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19 Jul 2022 16:23:18
Whats' you're views on booing players? I'm all for it for lazy so and sos like Pogba because they need to be told.

I'm dead against it with players such as Fellaini and Maguire who try hard but aren't good enough.

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19 Jul 2022 17:06:45
You shouldn't boo any player for your own team ever you can dislike them not like their performance but were called supporters for a reason.

19 Jul 2022 17:15:35
Why would you support someone who doesn’t want to put the effort in, who can’t be arsed and isn’t giving everything?

19 Jul 2022 18:29:11
I think it's pretty shocking to be honest. Don't get it at all. If he's done something out of order and is in the spotlight (Zouma, for example) I could completely get it. But Utd fans booing one of their own because they don't deem him good enough, which seems to be the only explanation? He was overpriced, and isn't good enough to be our captain, but the manager seems happy enough and he's the best judge right now.

19 Jul 2022 18:35:42
I personally wouldn't do it, but I have no problem with others doing it. Each to their own.

19 Jul 2022 18:40:27
Because you support the club, not a player. You support your team have your opinion but we are supportors we support and encourage our team its that damn simple.

Biggest reason we have such lazy selfish players now is because we have "fans" of players, who only see the good the highlight reels, the off field dramatics, meaning sponsors aren't after the best player just the biggest star.

Rather than having supporters of teams who support their team no matter what and encourage their players to do better for the team and play better for the team.

19 Jul 2022 19:26:06
Doesn't bother me either way to be honest. You only need to look in here to see how diverse fan opinions are.

19 Jul 2022 19:44:55
It's definitely not ok to boo our own players. They are human beings. Some of them may be going through personal difficulties. We're fans. We should support them, and that includes if they are playing terribly. In fact I would say that it is exactly when they are playing terribly that it matters the most. I have a big problem with people doing it. By all means get on here and air it out. That's what forums are great for. But to do it in person is never ok.

19 Jul 2022 20:41:58
Don if people didn't boo and stand up for the club over transient employees like pogba or ole who dragged standards and expectations well below minimum requirement we would still be having to put up with it.
It's OK to boo people if they don't represent us as fans and it's OK to boo them if they are falling below our beliefs and expectations on how employees should represent the club.
I'm not a fan of any transient employee of the club in a fan of the club.
Players who earn my respect as a fan will get all the support they earn. I agree that this is a better place to vent emotional frustrations but a manager like ole was not boo'd early enough and ended up taking the club for millions and as fans nobody bats an eye when him and his coaching team cost more than the glazers dividend.

19 Jul 2022 21:36:26
Fans in the ground shouldn’t boo their own, there were times in the Stretford End last season where it was cringe worthy. We are there to support and create an atmosphere that’s an advantage for US, not the opposition.

In relation to booing players who don’t try etc etc…. we shouldn’t have to boo if the management were doing their jobs properly and in full control of the club. Hopefully we’ve got that right now.

20 Jul 2022 07:17:09
Didn't see the game but read he for booed every touch for first half hour. It seems as if EtH is going to be playing Harry this year though, so we need the best version of HM there is.

I wouldn't be booing him and certainly wouldn't be getting on one of our players back like that from kick off. I don't think it helps the team in any way to get a result which at every game is actually what I want.

20 Jul 2022 07:38:42
Ken you're one of the most level headed lads here so I'm genuinely surprised you take that viewpoint. In any walk of life people will sometimes not do as well as others want, but showing support can change things. It is simply ludicrous to suggest that the sound of boos is the metric by which a club should judge satisfaction with performance.

20 Jul 2022 17:28:28
Thanks Don.
I'm afraid that we differ slightly on this one but only slightly.
I believe that a player or anybody as you say when going through a tough time needs to be shown empathy and support but that caveat to that is they must be deserving of our respect and empathy and support.
A player, and we have had many over the last 10 years that is giving his all and is not up to standard then I would not be in favour of him being ridiculed in any way.
But if a player is a cheat and then cheats again and then again. If a player publicly shames the club and allows his agent (rip) to do so without a word in the clubs defence. Then the decision makers should be made aware and the player should be made aware that he does not represent us as fans and booing like it or not is a way of fans telling the club and player you've lost us and our respect.



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