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23 Jul 2022 18:51:46
Worst case scenario from Here on in until the window shuts is imo
We don't sign anybody else.
Ronaldo leaves with no forward replacement.
We don't sell 3 or 4 more players.
Best case is again imo
We get fdj or a player that eth feels can do the job he wants.
We get 1 or 2 other players. (Forward, rb or cm)
Ronaldo leaves and is replaced by 1 of the above.
We sell 3 or 4 players.
We will have to wait and see how that plays out.
I think ericksen will be a lot more than a rotation option for Bruno. He will bring a lot to the squad and team.
I hope that we see a changing of the guard at lb. Shaw and telles are very poor defenders.
Shaw does have good patches of form he does have good attributes but i'm still totally unconvinced by him after 7 years. I think he will start the season and be 2nd choice by Xmas.
Martinez I don't know much about. Born competitor and winner and leader according to eth and his national coach so even if he is only 4 foot 3 thiese are attributes missing for too long in our team.
So if its worst case scenario it's not the end of the world.
But if its best case then the picture would look even brighter.
I just hope the Ronaldo issue is resolved early and that it doesn't become a distraction for all concerned.
I'd like eth or fdj to bite the bullet and draw an end to the saga one way or another.
If sms is the 2nd choice I'd be delighted if he came
Despite my obvious dislike of martial and Fred I've no doubt that both have good attributes and who is to say that they along with mctom rash sancho Bruno won't be a lot better than last season. Sancho aside it's the 1st time they will have had proper coaching for years. With defined roles and a common purpose.
If people's expectation or hope is that we get top 4 I think we have enough to do that already. But it would be a really tough battle.
I think best case scenario above would make that objective a lot more likely but if anyone thinks that we don't have enough to compete for top 4 and that we will finish 6th again or below I simply don't agree.
As ajh said its easy to forget how bad we were last season.
My 11 hopes for the season are
1. That we compete for 90 mins in every game.
2. That we play as a team with an obvious plan.
3. That I can have pride in their efforts.
4. That we become enjoyable to watch.
5. We get a couple of good cup runs.
6. Finish top 4.
7. Make OT uncomfortable for away teams again.
8 show much greater discipline on the pitch.
9 that the players stay off the front pages.
10. They play with a smile on their face.
11. We see a couple of youth players integrated into the squad.
I'm optimistic that most of those objectives / hopes will be met.
Does anybody have different objectives or hopes?

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23 Jul 2022 19:18:14
I think we will be right there challenging for 4th as we were challenging for it last season despite being utterly hopeless for large parts.

I'm in agreement with your hopes for the club this season and providing we don't suffer a shock exit in the Europa league early doors, I could see us winning that. I'll add another hope too, I hope to see players actually improve under Ten Hag. Whether it's youngsters or players like Rashford, Martial and Maguire who have been in wretched form over the past 18 months.

It's very early days but the players seem to be picking up what Ten Hag wants and we've certainly seen a change in the intensity of our pressing in pre season.

I've genuinely not looked forward to a season this much in a while as a United fan as for the first time in years, I think we have a manager capable of improving the players, ensuring attacking football is played and guiding us towards major trophies in the years to come.

23 Jul 2022 19:21:35
Good post ken.

I believe it will be somewhere in the middle, regarding the worst and best case scenario.

I totally believe we can compete for the top 4, unlike some who have us cemented at 6th, without season even starting. Ofcourse, it won't be easy, but imo, we have the tools to make it.

About the hopes, I mostly agree on what you said, but I do hope we win Europa League. European trophey, smaller, but still. and gives us another route to CL, if we were to miss on top 4.

23 Jul 2022 19:42:38
Good post. I agree with all yours”hopes” Ken. Although I disagree about ronaldo leaving. Erikson could provide him with 10 assists all by himself. He just needs to stiffen up his bottom lip and put another 12 months in (like he agreed to do when he signed for us less than a year ago)

My hopes for the season:
1. Top 4
2. Win Europa league
3. Domestic cup final
4. Stop other fans being confident of at least a point when they play us (home or away)
5. Ronaldo to stop being a baby and crack on.

23 Jul 2022 19:52:24
Ken, for me football is an escape for a couple of hours from stresses of work, family life etc. in the future I hope it’s something my son and I share. So all I care about really is having a team I enjoy watching. Trophies and things like that will come, but I want to be looking forward to the game rather than almost feeling like I have to watch it out of blind loyalty if you get me? Felt that way for a while anyway!

23 Jul 2022 20:07:26
Well said Ken

I don’t think we can underestimate how important it is we now have one of the best coaches in the world

Only way is up ??.

23 Jul 2022 20:14:58
Good post, Ken.

My hopes are that we finally sign FDJ, agree a deal for Dumfries and Antony and sign an out and out number 9, whilst receiving acceptable permanent offers for AWB, Jones, Bailly/ Lindelof, Tuanzebe and Telles.

I genuinely think we can come 4th. The top two will be miles ahead again, but then it’s Spurs, Chelsea and ourselves battling for 3/ 4/ 5. I find it laughable people raving about Arsenal’s summer - an unknown kid in CM, a hugely overrated Zinchenko for 32m and the one decent signing in Jesus. Our window has been better than theirs and I think we’ll finish above them.

