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19 Jul 2022 18:39:58
Oddly there seems to be a few posters who are feeling all doom and gloom heading into the new season. I don't know if it's because the club haven't bought the players they would like or whether they are just always suck on lemons.

Either way no matter what you think about the state of the team, or what we might or might not achieve this year, one thing is for certain.

The new white away kit is probably the best looking kit we've had in about 10 years.

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19 Jul 2022 18:54:03
Well, at the end of the day. its night.

19 Jul 2022 19:14:20
It is easy to forget how absolutely shocking we were last year.

19 Jul 2022 19:22:38
Its not Ajh its not.

19 Jul 2022 19:51:15
I expect the rediscovery of the players we thought we had 12 months ago. And if it doesn't happen, they will all go, I am sure.

We could also see Ronny training with the youth teams at this rate ?.

19 Jul 2022 20:00:07
Tony, we were shocking last season but came second the year before.

Since this group of players finished second we have added Ronaldo, Varane, Sancho, Eriksen, Martinez and Malacia. We are likely to add a couple more as well.

While I'm under no illusions that this is a great squad, it is a squad that massively underperformed last season.

The players gave up and our form folded like a pack of cards.

While I appreciate that it is IF, there still remains the possibility that EtH can get Rashford, Bruno, Martial, Maguire and Shaw back to their best form. Maybe Varane can stay fit for the season. Maybe Sancho can get back to his Dortmund form.

If all those players play at the peak of their ability rather than at the bottom of it, in a team with a plan, a style and a tactically astute manager, along with 4 or 5 new signings that come in and do well.

Then I see no reason why we can't finish in the top four.

It's funny how easily our fans accept the team dropping from 2nd to 6th, but cannot possibly see a scenario where we go from 6th to 3rd.

19 Jul 2022 20:25:42
Football is a funny old game. Ball retention, high press and the players hitting form, sprinkled with a few signings is going to make some difference.

Don't be surprised if we are right up there.

Aside from City and Liverpool (Who will not be the same without Mane), we have a chance.

19 Jul 2022 20:45:35
All big IFS angered I agree but it's going to take either a massive increase in form especially defensively coupled with Chelsea and Spurs losing more than us to get us a sniff of fourth place. Cannot see it. They have better squads and managers.

19 Jul 2022 20:55:21
I don't get why some of you are gloomy, you have a better coach. Which is a huge difference, you still have some good players (worse teams have won the league) and it's a new season, we all start on zero.

I don't think you will have the consistency that has been shown by some over the last few years I. e. 10-15 game winning streaks which take the league away from the chasing pack.

But if it is a close league you would be right in the mix, 114 points to play for and no one has a clue what could happen with the world cup, injuries or other external factors.

The biggest test for you next season will be when it gets tough, I. e. a couple of games without a win and how you respond. Previously it has spiralled and then it gets messy quick, where players blame the regime and down tools before the coach inevitably gets the chop. With ETH I think he will prevent that from happening and from there you can build.

And angel mane will be a loss, but whilst klopp is still around I fully trust they can evolve the team to cope for players leaving.

19 Jul 2022 20:55:52
I thought it seemed a bit more positive in here since the tour began tbh. It felt like there were weeks of nothing which led to frustration but things have picked up and we’re rolling.

19 Jul 2022 21:28:03
Largely positive posts, but quite rightly scelticism surrounding players that have had numerous chances in the past and proved to be highly inconsistent.

19 Jul 2022 22:15:32
I don’t get the Chelsea and Spurs love in. Yes they’ve bought efficiently, but have bought kibitz I’d want to see in a Utd shirt.

Chelsea had been in slow decline for months and have lost half their defence and a striker. They need serious surgery.

{Ed018's Note - I think Chelsea will be fine. Lukaku wasn’t first choice and the defense will get sorted}

19 Jul 2022 22:37:55
Perhaps because we’re still streets behind the likes of City and Liverpool? Spurs and Chelski both have stronger squads as well.

Given how poorly last season went I feel confident in saying that this one will be better, but there are a few key issues that still need to be addressed.

