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07 Jul 2022 13:55:33
Surely now, United must forget about FdJ - imo, a very overrated player anyway.

M-Savic is still available and should now be No1 choice.

However, we all know that United will drag out the FdJ farce further still and eventually pay what Barca want - wasting an entire window in doing so.

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07 Jul 2022 14:48:03
Does he fit the way ten hag wants to play tho? I’m not so sure.

07 Jul 2022 14:44:24
To be fair Woggle, I don't think this is on us this time. Barcelona apparently owe De Jong €18 million in deferred wages. They want him to to drop claim to these wages or for us to pick up the bill. I'm all for walking away and not dealing with them but there is still a deal there to be done, we just can't bend to their demands.

I honestly can't see how De Jong stays there now after all these antics. The lad took a pay cut to help the club and now they're trying to screw up over so they can spent a couple hundred million on new signings.

I think Frenkie will be a United player come the end of the window but it seems like we're yet again the centre of the circus.

07 Jul 2022 15:35:54
Woggle when your the manager you get to say who we should pursue until then leave it to the manager, maybe it won't be that long until you have the job as you sound quite the expert.

07 Jul 2022 16:00:04
Kenneth you seem to be very grumpy lately. I'll put it down to old age.
Or is it the bad weather up around the posh parts of Ireland.
You don't seem to be your usual self.
Give me a ring and I'll talk to you. ?. Come down to the capital for a few days.

07 Jul 2022 16:22:54
Oh Ken, don't be a wally - it's an opinion.

Do you not express opinion?
I'm pretty sure you do.

Anyway, whilst here, I'll expand upon my point as, apparently, I'm quite the expert. ?

According to plenty of reliable sources, FdJ isn't overly keen, wasn't at the start and still hasn't been convinced.
Barca want top dollar for a player who, in my expert opinion, is neither worth the money or the time spent haggling.
In terms of the deferred wages, United, if they are to pick up that bill, should make a firm statement to say that they won't pay more than €62m and will negotiate additional terms with FdJ - they won't do that though as it would be a logical compromise.

As for M-Savic, he'd be an upgrade on McTominay - a player EtH clearly values.
Is he precisely what United and EtH would want?
No, but United are nowhere near the top table and must build gradually with respect for their own position in the market - a position no better than Arsenal, who, by the way, are making sensible signings.

If United do get FdJ and he actually does the business, then I'll happily declare that I'm a kipper, but I just don't think he's worth all this aggro. I do hope I'm wrong.

07 Jul 2022 16:25:39
He’s the managers number 1 target, end of story really.

Leahy, this is happy Ken.

07 Jul 2022 16:53:41
Opinions are fine woggle. We all have them but the manager wants him so they are trying to get him.
Is that wrong
Do you want the club to ignore the manager get sms and tell him to get on with it regardless.
Imo sms would be a great signing but I don't set the team up and I appreciate that he would prefer fdj. So I don't consider it stupid to pursue him.
Tbh I'd like them both but it's not about what you or I want and I think eth knows a lot more about running a football team then I do.

07 Jul 2022 17:04:37
Leahy I'll be down there next week mate thur I think.
Happy to let you buy me lunch?
I'm not grumpy I just get frustrated with people that want this or that and don't consider what our new manager wants at all.
Towards the end of last season everybody to a man on here wanted the manager supported as much as possible now we have milkman bankers students ad whatever else telling us the managers choices are wrong and we should be doing something different. He is the expert a proven winner and well qualified to do his job. So calling out people for claiming they know better is OK I think.
Armchair fans that know it all but we're never a player because they were not good enough. They Are not managers because they don't know how to do the job but they have enough expertise to tell us 'exactly what we need, it's a new begining let the man have a go let the board support him as much as possible then in 12 months everyone can make an informed analysis and opinion on how he is doing and what players are not performing.
Too many people want what they want and not what the manager wants then in the next breath criticise 'amateurs ' for doing their job 100 times better than any of their critics could.

07 Jul 2022 17:11:26
One thing for sure we are all entitled to our opinion. Who's right and who's wrong. Who knows. 4 of us could sit down tonight and watch a game and 2 of us could say. That number 6 is some player the other 2 could turn around then and say ya but he doesn't do this and he doesn't do that. ed01 wrote a great piece about goalkeepers in the European pages. Well worth a read.
What's wrong with united who knows for sure. Some will blame the glazers. Some will blame the board. The scouts the manager and so on. One thing we all know that squad of players last year weren't good enough for united. No heart no drive. Lucky to get 6th or 7th with them. We need new players so we will just have to wait it out cause there's a bunch of clowns running the show. we need new faces that's for sure.
But another thing come the start of the season we will all get behind them.

07 Jul 2022 17:24:18
I agree but let everyone have their opinion. The last time I got excited about a player was pogba coming back. I thought he was going to boss the midfield in every game.
Boys was I disappointed.
So let ten hag get the players he wants and go from there.
We might have the next vidic or evra coming in. Players we don't know much about.
Ken your paying. Your loaded.

