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23 Jun 2022 11:05:12
It seems to me guys that you are just (technical term) faffing around with your transfer policy. Players have values to clubs eg DeJong. if you want him then pay the asking price. You faffed around it seems with Nunez and now he is at LFC.
We identified Nunez and Diaz and just went for them.

No idea what how much your valuation of FDJ differs from Barcas but if you really want him then pay the money otherwise he may end up somewhere else.
I see a lot on the LFC page that we will get rid of unwanted players (Keia. Ox etc) for Xm but there is a reason why they can't get rid of them and it's pretty simple. no one wants them at that price and it's the same for you guys. The PL has seen the guys you want rid of and even at the bottom end no one wants them cos they are largely rubbish.

You just need to be more positive, get rid of the dross for any money (or nothing) you can get for them and move on.
PS . and yes PJ is better than HM any day of the week.

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23 Jun 2022 12:41:43
Your worst player is the player who is unavailable to play.

Bailly and Jones can't even be in the conversation for best CM or first team starter because they have shown many times that they cannot stay fit. Yes, there are unfortunate times where an impact injury is bad luck and part of the game. But both have shown they cannot be relied on in our first team over multiple seasons.

23 Jun 2022 14:22:26

Let’s wait and see. LFC in a different position to us at the moment where you just need a couple of tweaks. One of your best players has left so you have signed an unproven player who could be amazing but who knows. I agree you just paid up exactly what they wanted but that doesn’t mean he was worth that, we will find out.

We know we have issues at the club and a lot to sort out but a couple of weeks isn’t going to make much difference in the long run. Any international players aren’t expected back in training for a few weeks yet anyway. If by 1st August we have still signed fewer players than Liverpool I’ll start to panic.

23 Jun 2022 14:59:59
Otis, you're speaking too much sense and that's not a language our current owners understand.
GDS, Nunez is not an unknown quantity, he'll rip the PL apart. We missed out on him and I can guarantee all the United fans who are trying to justify us no buying him by putting him down, will be eating their words come the end of next season. He's going to be a huge hit in PL, simple as that.

23 Jun 2022 15:31:46
Attack - He scored goals in the Portuguese league.
Apart from 3 maybe 4 clubs, Benfica, Sporting, Porto the rest are probably 1st division level.
The premier league is a different animal.
The kid is very talented and because he's going to a club that creates lots of chances he should succeed but there are no guarantees.

23 Jun 2022 16:17:51
Liverpool have a couple of exciting prospects in Diaz and Nunez, who were regarded as the top two players in the Portuguese league last season. Thought Diaz was brilliant. Nunez does look a little more lightweight but we will see how he gets on, I'm looking forward to seeing him.

23 Jun 2022 17:21:43
Darwin Nunez looks like one hell of a talent make no mistake. While Naby Keita and AOC aside Liverpool's recent transfers since Klopp came in have generally worked out very well.

Far more hits than misses. They just sold a 30 year old Mane after 6 great years for pretty much what they paid for him.

Diaz has probably been one of the top ten players in the EPL since he signed in January. Yet he had only ever done it in the Portuguese league previously.

Ronaldo when we first signed him had only ever done it in the Portuguese league.

Bruno had only found his phenomenal form in the Portuguese league before we signed him.

Ruben Dias had only ever done it in the Portuguese league before he moved to City and was one of the top 2 CB's in the league.

I wouldn't be disrespecting Liga Nos, many great players have come out of that league. Personally I feel Liga Nos and Ligue 1 probably produce the best players for the EPL. Certainly I think they adapt better than players coming from Serie A, La Liga or the Bundesliga.

He may or may not be a success, but to run him down and the league he has come from when we have signed no one and when we have signed many successful players from that league just comes across bitter.

23 Jun 2022 18:00:55
How many goals and assists did Diaz have.
I like him he looks exciting so I would not judge him on those numbers alone but I don't think he was that great in terms of his actual contribution.
Nunes looks a top talent but he needs to do it. i think he will I'd imagine lots of players would do well in the lively team at the moment.
I don't get the obsession with other teams players or signings.

23 Jun 2022 18:12:40

I don't think we faffed around on Nuñez. He was always going to prefer Liverpool over United. We, quite rightly, chose not to be pushed into a bidding war and end up paying over the odds for a player who didn't want to be at our club. Been there, done that. Liverpool have a great squad and a system. Top players want to play for them and Klopp because he makes them better. And all Liverpool needed to do this summer was replace Mane, while we have any number of weaknesses. and we do not have the funds to blow the transfer kitty on only 1 or 2 players.

As for getting rid of the dross, we all agree. We've been complaining about it for years. We should have got rid of Pogba when we could have got something for him. We should not have given Martial, and a host of other players new contracts in order to try and protect their transfer values and avoid them leaving on frees and in the process increasing their wages to levels no club could afford to pay for a bang average player. As Richard Arnold admitted in the leaked video, the previous management burnt through £1bn with absolutely nothing to show for it. Hopefully the new crew have learnt their lesson, but for the time being they are forced to live with the mistakes committed by what Ed02 calls the amateurs (e. g Ed Woodward, whose deluded arrogance ensured that he kept making the same mistake again and again)

As for Phil Jones, his capabilities are irrelevant. If he can't stay fit he's useless. At least Harry Maguire tends not to get injured. If EtH can instill some discipline in the team and Varane too can stay fit (unlikely), then maybe they could form a decent if not ideal partnership. No CM will look good with Telles trying to protect the flank outside him.

23 Jun 2022 18:14:43
Can’t believe I’m on a ‘United’ forum and we’re talking about the scousers……shows how low we’ve actually gone.

23 Jun 2022 18:28:02

I never said he was an unknown quantity, I know who he is, I said he’s unproved, which he is in the premier league, just a fact.

As I said he might be amazing, you’ve obviously decided that he definitely will be, I’m sure many thought that about Werner and many others but they actually have to do it not just be told on a forum that they will, I’ll wait and see to judge.

Fireman, I think Otts is a Liverpool fan, compared to some of the dross we listened to on here over the years this is one of the better posts.

23 Jun 2022 19:47:20
Thanks GDS2.
Yes I am an LFC fan who went through 30 years of hurt before we finally won the EPL.
I try to always post objectively as everyone on here seem like good guys who genuinely care for their club.
I agree that you don't know how Nunez will do in the EPL but the point was we identified a target and went 100% for it.
I just think you guys need to adopt a similar approach.



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