The biggest by far is that we need two new midfielders to replace McFred. Until we do, I think we’ll be lucky to crack top 4.

19 Jul 2022 22:43:23
I'm in your camp on this one WYred.
I don't think for 1 second that we have as good a squad as most of our rivals but I'd argue we have a lot more improvement in us than any other bar spurs who have a lot of knitting together to do.
If they don't hit the ground running there will be a lot of noise coming from their camp.
Same goes for Chelsea. A lot of change there too.
It's not going to be plain sailing for anybody.
I don't think nunez will score as many as mane has.
I don't think haaland will score as many as aguero has .
However with the top 2 coaches and squads it's hard too see past those 2. But it's going to be a funny year with the wc in the middle it could create havoc.
I'm just hoping that I'll have a team that terrestrial represents me as a fan again and I think eth will give me that and in time a lot more.

20 Jul 2022 00:08:07
Shappy, it's the a la Fever Pitch Nick Hornby approach. Pessimism is a protection against disappointment. Amongst a section of the fan base it's inevitable. But what's really a problem is when the players themselves buy into the expectation of failure. I think that's where we got to last year and I remain hopeful that EtH will turn it around. I do not believe these players have no talent. They have simply lost their confidence in themselves and in their team mates. The best players in all walks of life, the virtuosi, are so well prepared that they know what they are going to do before the moment arises thus eliminating the space between thought and action.

20 Jul 2022 00:26:29
No doom and gloom here, I just want the season to start now.

20 Jul 2022 07:15:35
Liverpool have Diaz, who looks like he will be a top player and a more than worthy Mane replacement, so indont think the loss of Mane will really be detrimental to Liverpool this season.

20 Jul 2022 07:21:15
I think the pre season has been very good so far. However, I don't feel optimistic or pessimistic, I am just realistic. City and Liverpool have strengthened. City have bought haaland and Alvarez. Liverpool had already bought Luiz Diaz in January and further strengthened with Nunez. Contrary to what Ken says, both haaland and nunez will score plenty of goals and will match Aguero and Mane goals tally, its wishful thinking from some United fans to say that these two top strikers will not match Aguero and Mane. If United had bought either Haaland or Nunez, we'll all be extremely pleased and thinking they'll score 20 goals a season, so how come they're at City and Liverpool and our fans are predicting they won't do well? It's pure fantasy and we should get our heads out of the sand.
Chelsea have bought an excellent centre half in Koukibaly and are looking to strengthen again as they're looking at other centre half's.
Spurs and arsenal both strengthened in depth. I can't see us coming anywhere near city, Liverpool, Chelsea or Spurs. Its a fight for 5th place with Arsenal and west ham. That's our level at present. Our defence still looks poor, midfield is very poor, and we lack a top striker who is willing to work hard as well as score goals.
But it all depends if the owners decide to back the manager. At present, they've spent £65m on three players, so we hope there's more in the kitty for transfers, but only time will tell.

20 Jul 2022 10:17:44
I agree that we haven't bought as well or as glamorously as the top sides (yet), but the difference after a few crappy preseason games alone in application and evidence of a system has been immense. For me it's far more important to get the right player in the right position. A good example would be whether we went for either an older household name in Perisic at leftback/ wingback or whatever they are these days (not suggesting he was an option, just an example), or an unknown Feyenood left back in Malacia. I'm happy with the outcome and a few more astute signings like that will bear huge dividends very quickly, in my opinion. Even the pass from Malacia to Dalot to set uo our opening goal yesterday was beyond any of our other fullbacks.

20 Jul 2022 12:46:41
I’m with you GDS2, couldn’t care less about rumours, speculation, Barcas finances or Ronaldo.
I want to see the boys walk out at Old Trafford and play some decent football.
Ten Hag will need 2-3 windows to get the squad he wants. Give him time and enjoy the highs and lows until we’re competing again. I truly believe he can get us there.

20 Jul 2022 13:33:58
2toms. Post of the week.

20 Jul 2022 14:16:18
Just what I was thinking Ken. Great post 2Toms.

Ultimately if I can enjoy watching Man U again then I'll be happy.

