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21 Jul 2022 08:55:42
From a few weeks ago where FDJ was saying, “I don’t want to leave Barcelona” (due to monies owed, love the city etc) to what he is now very widely being reported as stating, “I have no desire to play for Manchester United”. If true then surely the time has come to suck it up and walk away from negotiations, such as they are, and move on. Or do we persist and ‘do a United’…. again?

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21 Jul 2022 09:24:43
Have you spoken with FDJ? Has he told you personally that he doesn't want to come?

Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't, maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.

The reality is that we don't know what the situation really is, unless we are privy to the discussions held by everyone involved as well as their thoughts then we won't know.

Either by September 1st FDJ will be a United player or he won't be.

If he is then I'd expect him to be professional and play to the best of his ability and to play for the manager who gave him his professional debut. Give his all and work hard.

If he isn't a United player then I don't careless where he plays or what he's doing. I only care about those players representing the club.

I'd suggest stepping back and not reading everyone's opinion and click bait on the whole FDJ transfer. Ignore it until it with happens or the window closes without it happening.

21 Jul 2022 09:50:10
Shappy, having read some of your suppositions on here I suggest you’ve a bit of a neck taking me to task re my opinion. Also, you express an opinion yourself then write, “ I'd suggest stepping back and not reading everyone's opinion and click bait on the whole FDJ transfer. ” Too funny. You’re something else ???

By way of reciprocation I have a suggestion for you……. read my post properly and you will find that I write “IF TRUE……. ”

Have a nice day.

21 Jul 2022 10:46:35
I tend to be very wary when reading that this or that player has said something or other. Unless it's an odd-ball like Lukaku angling for a move in an interview we can hear with our own ears, literally nothing can be taken for granted. All agent spin or newspaper nonsense.
One thing's for sure, if this one doesn't come off this will be remembered forever as the Summer of Frenkie. The one that never was. But I'd love to see him in the Utd shirt, he'd be our best midfielder by a country mile in over a decade.

21 Jul 2022 10:50:28
Ten Hag so far has stated that he wants a specific player to play that posistion. If he can't get who he wants then he'll look within the club to mould a player he wants.

He's rejected targets the club have had in favour of who he wants. Although I'm a big fan of Neves and we've had an interest in SMS for a long while, I'm not sure if the manager will pull the trigger on those.

I would begin to worry if we're nearing the end of the window and we have no midfield reinforcements come in. It looks like he's willing to roll the dice on De Jong. Maybe he's happy with to give some youth players a chance.

He's a methodical man. I doubt he would willingly go into the season if he wasn't somewhat happy with his midfield options. Only 5 weeks to go until the silly season of transfers is over. We'll know soon.

21 Jul 2022 11:15:16
I’m going on what ed002 has been saying for the past month - the player doesn’t want to leave Barca, and has no interest in joining us.

That’s the reality of the situation. Someone who is generally pretty well informed has repeatedly told us that the player doesn’t want to move, and the club should move onto other targets. That’s enough for me.

21 Jul 2022 11:51:07
Danny, if that is true, I'd be so perplexed as to why we have continued in our pursuit.

I just do not believe that we have dragged this out without ETH getting assurances from the player.

{Ed002's Note - The player does not want to join the club.}

21 Jul 2022 11:53:19
Appreciate all the insider's info, but surely Erik has a fair idea too.

21 Jul 2022 11:59:16
Should move on now and go all out for Sms before its too late.

21 Jul 2022 12:05:49
Well, we have it from ed002 that the player doesn't want to join.
Simpl: move on to next target SMS?
Possibly a better fit as he can play, dm, cm or am. Rice is reportedly vastly overpriced and not for sale and although I assume others are on the list, then if not what will do the required job, then move on to another position.
would rather we had went for de jongs teammate at holland De Ligt as it is also a position we needed to sort but that ship has sailed.
Confident of a couple more players incoming and 3 out plus loans.

21 Jul 2022 12:28:04
Ultimately, the club seem to be being steered by what Ten Hag wants in terms of recruitment this summer and he seems set on De Jong. Therefore, it's great that the club are backing him.

Despite this, there surely has to be a degree of reality brought to the situation at some point? De Jong doesn't want to join United. We've agreed a fee by the looks of it, I'm sure we'd be happy to give De Jong a massive wage, he would reunite with a coach he was very successful under and we've already dealt with his agent this summer when signing Malacia. That's plenty of discussion and incentive to join but he still doesn't want to. We should move on.

