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12 Jul 2022 23:09:46
Imo there is absolutely nothing anybody can read into in terms of today's result.
Equally there is not much you can read into players touch or fitness.
But imo you can read into the body language and desire to play a certain way.
We are miles off but with a few additions and particularly in midfield defence we can improve.
Really is something to look forward to.
I can't wait to have a team that represents what us fans are looking for. A team that is cohesive and working in the same direction.
We don't have players that are fit enough and technically and tactically good enough yet but we can at least have pride in their efforts.
Eth won't tolerate anything less than 100%.

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13 Jul 2022 01:59:16
Ken for me we saw some decent goals, moe convictions in our play and a lot more desire. Martial worked, couldn’t believe it. Sancho looked sharp and I thought the young lads did well.

I think we saw some good patterns in attack, more men in the box too. We pressed as a team, it wasn’t perfect but that can be worked on. Liverpool played through it quite a bit, but you expect that against quality players.

It’s about building confidence and trust from the manager to the players and vice versa for the players to trust the manager and want to play for him. Fingers crossed we get a couple more of his targets in, in the next week or so to get them integrated into the squad.

13 Jul 2022 06:00:28
The attack looked good today. Players interchanging positions and making runs was nice to see.

We absolutely need upgrade to the midfield.
Constant sideways and back passes from McFred affects the attacking impetus.

Signing FDJ will be a game changer. His passing between lines is exceptional.

13 Jul 2022 06:49:10
The effort was the stand out aspect, but I do think we could see a few early sprouts of growth and change in style.

The first and third goal both came from pressing high and forcing a mistake from the opposition. There were a couple of other chances that we didn't score that came from pressing high as well.

While you could also see our defence sitting higher, and even DDG coming off his line more often.

Not perfect, but you could see that they were things we had been working on in training. However, there is a long way to go yet, EtH himself even said we made a lot of mistakes that need to be worked on and not to get carried away with the result.

That is something that really excites me about EtH, even with a 4-0 win he isn't happy as he's a perfectionist and wants a better overall performance.

Hopefully the club can get a few more signings over the line that will help accelerate EtH's ideas on to the pitch. De Jong, Erkisen and Martinez will help with better ball retention and progression, as well as improving defensive solidarity.

Exciting times to be a Manchester United supporter that is for sure.

13 Jul 2022 08:14:13
Ken, I think we need personnel who are athletic and nimble to work the press. The front line yesterday could do that. But the midfield area needs a lot more speed and acceleration within the players to ensure the press works better. I also think while the front players were pressing, our midfielders were too far behind them, that's why Liverpool worked through the press. The whole team has to learn to be more cohesive. It takes a lot of effort to do that, but hopefully our fitness levels will be much better than in previous years.
Above said, its early days and I was pleased with what I saw and I know ETH will get it right. Additions in midfield will improve us no end.

13 Jul 2022 08:36:27
Didnt see all the game as working but taking aside it wasnt a full on league game and pre season was pleased with what i saw. Positivity with the young iqbal steeping up also.

13 Jul 2022 08:40:42
I thought we were uncertain to start with - thought we’d be spanned by Liverpool kids. Fred making usual mistakes, others giving ball away etc.

But then something seemed to click and they started to believ in themselves and start to do all the new things tgeyd been coached.

Thus best thing for me is that players will now believe n ETH methods etc as they’ve seen the proof that it works - if we’d been beaten, would’ve had to start again to convince them to buy into new methods.

Sancho best performer in first half, Bailly in second (he was really good! Kept Pool first team at bay single handedly! )

Other notable mentions to Bruno, De Gea, Martial and Malacia (Blud Iqbsl savage and Pellistri)

Thought DVBeek and Amad very poor.

13 Jul 2022 09:44:16
It showed me Ken that we signed what we needed most, a coach.

13 Jul 2022 10:31:41
Can’t read anything into the result but I suspect had Liverpool won 4-0 everyone would have been reading into the result and drawing conclusions on the team, manager, style, effort etc.

13 Jul 2022 10:41:20
Couldn’t agree more with everything that Ken said.

13 Jul 2022 13:00:15
Wallace I agree with you about DvB and Diallo. But it is only pre season.

13 Jul 2022 14:03:02
Exactly that, Ports.



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