07 Jul 2022 17:48:05

I'm going to be very frank.
An opinion is exactly that - an opinion.
Most opinions are delivered by people who don't arrogantly assume they know better. They might believe they have an idea, but would concede that, in light of lesser or no experience, they most certainly would actually know less.
That said, an opinion still has merit on a platform like this.

Now, to take a dismissive attitude such as the one you've displayed towards me because you're opinion is different is arrogant af.

I don't need to explain myself or my background to qualify my opinion just because you expect it.

It's really very simple fella, I couldn't give a shiny one about how grumpy or precious you might be - this is a platform for opinion and they're everywhere, including those from yourself.

Should we all start laying into you about opinions?
No, because that would be ridiculous, wouldn't it?

07 Jul 2022 17:51:48
My tuppence worth, and I’ll say it again, is that there’s too many forceful opinions on here and people running other folk down.

As a fan I reckon your allowed to comment and share an opinion about who we should or should not sign. I don’t think anybody is claiming to know more than the manager, it’s just purely speculation and opinion.

I’ve had a season ticket for 20 years and I dare say me and my brother have made plenty of suggestions over the years who we should or should not sign. In fact, when OGS was manager there was plenty of suggestions who we should sign!

Yeah, at last we’ve got a decent manager in and we’ll support whoever he brings in. But likewise it does no harm in speculating who we’d like brought in, it’s the prerogative of a paying fan.

On FDJ. Yeah the manager wants him, but there comes a point in time when a line has to be drawn and alternatives looked at. We don’t know the in’s and outs of the deal but I imagine it must be complex because I’m sure if it wasn’t we’d have had it done by now. I’m a massive advocate of getting deals done early. It allows the squad to get the hard graft in together and share in the common theme of been beasted! Similar to life in the forces, you suffer together and it brings you closer together! At least that’s the theory!

07 Jul 2022 18:09:29
De Jong, if he arrives, will turn out to be our De Bryne, he’s that good.

Mouth-watering prospect of DeJong, Eriksen, Martinez and Bruno, all brilliant passers, playing in sane side.

Personally think Martinez is the most important signing of all, given his ability to launch attacks from both CB and DM (where I think he’ll play to begin with)

07 Jul 2022 18:17:53
Woggle you must be a little precious if you think I was laying into you.
As I said we all have opinions but the manager wants fjd so to say that and say the club should halt their pursuit when you know nothing about any of it is an opinion that should be challenged in my opinion. Fella.

07 Jul 2022 18:25:49
Fireman opinions are there to be challenged by others with a different opinion.
Lots of people make statements of fact on here that are not fact they are opinions and if I want to challenge that it's OK as that is what the forum is for.
Opinions are just that they are not and should not be stated as fact unless they are factual.
We all see different things like different players etc. I think this is a time to let the manager get on with his job and comment after he had his very under the table. Armchair critics are one thing but armchair critics telling us how he should do his job before he has started is foolish a little dopey and wrong. But that's just my opinion.
If woggle was coming from a position of experience and know how then I'd have more understanding of his opinion and give it a little more credence.
If eth turns out to be like ole wally then he will be panned by his critics and his decisions held to account but to be doing that before he starts is churlish.

07 Jul 2022 19:01:56

What position of know-how and experience are you talking from?
Nothing, that's what.

Armchair fans, match-going fans, it makes no difference - all entitled to opinions.

I'm certainly not precious. I don't dismiss the validity of opinion from anyone and I don't get shirty with anyone - it's unnecessary.

Misunderstanding or otherwise, I'm not going to be dismissive of you as you have the right to have an opinion. I can accept a difference of opinion, but will not accept any kind of attitude from anyone who gets wound up too easily.

As for EtH, I'm not remotely dismissive of his wishes - he certainly knows better than us both.

My problem lies with United doing a United - picking a marquee target, spending the whole summer haggling, only to then pay what they didn't initially want to, whilst ultimately having a detrimental influence on the primary recruitment strategy.

I don't need to know anything to know that EtH would like FdJ to arrive asap, but his tick list is being effected by the incompetence surrounding him - that's the main source of my frustration and, in light of my unqualified and personal opinion, I just don't see it being worthwhile.

Your opinion is different, I have respect for that - nothing more to say.

07 Jul 2022 18:43:19
Is Ole actually a Wally though Ken, or is that your opinion ?.

07 Jul 2022 19:24:43
Hand bags ?.

07 Jul 2022 20:05:30
De Jong is a damn good player and probably better than we could have expected going into this window. I’ll be delighted if we get it over the line.

{Ed014's Note - snag is he’ll be 30 by the time you get some decent players to go with him! ?

08 Jul 2022 00:36:26
30? That’s optimistic Ed. I’d say 34 as he’s completely left his prime is when he arrives.

{Ed014's Note - always the optimist me Caolan! ?



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