There are probably 50 midfielders out there who would be interested in joining us, could play in our midfield pivotand are an upgrade on our options. I'd be incredibly surprised if Ten Hag and the club are happy to go into this season with the fixtures as congested as they are with our current midfield options. Surely they will look at a different player in the next couple of weeks?

21 Jul 2022 12:39:45
Would love to have seen a move for Konrad Laimer. Really understated player and the perfect foil for a more glamorous midfielder.

21 Jul 2022 12:44:40
Ed002, baffling then isn't it? Why oh why do we persist, can you enlighten us at all?

{Ed002's Note - I really don't know.}

21 Jul 2022 13:21:03
Ed002, Everyone knows he doesn't want to join the club, surely MU know this and surely ETH knows this too, what I don't understand is why is the club still pursuing it?

21 Jul 2022 16:12:14
It does all seem odd, journalists and Ed have been told he doesn’t want to sign for us but we have gone a long way down the line for someone if that’s the case. Will be interesting to see what happens.

21 Jul 2022 16:20:30
There's plenty of men out there who have gotten women out of their league with persistence.

Maybe we thought if we showed how much we wanted him and Barcelona showed how much they didn't want him, we could get him drunk and pick him up on the rebound.

21 Jul 2022 16:42:50
What does the club know?

They know that FDJ is the first choice signing for EtH.

They know that Barcelona are willing to sell, they have agreed a price after all.

Beyond that it's all speculation.

Maybe FDJ doesn't want to join United at all, or maybe he'd rather not leave Barcelona.

Maybe Barcelona will force him out and he'll have to choose between the club's that have agreed a deal with Barcelona, or maybe they won't try and force him out.

Maybe this is all just an attempt by Barcelona to force FDJ to lower his wages.

Ultimately we don't know, and we probably never will.

Either he joins or he doesn't. Is there really anything positive to be gained by listening to all the speculation and guesses.

21 Jul 2022 17:27:03
But it’s not really speculation or guesses.

A well informed person has told us that the player doesn’t want to join Man Utd, and that the club are better off moving onto other targets.

This isn’t speculation, it’s a knowledgeable person providing us with direct information they have been privy to.

21 Jul 2022 17:50:54
In one Danny ?
But, to be fair, Shappy is committed to his word count. ?.

21 Jul 2022 18:04:32
Shappy, please let it rest. For the past two months, we've been told fdj does not want to leave Barcelona and does not want to come to United or Manchester. Ed002, has been saying it for 2 months.
I said two months ago that we should've got our transfers done quickly and I was laughed at by some.
Now, we find ourselves woefully short in midfield and our main target doesn't want to come, surprise!
I would rather we gave savage or Iqbal their chance than buy someone who is not interested in coming.

21 Jul 2022 18:51:09
Nobody knows for sure what will happen, probably not even De Jong, so how does Ed02 know?

21 Jul 2022 18:52:22
Are we even still pursuing FDJ? I’m pretty sure a fee of €65m + €20m add ons or €75m + €10m add ons was agreed. Murtough and Arnold went to Barcelona and dealt with Barcelona big wigs. Frenkie De Jong has stated he doesn’t want to leave, whether that’s due to deferred wages, the rubbish weather in Manchester or that he just loves Barcelona because they’re his ‘dream club’.
I can’t imagine Murtough and Arnold are still sitting in that taverna waiting by there phones for a call from FDJ’s agent.
ETH has openly said he wants a particular type of player and they’ll strike when the player is available or words to that effect.
Deals for Martinez, Eriksen and Malacia have been sealed and an offer in accepted for De Jong.
Maybe the club are now waiting for Ten Hag to assess the squad in preseason before making any further signings? They have 6 weeks left of the transfer window to pursue any more additions with the possibility of multiple outgoings.

21 Jul 2022 18:54:14
I am interested to see what the club do when they give up on FdJ.

Is anyone available that EtH wants that plays there, if so will they make a move.

If there isn't will they try and foister someone on him.

Will they wait and come back for Frenkie assuming he is still at Barcelona with the intention that Jnited next season will be more attractive a proposition?

I do get the impression that these are definite EtH signings although I do remember I think reading that both he and Murtagh have to approve any signing so at least we should not have any more signings forced upon the manager that he doesn't want.

21 Jul 2022 19:25:00
Nobody is talking about what will happen Chorltonred. They are talking about what IS happening - the player does not want to leave Barcelona or move to United.

21 Jul 2022 20:09:45
Thats your opinion Danny. if i was a betting man, which i am, i would guess he will leave Barcelona.
So we will see. You seem to think he wlll still be at Barcelona. that's fine as time will tell and nobody really knows what will happen.