I’m absolutely loving the clips of ETH on the training ground. As a secondary school teacher myself, he seems to have the ‘3 F Principle’ that I strive for myself in my delivery - firm, fun and fair.

Bring on 22/ 23!

23 Jul 2022 21:08:26
Nice positive post Kenneth :D

My hopes ultimately are that we can breach the top 4 again, and maybe challenge for a cup. Not necessarily the Europa as it's a distraction although might be a more realistic route to the CL for us.

I'd love to do those things whilst having confidence in the team, that there is a style and that I'm not bored to tears as I have been pretty much for a handful of seasons, if not decade at the steady decline. Early signs are good. I've only seen highlights of all the preseason games but there seems to be much more desire and energy.

On the transfer front I hope we get this elusive midfielder, whoever it is. Fingers crossed for Frenkie but maybe there's another option or two. If it's a 'no' I hope it's a definite one so we don't leave a gap for the next two years waiting. For me the Ronaldo situation is even murkier. I have even less idea what will happen there, if he goes we need to find a player able to hit 20+ consistently and be a menace to centre-backs. Would love to see Antony and Dumfries especially who is a real thread for Holland bombing forward. I think EtH will have replaced pretty much all the squad in the next few seasons.

23 Jul 2022 22:59:20
I hope we focus on playing well, there is a lot of change in the league this year, and we will improve from last year as much as anyone. Would love it if we can surprise a few people and still be in with a chance in the final furlong (best Kevin Keegan impression)

24 Jul 2022 07:47:21
Good post Ken. I share your thoughts completely on Shaw. He's a liability and unprofessional as he can't keep fit as he's overweight all the time. Never rates him. As displayed yesterday, DDG and DVB are also not good enough. I've been harping on about DDG not commanding his area and not communicating and lack of distribution. So, I think he'll need to be replaced. Dvb is useless full stop.
I think the team still looks fragile, but hopefully that'll improve with Martinez and Dumfries (if he's signed) .
Not sure what's happening with fdj, but we need to sort this out quickly one way or the other.
My Hooe is to see an improvement on the pitch and off the pitch too as the players have acted like idiots the past 5 years. If we strengthen more, we have a chance of 4th at best, if we don't, we'll be 5th or 6th. But I think we've got a good chance of winning the Europa League. And that will be a great first season for ETH.

24 Jul 2022 11:11:40
Ken, that must be a record length of a post there mate. A good one too.

On the pitch, I'm full of optimism. It's clear as day the little things ETH is doing, and the level is expects of the players is far great than any coach we have had since Jose.

He seems to have a good mix, some new players bought, a good injection of youth (Watch out for Iqbal) and working with the current players who have no other choice than to raise their levels now.

Eriksen is a great shout, I think he will be a very important player, dare I say a no.6 should FDJ not sign which is not looking likely.

We do need another option up top IMO because you can not rely upon Martial or the hope that Ronaldo will still be here and doing the business.

I hark back to some of my previous posts where I point out how funny the game is. We have had a good pre season, we will hopefully hit the ground running, build the confidence within the squad and from there anything can happen, any position is achievable in this league.

City are the obvious favourites, but I think Liverpool have lost their 2nd most important player behind Henderson and jury will be out of Nunez, if he can fill the shoes. Chelsea, I'm unconvinced by right now (Could be very wrong) but Spurs and Arsenal look like they've really strengthened. But all in all, I really think we could be up there very quickly.

24 Jul 2022 12:45:37
Angelred, so nunez scores 4 goals against good opposition and the jury is still out? He had an amazing record last year at Benfica and tore Liverpool's defence to shreds, and people are still questioning him. Trust me, he'll be a top player and he'll more than match Mané's goals.
I agree with you on Spurs and Arsenal, both finished strongly last year and both strengthened.
Chelsea have a very solid team, and they're strengthening central defence. So, they will be in the mix for 3rd or 4th.
We have a very weak midfield and fragile defence and the worst goalkeeper out of the top 5 teams, and I think this will hinder our chances of getting top 4.

24 Jul 2022 14:06:31
So United forwards score regulary during preseason, but hey, its only preseason! Nunez scores in one match, 2 from clear opposition mistakes, 1 from a penalty, and its incredible!

We do need more in the midfield, that's true, but it isn't as dire as you put it.

DDG worst gk? I would strongly disagree. He doesn't have the same attributes as others, but saying Ramsdale is better for example, is just funny. The problem is our defence, not DDG. Put VVD in front of him and let's see what happens.

24 Jul 2022 14:55:33
AAA wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you.

Of course it is, let's see how he fits into the premier League, it's not a given that he will hit the ground running, I think there is a question mark, rightfully so. Aside from that game, he looked absolutely ??? in pre-season.

Last season, we were abysmal and were still in with a top 4 shout, very close to the end.

With ETH, a few personnel changes, I expect us to be right up there.

25 Jul 2022 10:21:38
Just ask AAA for next week's lotto results he knows exactly what's going to happen on lots of things in professional football.



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