. Not enough for the squad overhaul we needed.

If you need to add in a striker to lead the line you have no chance. It is quite obvious now that the club can no longer compete with the money clubs. Now we need to improve our youth system and our scouting system to get back to being a club of choice again. Convincing players by throwing money at them has failed spectacularly.

30 Jul 2022 18:52:47
I don't believe we can't find good players on the cheap.
Malacia looks like one already.
Maybe that Sesko is good.

Tottenham have signed all of their targets first and are now letting people go. Unlike us who are doing neither.

Marco Asensio is available. Wouldn't cost a lot and definitely better than all our wide players. Scamacca was gettable we didn't go in for him. We don't even have squad players.

October has 10 games and rashford, martial and Sancho love to get sick or injured. You could potentially see a front 3 of pellistri, bruno and Eriksen trying very hard to score. Definitely not ideal.

30 Jul 2022 22:16:02
Sesko will probably be a $50m high potential striker. That is quite a chunk out of a $150m budget when you weren't planning to need a striker this year.

I don't subscribe to just bringing in any body.

EtH will want to build a squad that can compete for the big trophies. You don't do that by just throwing any old free agents together and hoping for the best. Anyone thinking 10 new first team players were going to come in in a single window are going to be very disappointed.

I am hoping we get another 1 or 2 of eth's asks this window, because I want to give him as much chance to succeed as possible. I also question how effective we have been in the market. And worry about a proper goal scorer if ronny leaves. But obviously we will still see many of these players throughout the season and hopefully they get back to their best. Yes they have frustrated in the past, but if we don't give them a chance and support them then they will hardly improve. Meanwhile the club can identify and acquire the right successors.

31 Jul 2022 10:29:00
Rohanarora, Yes there were dozens of players who were available this summer that the club didn't move for. Maybe Scamacca will tear the league up, or maybe he'll be the new Haller at West Ham, a good player who couldn't step up to the EPL.

The criteria for new signings shouldn't be merely better than what we have, but players who are either world class or have world class potential and most importantly they have to fit into the plan and vision of the new manager.

DvdB is a player with world class potential who is a better player than the likes of Fred and McTominay. Yet there is a strong argument that his signing was 35m wasted. He hasn't adapted to the EPL, and he hasn't adapted to our side. Mostly because his skillset and playing style didn't suit the manager at the time. Maybe he'll kick on under EtH or maybe his confidence is shot and he'll need a move to rebuild his career.

The club has wasted over 1.4bn on players over the past 9 seasons based on a signing criteria of them being merely better than what we had.

31 Jul 2022 16:20:43
DVB world class potential…that’s a joke right, what have you seen that possibly could be construed as world class potential, you said previously Shaw was best left back in the world, well the 18-19 year old we just bought is better!

You say TH is elite coach he is nowhere near yet not one shred of evidence to back that up.
You said RR was top level, he was worst ever
Yet you ramble on making your dreams into some sort of fact, when they are nothing of the sort all pie in the sky!

Ok it’s your opinion, but for gods sake stop dressing it all up to make it look factual, it’s boring tedious and foolish.



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