21 Jul 2022 20:54:01
It’s not my opinion. It’s literally what the only person here with any actual insight into the situation has repeatedly said - the player does not want to leave Barcelona or join United.

I honestly don’t understand why you and Shappy keep saying that this is a cases of guesses, opinions and speculation. I’ve been posting here for about a decade, it is quite clear that ed002 knows what they are talking about and has far far more insight into transfer situations than the rest of us. If ed002 is saying that the player doesn’t want to move, there is absolutely no reason to doubt this.

{Ed014's Note - don’t know why you waste your breath Danny.

21 Jul 2022 22:03:04
Listen Danny you may have your tongue firmly planted where you like but i don't have to agree with what you or anybody else says for that matter. At no point i ever said he's coming to United so not sure why you are getting your knickers in a twist.
I have read the site and posted for years too so not sure what difference that makes. I have simply said i think he will leave Barcelona. I may be right or i may be wrong but one thing is for certain i don't need someone like you telling me what to think. If i'm wrong and he stsys at Barcelona i wlll be the fist to say you were right. Until then pipe down and i will say what i like despite what you or the bloke you are in love with says.
He has been wrong before so speculation is not factual despite you taking what he says as gospel.

21 Jul 2022 22:15:26
Thanks for telling ed002 I love them.

My passions have burned strong for so long and I was trying to slowly nudge ed002s stony heart onto the same path, only for it to be ruined by your crude words. Ten years patient work ruined by a philistine’s loose tongue.

21 Jul 2022 22:47:32
So i'm a philistine because I disagree with you. the irony.

For the record i have never once said De Jong wants to leave. There is a difference between wanting to leave and being forced to leave.

You can joke all you like but the facts remain, that if Shappy and me have different opions to you, it doesn't mean you can force your opinion on me.

I'm just guessing here but i reckon you don't come from Manchester!

21 Jul 2022 23:28:24
Chorlton, proper Manchester that. Out in the Waitrose eating avocado, who can ever forget the vicious gang war between Chorlton and Didsbury to finally see whether the Chorlton cheese monger or the cheese hamlet did the best smoked Brie.

22 Jul 2022 06:00:05
Jesus Chorlton, this isn't complicated. Ed says the player does not want to come to United, the press are now saying he doesn't want to come to United.

He doesn't want to leave Barca, he may have to, but he doesn't want to come here. If he does end up here via some bizarre set of circumstances, then we are getting off on the wrong foot.

Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but in the face of clear evidence, your opinion appears wrong. It's all ifs buts and maybees, we are clearly wasting our time

vhecdiesntcwantvto conecto United.

22 Jul 2022 12:30:36

The most complicated and longest running saga of the transfer window this summer is not complicated is it not. yeah ok whatever you say mate.

Also not sure why you are reapeating he doesn't want to leave, as at no piont have i ever said he does want to leave.

You said i'm entitled to my opinion but the tone of your reply does not seem to suggest that is the case.

Not sure why you are even getting involved. i'm simply saying i think he will leave Barcelona given the circumstances. Now i may be wrong and he may stay with Barcelona but not sure why that thought is upsetting everyone so much. Things change quickly and the club wants him out. shock horror i think he might leave. no big deal really.

I haven't said anything about where i think he will end up nor have i mentioned him coming to us, so your points about getting a player who does not want to come to us are irrelevant.

I haven't said i want him at United nor have i said he will come to United so sorry for posting an opinion on a site designed for that very reason.
If i'm wrong and he stsys at Barcelona i will be the first to say well done to you and Danny and i admit i was wrong.

Danny by the way i don't like avocado or Waitrose but remember the famous cheese fight you mention!

22 Jul 2022 12:57:57
Even the MEN reported few weeks back that fdj does not fancy a move to United. As Danny and AJH and ed002 have tried, in vain, to explain, fdj is not interested in coming to United. Ed002 is privy to more information than we do, so we have to trust his judgement and remarks.
If fdj does end up at United, I'm not sure it'll be for the right reasons. And that will be a disaster.

22 Jul 2022 13:32:46
Where did i say he was interested in a move to United. wow this is really difficult. i just said he will leave Barca. nothing more and nothing less!

23 Jul 2022 10:11:12
Chorlton, don’t know about cheese fights but once upon a time there was a nice pint of Boddies in the Southern pub followed by a nightclub nearby, was it Hough End Hall from memory.

It looks to me like the manager is demanding his Dutch connection players, FDJ being one. I suspect Barcelona will get him out, but when the time comes someone else will match the offer and FDJ will go there. We missed and are missing other opportunities whilst pursuing yet another wild goose.



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