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17 Jun 2022 16:43:09
New season, new manager, new direction (apparently), new faces in positions of driving change - yet, the same old problems persist.

Haggling and insulting other clubs while spending far too long trying to get their No1 target, who happens to be yet another vastly overrated player, reality never seems to apply at United anymore.

The presumed idea is that United must do 'a Liverpool' to create something that works, but they are instead still doing 'a United' - operating in a disjointed fashion with little legitimate backing for a tactician of a manager who will spoil his legacy with these clowns.

I'm done, I've had enough of seeing this great club letting the fans down with desperate lip-service.

Until the parasites sell, United will continue to betray every single paying fan.

I'm now just a fan of football because I will not be insulted anymore. C'mon Forest!

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17 Jun 2022 16:58:18
Which makes you think who is signing off on these deals? Clearlly nothing has changed.

17 Jun 2022 17:26:34
Woggle my sentiments too. They are sucking any interest we have in the club.
I feel for ETH as I genuinely feel he can do a superb job if he's supported. But so far, we're not seeing anything to give us any hope.
Like you, I have never rated FDJ, but if ETH values him, then we have to trust his judgement and get the deal done. If Barcelona are asking ridiculous money, then move on.

17 Jun 2022 19:21:29
I was under the impression the Club was keen to move away from the manager/ coach dictating which players to sign. We now have a Director of Football, Deputy Director and a Technical Director supposedly in charge of football operations.

Surely these people are there to implement an overarching footballing strategy and philosophy regardless of the manager. I presume their job is to set a long term strategy of how the Club wants to operate and to provide the Club with stability, consistency and accountability in relation to decision making regarding playing philosophy, recruitment, player contracts, youth development etc.

The days of jumping from Moyes to LVG to Jose Mourinho; managers with very different footballing styles and philosophy, each requiring very different profiles of players are supposed to be a thing of the past. In theory the Club should now be in a position to appoint a manager that aligns with its own ideology. In relation to player recruitment if you already know and understand how you want to play then any players scouted by the Club should fit seamlessly into the squad irrespective of the manager. Of course football is not an exact science, decision makers and managers might not always agree but it should make the process much simpler and less prone to error.

As yet I have not seen any evidence of the Club working in this manner. The appointment of RR as interim manager was a disaster and eyebrows must be raised that they parted ways before they could benefit from his real area of expertise. RR was forthright in his opinions of how the Club could improve and move forward. His assessment that the team needed “open heart surgery” wasn’t well received and the Club have now seemingly thrown all their eggs into the EtG experiment.

As with every transfer window the Club has the opportunity to silence the doubters and make sensible decisions but until this happens we will continue to struggle on and off the pitch regardless of the manager or coach.

17 Jun 2022 20:20:44
Let's be honest we all thought RR would work, and for 27 minutes against Palace it did and then it imploded.

17 Jun 2022 21:13:04
RR publicly came out and said we needed more transfers.
He said United board felt Denis Zakaria was not worth it for 10m.
Dusan Vlahovic was available and for the price he went, he was one of the better strikers available in the market. Was definitely a deal we should atleast try to get involved in.
We didn't want to sign the Alvarez guy that went to Man City.

17 Jun 2022 21:30:42
I see absolutely no evidence of change but the same people that have already presided over nearly a decade of failure now given new fancy titles, making the same poor decisions devoid of any discernible strategy or plan. I’ve already made my mind up but to those with a more optimistic disposition let’s see what happens!

18 Jun 2022 00:03:17
I have to agree DLIB. This has a worrying familiarity about it. We seem to go from one bad to worse. This is going to be a tough season unless something drastic happens. Pre season starts very soon and new signings need time to relocate, settle and find their feet, as well as getting used to new club, manager and team mates.
It happens every year.

18 Jun 2022 07:33:05
Jeez. Chill out. This is a thread that may not age well. I also think it shows disrespect to ETH. There seems to be little to no consideration for what he can do as a coach without being cheque-book-Pep.

In some ways, which I seriously doubt will be the case, it would be interesting to see what he does with the squad as is, including integrating a great crop of youngsters. We’re weeding out the toxicity within the club, which for me is FAR more important than introducing great new signings in to a fractured dressing room. We”ve also got rid of one of the worst managers in the history of the club which has let this happen (Ole, not RR for clarity) .

Fergie didn’t change the club in one window, however he did begin by removing the drinking culture. ETH has to remove the I’m-bigger-than-the-club culture. Doing that in the first window should be progression enough.

Who knows. A bit of optimism might not go amiss. Maybe there’s still a player inside Maguire, Dalot, Martial etc. I’d sooner have a manager that’s capable of turning the current squad around over one who thinks the only solution is to go shopping.

19 Jun 2022 14:44:54
I'm not dismissing or disrespecting EtH in any way at all.
When he joined Ajax, he quickly identified to glaring weaknesses in the team - full backs. He made two shrewd signings that worked, costing less than £9m between them.
One thing he has never done is throw all his eggs in one basket waiting for a marquee name, yet now he's at United where that is a rigid recent philosophy.
We all know that them upstairs are only going to sanction moves for players who meet their criterion of commercial profile - hence the absence of any shrewd signings.
As for the youngsters in the squad, where's the left-sided CH and the competent DM with PL experience?

Perhaps I am too impatient and maybe a little too reactionary to very little tangible action, but I'm just fed up of seeing the leaches and their merry band of head-nodders taking the urine out of the fans and every manager they're so happy to throw under the bus.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but I am convinced that EtH will live to regret coming to United.



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