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24 Jul 2022 09:06:34
So United should be flying back to Europe ready to play Atletico on the 30th.

It'll be interesting to see if Eriksen and Martinez play in the Atletico game or the Rayo Vallecano game the day after.

I'd imagine the team that plays Atletico will likely be the team that plays Brighton in our first game of the season, with the Rayo Vallecano game being a run out for the subs and other squad players.

I'd be stunned to see any players play both games.

With the start of the season approaching under a new manager and a fresh direction I find myself very hopeful and optimistic about the direction the club appear to be going.

We have for the first time since Sir Alex hired a coach in the ascendancy rather than someone in decline or plainly not good enough.

We have a top class coach, which makes me hopeful that we can see some genuine improvement in the players we have. I'd expect to see every player play 15-20% better than we've seen them play.

We will have a pleasing, entertaining style of play, with real direction. Patterns of play, tactics, etc.

We seem to either be taking a different direction or have a manager steering us in a different direction in terms of transfers.

Gone are the days of "club" signings being foisted on to incoming managers. Managers being backed into the corner to take this player or no one. Signings made to boost the brand appeal or bump up the share prices.

While I'd have liked to see one or two more signings in place before the start of the season. It is clear that the club are only pursuing targets the manager really wants. Even if those deals seem difficult or complicated.

That has to be a positive. Surely having the managers 1st or 2nd choice has to be better than the club's 4th or 5th choice.

I like the fact that EtH will apparently rather work with what he has than buy substandard players just to get a new face through the door.

Signing the right players or no one at all had to be the right way forward. We have wasted 1.4bn by having a policy of just getting anyone through the door, and signing players that don't suit the manager.

I'm far more confident that Malacia, Eriksen and Martinez will be beneficial signings than any of our previous signings under previous managers, based purely on the fact that these are 100% who the manager wanted. So they have been bought with a plan in mind for how they fit into the team on the pitch.

To be honest I feel that if you cannot be excited, optimistic and hopeful going into this season, then maybe football isn't for you anymore.

How can you possibly expect to get any joy out of watching the team if you have no hope, no optimism and no excitement that they will play well.

At that point surely you have to ask what is the point?

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24 Jul 2022 10:37:01

So, if I am not “excited, optimistic and hopeful” going into this season, then I have to give up football?

United existed before the golden SAF era, many seasons we knew what to expect, many seasons were not exciting ones, yet I stood on terraces, went to away games, lost my voice screaming in support of the lads pulling on the shirt. We were garbage at times, but also realistic, I knew the level we were at. Do you think we relished the relegation season and started it full of optimism and hope? Or any under Sexton, or Moyes or Ole? Many on here only know the good years and then when lean years hit can’t cope. The new coach is cause for hope but we have been there before, Big Ron, for example.

Probably of all the things written, the notion that 11 players will properly honour the shirt is the one that I hope for this season. Get that and seeing a lad like Garnacho get a chance and I will enjoy games but your pitch is Rah Rah Rah United go United, it’s not based on reality. Let’s see the season and see what cause for optimism there is. We have fallen so far that challenging top four is cause for excitement.

24 Jul 2022 10:40:11
I've been asking myself that for nearly 10 years now Shappy so I'm not going to get too carried away just yet.

Hopefully Ronaldo will be lining up against Utd on the 30th so we don't have to endure a season of the Ronaldo show; "can't run, won't run".

24 Jul 2022 11:04:42
Good post Red Man.

24 Jul 2022 11:11:30
Shappy - Football is all about opinions, none of use are experts and I have no idea why you have to make such dramatic statements if some supporters don’t feel too optimistic going into the new season.

The fact that most of us are excited by a team that can now seemingly string more than two passes together, get players forward into the box and sprint to close down the opposition just shows how far standards have fallen; let’s not forget we are Man Utd not Brighton.

EtH is a good coach, hopefully the uninspiring, pragmatic football is consigned to the past but Man Utd must do more than just play pretty football.

In my opinion EtH will not be the limiting factor but those working above him and their ability to give him what he needs.

To be the best, we must demand the best to keep those standards and expectations high.