It's not all going to get sorted at once but if there is
a plan, there is progress plus entertainment on the pitch then we have something to get behind and hopefully enjoy the ride.

20 Jul 2022 14:28:29
Why thank you Ken. I genuinely feel that football is becoming a circus. The hype on social media, which is mainly all bollocks, the nonsense Transfer centre stuff on sky sports, which again is mostly bollocks, and the majority of fans on social media who support players over clubs. I’m over it all! It takes all the fun out of football.
I get this forum is mainly about rumours and I log in every day because it’s interesting to get supporters views on the club, but the constant recycling of nonsense on every platform is draining the life out of the game…. for me anyway.

20 Jul 2022 15:56:12
There is clearly a big gap between Liverpool and City and the chasing pack. Both City and Liverpool are capable of having 90-100 point seasons, they are in my opinion the top 2 sides in Europe currently, no one is catching them next season.

Liverpool will be interesting to see, Nunez and Diaz coming in and making an entirely new front line, how quickly they settle will dictate whether they can finish above City in my opinion. Diaz looked great since January, but was it good form or can he replicate that across a whole season now teams know what to expect from him. While Nunez looked a great player last season for Benfica, but that was his breakout year and the EPL is a different animal. How he comes with the step up with an 80m target on his back will determine whether he is a success or a flop. Liverpool might have improved or they might have regressed a shade.

City have signed Haaland and he looks like he could be a menace, yet his injury record over the past 18 months isn't great. Is that just a blip or will his body cope with a more physically demanding league? Philips is a very good player, but I'm not sure he improves their first 11. While the departure of Sterling and possible departure of Bernardo Silva would weaken them. If they get Cucurella though he would be a big improvement in their side in my opinion. City for me haven't improved significantly, maybe a shade better, but much depends on Haaland staying fit and bringing his Bundesliga form to the EPL, something many former Bundesliga players have struggled with.

The rest of the EPL is pretty close in my opinion.

Spurs on the surface look to have made a few good transfers, yet we know from experience that not every transfer works. Spurs also spent 120m in the summer they sold Bale and bought almost entirely rubbish. While Conte is a landmine just waiting to go off if someone so much as puts a toe on him.

Chelsea are starting to rebuild their defence, but how quickly those players adapt to the EPL and gel together as a unit will be key to their season. Defending is about working together as a team, 3 out of Chelsea's back 5 could be new players who have never played together and might not share a common language. I'm also not convinced Chelsea will score a huge amount of goals, I don't see anyone who is likely to score more than 15 goals a season for them. I can't think of one signing they have made under Tuchel who has actually improved them. I also don't feel like Tuchel has improved them since their UCL win, if anything they have regressed. I could see Tuchel being sacked by Christmas. New owners, they'll want a strong start and I can see Chelsea struggling at the start of the season.

Whereas, United stand the biggest chance of making a large improvement. New manager, fresh impetus, new signings, higher motivation and a style of play.

Our players will be doing what the manager wants in terms of actions on the pitch rather than being left to make it up themselves. That alone makes every player at least 20% better than last season if not more.

I see United, Spurs and Chelsea as very similar in quality currently. It will all be about momentum, who has it and who can keep it going.

20 Jul 2022 17:17:27
2 Tom's another great post imo.
It's been said on here many times the club is more important than any of its transient employees.
I honestly wouldn't cross the road to greet any united player or look for a pic or autograph that goes for any player from any club. The hype surrounding these guys is off the charts. Ultimately none of them will put the club before themselves which is a sacrifice all fans make in one way or another.
Players come players go some leave us with great memories some not so much. Same goes for coaches.
Some of them do a great job and will become part of folklore others won't.
All I want this season is to get my team back. I want a team that represents me as a supporter. I want to see them pulling in 1 direction putting the team above themselves and having pride in their own performance and accepting accountability and responsibility for their performances.
I want a team who dedicate themselves to the club the coach and the fans. If that brings trophies then great nonetheless a team like that will always get my full support.

20 Jul 2022 20:20:20
You’ve got a touch of Roy Keane about you Ken ?.



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