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26 Jul 2022 18:24:35
Personally I think he is gone
Not once has he quashed the rumours.
But has with other rumours.
Plus Mendes been here, all points to quiting the club.
I'm all for it.
Let's get Anthony in. He is a special player, perhaps the new Ronaldo.

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26 Jul 2022 20:57:52
The sponsors may be unhappy if the main attraction is leaving, also those who bought shares on the back of Ron’s arrival, plus the bean counters who look at income streams.

It was a move, to buy him, of pure folly. Let him go, time to move on. Buy a young hungry striker like Sesko at RBS instead of waiting for someone else to buy him, wait for him to be £100m in 12 months.

Never heard as much dross as the rumour Ron may be loaned out for a year to come back on an emotional last year fairwell. If there was one shred of truth in that the club should be embarrassed. It screams of income stream panic.

The club need to stop the emotional tosh and move on from Ron, now, and look at.

26 Jul 2022 22:35:25
Me and my rum completely agree. Imagine him going and martial, rashford, sancho and hopefully greenwood miraculously firing us into the top 4 only for a 40 year old ronaldo come in to take their place. Get shut.

27 Jul 2022 05:22:29
Red Man ???.

27 Jul 2022 09:16:21
When we signed Ronaldo I voiced concerns that he probably wasn't the right signing for us at the time. Although my inner child was of course happy at the thought of seeing him in a United shirt once again.

Very much a case of my heart wanting one thing and my head saying another.

Lots of people argue for Ronaldo with the only line they have "where would United have finished without Ronaldo's goals".

Yet that ignores the fact that we had our worst ever EPL season with Ronaldo a part of the team, we created less goals and we scored more goals, we conceded more chances and we conceded more goals, we made more mistakes and we had less possession and less control.

It ignore the fact that if Ronaldo wasn't in the team then someone else would have been, maybe they'd have scored as many goal, maybe more, maybe they would have helped the side play more as a team than as 10 players trying to create chances for the other 1. Maybe as a collective the team would have scored more goals.

Maybe all our forward players get an extra 5-10 goals each, which means we score more overall. I think people forget that football is a team game and not about individuals. Three forwards scoring 15 goals each is far better than 1 forward scoring 25 goals and the other 2 picking up 5 each. You score more goals and you are less one dimensional and harder to defend against. It also allows for one player to be having an off day and the team can still score enough to win.

Last season we weren't Manchester United, we were Ronaldo United, and we had our worst season as a result.

As such if the club can find a solution to allow Ronaldo to leave, no matter where it is he goes, then that is probably best for the team moving forward.

27 Jul 2022 10:59:27
Not Greenwood Bodger.

Stain on the club. Personally, I'd be done with the club if he's brought back.

27 Jul 2022 11:00:47
Hopefully Greenwood? Hopefully Greenwood never plays for the club again.

27 Jul 2022 12:52:22
Red Man, well said. I was one of the ones who supported the Ronaldo signing. But I realise now that although he had a productive scoring season, the team suffered and team spirit disappeared.
James, I was shocked and annoyed for what Greenwood did to that poor girl, however, thankfully we live in a tolerant society which aims to reform people like Greenwood. If we are to throw them under the bus, then we might as well give up on our free society and the belief that we can correct people. What he did was abhorrent, but hopefully our society and support can help the lady in question and aim to reform Greenwood. If we lose faith in the judicial system, then we might as well go back to the dark ages.

27 Jul 2022 13:28:46
AAA, there is a world of difference between someone having the chance to reform and learn from their mistakes and someone who does what Mason did.

He hasn't owned up, apologised or shown any remorse.

He isn't sorry for what he did, only that he got caught. He'd do it again no doubt.

He should not be allowed to play for our club again, and he shouldn't have the good fortune to hold a privileged position as a footballer earning millions of pounds while treating women the way he has/ does.

The club need to wash their hands of him and speak out against such actions. I appreciate that there are legal and contractual issues that might currently stop the club from acting in this manner, but the moment they can they should move him out the door.

I wouldn't even let him train with the reserves let alone play for the first team. I never want to see him wear the shirt again.

