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23 Jul 2022 07:52:59
I like what I've seen so far from ETH, installing a new discipline in the squad, much more hands on in training, interacts well with the media. It's all very promising. The club appear to be backing him and at least attempting to get his targets into the club, the only thing that worries me is if we can't get FDJ over the line he appears to want to go with a current squad member rather than a 2nd or even 3rd choice, seems strange to me for such a special-ist position. All of our midfielders seem to lack at least one characteristic that that player would need, weather that's positional sense, passing ability, taking the ball under pressure, experience, defensive qualities. I hope he's proven right but I really do think we're very very short of top quality in midfield. Here's to a good season fellas, I'm actually looking forward to games again, take care and have a good weekend.

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23 Jul 2022 08:09:42
The difference between EtH and our previous managers is that EtH backs himself to be able to coach players to learn/ improve the aspects he needs rather than having to buy substandard 3rd or 4th choice options.

The holding midfielder he seems to want is a ball playing sort rather than the crunching tackler sort. He needs the player to be good technically, make intelligent decisions be able to drop deep to collect the ball and progress it.

He occasionally used Donny in that role at Ajax, so maybe could use him there if he has to at United.

While he has used Fred in that role in tour, so maybe he thinks he can mould Fred into that sort of player.

We also have Garner and Zidane Iqbal from the academy who he could mould into that sort of player.

Will any of them be good enough? Who knows, but better to try to make what we have good enough than buy someone who likely won't be.

23 Jul 2022 08:52:36
CP, if he can't get fdj, and Rice is not an option, then I think we should try our youngsters. I thought Savage and Iqbal were both excellent in pre season. And Garner is good and has experience playing in front of big crowds.
I'll be happy for the manager to integrate them. As Shappy says, we will not buy a crunching tackler for DM, because ETH wants his team to defend as a unit.

23 Jul 2022 10:38:45
Cheers for the replies. I just don’t see anyone in our squad who comes close to having all the attributes needed. I love the fact that ETH will improve players and I do think some of them will step up but for such a central part of his plan I’m just surprised we haven’t identified a back up plan to FDJ. On a separate note I find it inconceivable that we haven’t been encouraged by FDJ or his reps that a deal is there to be made. Hopefully he comes in.

23 Jul 2022 10:40:53
Good man cp. Some of us are optimistic.
I too have only 1 concern and that enjoying watching my team try to compete.
We are well off some off our competitors and starting from a long way back so success in terms of winning anything is highly unlikely but I hoping we improve on last year significantly in terms of effort, plan and style.
I've no doubt that will happen and for year 1 that's good enough for me.
Once again we will be one of the top spenders if not the very highest.
So let's wait and see.
Looking forward to the football starting.

23 Jul 2022 11:10:55
Obviously he thinks de Jong is right person for the position but if he can't get him it makes no sense to spend a substantial amount of money on the wrong person. Why? Because the club does not have unlimited funds and doing so will mean he may be preempted from acquiring the right person next year. This also explains why the club is still holding out even if the player has indicated no desire to join us.

Better to wait on that one and/ or make a needed improvement somewhere else. No panic buying. Make the best of what we already have. Who knows? It may be better than you're expecting.

23 Jul 2022 11:15:56
I agree Ken, a top 4 finish has to be the target, it’s sad but unfortunately that’s where we are at the minute. A good cup run is always nice too. As you say, a style of football and players actually busting a gut will be refreshing to see.

23 Jul 2022 11:25:01
It's early days and he's done quite a few things right.

1)He's learnt very quickly how pants telles is and immediately got a backup LB to Shaw.
2)Looks like he's made Martial a project of his and personally I've enjoyed watching Martial
3)Bruno's passing has become simpler
4)He's temporarily solved the hendo and de Gea problem and loaned hendo out.
5)he beats Liverpool 4-0 and comes and says it's early days.
6)He's already started to manage varane's mins
7)He's moved maguire to RCB which is something I did suggest a few months back and Maguire looks a bit quicker on the right than left.
8)Sancho has played as RW and scored goals, the immediate need of a starting RW is not as immediate now. Yes we do need a RW but atleast front 3 are settled.
9)Unlike previous old dinosaurs he's said we will play attacking football rather than say we will win. I've personally missed attacking football.
10)Dalot looks a little better defensively to me.
11)The fullbacks now underlap and overlap.
A lot more things but these are fairly obvious.
Next year maybe we struggle for top 4 but I think this time we are on the right track.

23 Jul 2022 12:01:06
Whilst the first choice in every position is always desirable I'd argue that a second or third choice signing shouldn't necessarily send panic alarms rippling throughout the community. These are still solid players who have been been hand-picked to be on the radar. Buying 4-5th choices for a number of years ie Lindelof, Fred, Martial hasn't been so successful, but neither has buying our first choices (Maguire and Wan-Bissaka I'd suggest were the first players wanted on those occasions) . So whilst a youth like Iqbal or Donny could be moulded into this problem position, a second or third choice isn't a cert to send the club into self destruct. There must be dozens of success stories across the league at other clubs in recent seasons of more risky signings (Salah, Soucek) doing fantastically and expensive signings being underwhleming (Lukaku, Pepe) .

23 Jul 2022 12:41:38
I remain confident in the coming season. God knows we have to be eh! I can only hope that EtH is giving those he needs to enough rope to hang themselves. But having spent silly money travelling round this fine brown land I now call home watching these games and putting an objective head on I still remain totally convinced that no amount of confidence is going to make Maguire a worthy United player let alone captain!

And if DvB has been to told to find space then he has nailed it! For the first 90 minutes he was nowhere to be seen!

Onwards and upwards!

23 Jul 2022 12:46:09
Good luck to anyone who thinks they can mould Fred into a decent player. He’s rubbish and while he can get into our midfield, we’re going nowhere.

23 Jul 2022 13:17:08
I agree porsche. Let's wait and see if he can be replaced this window.
I don't see eth sticking with him but only time will tell. That's my opinion but we have folk on here that swear by Fred and think he is one of our best.
If eth makes him look a decent player at this level it will be one of his best achievements.
Let's wait and see what happens.

23 Jul 2022 13:23:33
I am really looking forward to the big kick-off. But to think that in a fort-night's time we are likely to be heading into the first league came without having strengthened our midfield in yet another window is baffling.
Would be intrigued by SMS. He might not be 'the' one, which will send the doubters into panic mode, but a pretty great one nonetheless. Just remember even Martinez wasn't first choice, Timber was, and people generally seem quite excited to have him.

23 Jul 2022 17:43:06
Personally I'm not convinced Fred is good enough, but to give him the benefit of the doubt Jose didn't fancy him, while it's hard to judge the true quality of a player under Ole and RR.

He has always worked hard and shown glimpses of quality in games (even if they are followed with a comical moment that makes you slap your head) .

I think he can be a useful squad player, but shouldn't be in the starting 11 of a team that is aiming to win the biggest honours.

That said, everyone gets a clean slate under EtH and I will of course defer to EtH's better judgement. If he picks Fred every week and the lad performs well then who are we to say he's wrong.

23 Jul 2022 18:58:53
Exactly shappy.
Same goes for martial and Shaw or rashford.
Every player is going to be asked to do their job know their job and deliver. If they deliver they will play.
Ìts going to take 3 windows minimum to get the full picture until then we have to put our trust faith belief and support behind and into the manager imo.



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