24 Jul 2022 12:12:52
Good post red man.

24 Jul 2022 12:29:21
Being excited for the new season doesn't necessarily mean you have to be optimistic. As Red Man has said, I'm excited to hopefully see some work ethic and energy injected into them. In terms of optimism, I generally don't have any expectations on cup wins/ where we'll finish in the league etc. I just want to see a team showing some fight.

I wouldn't say people who are pessimistic should stop watching football. We've been here many times. There have been many false dawns over the years. There are major question marks over the majority of this squad. None of them have shown any sort of consistency and standards to be successful so being pessimistic is probably the logical choice. But that's up to each individual.

Some posters on here including yourself spent years being optimistic about Solskjaer, where did that get you?

24 Jul 2022 12:38:14
Agreed Red Man and DLIB. I'm of the same opinion and I'm not getting carried away purely on the basis we still have DDG in goal, still have Dalot at RB, still need another CB, still need a decent commanding midfielder, and still need a decent centre forward.
I'm not of the opinion that we will be challenging for 4th spot unless the people above can back the manager and more players are brought in.

24 Jul 2022 13:00:21
Everyone goes into the season with optimism. It would be weird not to. It doesn't stop you from being realistic.

24 Jul 2022 13:01:06
All a bit stream of consciousness Shappy! From my own perspective I'm hopeful, optimistic and really looking forward to not only seeing our 'new' Utd (new coach, style, a few new signings and hopefully a couple more) in a competitive match a week today, but the season in general. Intrigued to see the likes of Haaland and Nunez in our great league, and watching Conte, Arteta and hopefully ten Hag begin to try to muscle closer to the big two. I'd include the team formally known as Chelski but they seem a bit of a mess at the moment with a couple of gaping holes in the first XI although Koulibaly will be a mountain.

24 Jul 2022 14:07:01
I would hold on a bit before getting carried away - yes ETH seems a decent coach but unprovedn in PL. We were 2-0 up yesterday and in 93rd minute conceded again. a pattern we've seens for 5 years at least now and the last 4 managers have said we are mentally weak -unless that changes then another season of false dawns awaits.

24 Jul 2022 15:18:07
Why is everyone getting so upset from someone saying we should be optimistic? We should all be optimistic and excited. Why? Because at this current point we have a proven manager who has played good football and developed young players. Did Moyes, LVG, Mourinho or Ole tick both those boxes? No. We have bought and are chasing the managers targets. Has that happened previously? No.

But, we have to manage our excitement and optimism. It doesn’t mean we should all be thinking and excited we’re going to make a title challenge or win cups. I remember the dark days too and every season I was excited and optimistic for the new season which is why I keep coming back. And during the dark days and the last few years the optimism and excitement has been about us being less rubbish then the previous year. And this upcoming year I really think that will happen and we’ll actually have a team to be proud of. So on this occasion I agree with Shappy that we should be excited and optimistic. But if your expectations are unrealistic, don’t bother with the season.

{Ed014's Note - as long as your not cautiously optimistic nor put any caveats on that optimism such as happy if it takes a year or two and not expecting a challenge this year.

If you did of course temper your optimism in anyway like that because it would then naturally be cautious optimism.

That is simply not allowed!

24 Jul 2022 19:02:33
??? Oh look I've caught a few of the regular Victor Meldrew's.

They can't help themselves but jump on anything positive with a desperate need to try and snuff it out.

I'm not telling anyone to stop supporting the club, but simply questioning what is the point if you can't get excited, optimistic or be hopeful at the start of a new beginning at the club.

If all you can see is the negatives then I'm afraid that there is little to nothing that could happen with our club that will make you happy.

As all you will ever see is the negatives. You'll start conversations with "yes we won, but. blah blah blah".

Can anyone actually tell me what is the point in dedicating so much of your time and money to something that gives you little to no joy?

I mean why actually do it? If watching our club is akin to raking your testicles over broken glass then why on earth would you do it?

Surely if you have no hope of it getting better then you'd give it up as a bad job.

If you didn't feel any excitement from watching the club then you'd surely fall asleep sometime between 3 and 5pm on a Saturday afternoon.

If you cannot be optimistic then what is the point.

25 Jul 2022 08:51:44

It was a pre season friendly in terrible conditions and we made 10 changes during the game, villa equalising in the last minute means exactly the same as us beating Liverpool 4-0, absolutely nothing.



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