27 Jul 2022 14:05:10

The guy is scum. You heard the audio right? How you think anyone can cheer that man anymore, is beyond me.

If that was your daughter, would you be happy to watch him carry on and earn millions?

Hes tarnished our club. Get rid as soon as legally possible.

27 Jul 2022 15:04:05
I do repsectfully agree with your posts if he is charged and found guilty. However until he is then i'm willing to keep an open mind. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. If he isn't charged with anything it will be interesting to see how the club handle it. let's hope its sorted and has zero effect on the team going into the new season.

27 Jul 2022 16:11:08
Bodgerico, normally I tend to agree with the innocent until proven guilty, normally because the evidence isn't seen by the general public.

Yet the images and recording have been seen/ heard by the general public. While crimes of this nature are notoriously difficult to prove in court where reasonable doubt is enough to get someone off and where what counts as reasonable doubt is so open to personal interpretation.

I have been on a jury for a sexual assault case, and its a horrible experience. The case I was on went to retrial as we couldn't come to even a split 11-1 decision let alone a unanimous decision, entirely due to two young people (18 and 19) who were indecisive and for who the responsibility was too much. If just one of them felt differently then the man would have been found guilty.

Mason is guilty, whether they can go to court and prove it or not.

27 Jul 2022 16:42:08
James and Shappy, did I say I wanted him to play for us again?
And I said that what he did was abhorrent. However, as Bodgerico says and I eluded to, we must have trust in the judicial system. When they make their decision, then United can act accordingly. We've fought for 800 years to become a tolerant society, so we can't just say that in this case we should ignore the law or the system.
If and when he's found guilty, then United will do the right thing.
If he doesn't reform, then I'm sure he'll end up in deep trouble at some stage of his life, but if he reforms and is genuinely remorseful, then our society is geared to allow him to live in peace.
The girl in question might never be the same, so I'm not trivialising the situation. I stand by my beliefs that our judicial system must be trusted to do the right thing.

27 Jul 2022 17:03:20
AAA, so are you saying that the judicial system is perfect?

Do you believe that not a single innocent person has gone to prison and not a single guilty person has avoided punishment?

27 Jul 2022 17:55:55
Shappy, of course nothing is perfect. But that doesn't mean that we do not trust and abide by it. History is full of injustices, but in 99.9% of cases, justice is right. If Greenwood is found guilty, then he'll receive what he deserves. In the unlikely event he's found innocent, then you and me will have to accept the court ruling. That's how our justice system works.
I'm sure the jury and court will arrive at the right decision.

27 Jul 2022 18:37:48
AAA, that's the thing though. He'll never be found "innocent".

He might be found not guilty, but all that really means is there wasn't deemed enough evidence to convict beyond reasonable doubt.

While it might not even go to court. Rumours of financial deals being offered to the victim to not press charges or testify.

Will you consider Greenwood innocent if he pays the victim to avoid going to court?

27 Jul 2022 20:29:27
I agree that the video recordings everyone has heard is sufficiently disgusting that he should be punished.

But I do believe in reform and if the video stuff is actually the worst of it (hopefully it is for the girls sake) then I do believe there is a chance he could play for us if the following things happen.

He serves any sentence legally handed down to him (remember this is based on video stuff being the worst of the actions)

He is provided with extensive character rehabilitation funded by the club (no training or any football in this time)

The victim should also be provided with whatever services she requires for rehabilitation funded by the club.

In order for the rehab to be considered effective would be at least 18 months for greenwood, for the victim it could be a lifetime and we should provide that if necessary.

So by the time mason could ever be considered to represent our club again, it would be 3 years away at least.

It would be good if we could save this man from a lifetime of being a prick, but all thoughts and efforts should really be with the victim first and foremost.

I appreciate this is an incredibly speculative post, but it’s more what I hope could happen, because, for the victims sake, I don’t want It to be any worse.

28 Jul 2022 17:17:27
No matter what the outcome, how could you ever stomach seeing him in a Utd shirt ever again, never mind cheer him on?



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