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12 Jun 2022 20:50:53
Not posted for a while but always read the site. Been thinking tonight about opinions and perception and it got me thinking about Rashford and Grealish

I like Rashford as is he homegrown and comes from Manchester, like me.
However that doesn't mean he gets a free ride and for the past year and a half he has been poor.

I personally think Rashford's best position is off the left, where he scored most of his goals, in the first half of the season the season before last.

This is also where Grealish plays.

Now many United fans, myself included, are questioning Rashford's contribution for the last season and a half. The big thing here though is that despite playing in a broken dressing room, with 2 different managers, a poorly run club and a non existent team spirit, the 2 of them have identical stats last season!
26 games played and 6 goals scored or assisted each.

Now Rashford is also 2 years younger than Grealish, which brings me to the point of perception.

Grealish playing in a City team which won the league and got to the Champions league Semi-final, is viewed by many of having a bedding in first season and Rashford is viwed by many as not being good enough and under preforming.

The point is here they were both underwhelming and both below average at times however because one played in a successful City team and the other played for a poor United team, its Rashford getting most of the stick.

Lets hope with a decent manager and a way of playing and preforming together as a team that Ten Hag and Rashford can turn things around.

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12 Jun 2022 21:57:49
Grealish had a poor season, but Rashford looked like he was in the wrong profession entirely. No motivation, energy, desire or contribution. He looked like a man with a million things weighing him down. But I think ten Hag will stick with him.

12 Jun 2022 22:15:10
100% agree spenno. There was something wrong with rashford.
When he back after injury 2-3 sub appearance and a couple of game he looked his usual self.
Then something happened and he could not bother
He seemed like a 39 year old wide player.

12 Jun 2022 22:33:06
Never know what’s happening off the pitch either.

I think he deserves to get a chance to work with Ten Hag. Ultimately we have very few players capable of running in behind like rashford, with a structure he could be a weapon again.

12 Jun 2022 23:26:44
There is no right or wrong here with this one Spenno so i can't disagree with you. He looked really bad at times but i'm not sure many players would look good in a United that had stopped trying and had major issues.
Next season will be make or break for Rashford, as he can't survive another season as bad as his last one.

13 Jun 2022 05:38:00
Many of us have doubt about Rashford, many of us think for various reasons we should replace or get rid.

Every single one of us though would be over the moon if we were proved wrong and Rashford returned to fulfill his promise and would happily get behind the player and give him full support if he delivered. This would be the same for any player really.

Now not everyone would admit they were wrong about him, many would just act is if the negativity never happened, but I would love to see Rashford play at a high level, probably more than any other player we have I would want to see him succeed.

13 Jun 2022 08:10:29
I pretty much don't rate him at all.

Even when he was scoring goals, he was too selfish, trying to beat his keeper and losing the ball or just being to late with the pass, and he used to slow attacks too often.
But at least he was scoring a lot, so no one mentioned that.

Now he doesn't even bother to play, which is a shame. It is one thing to be out of form, it happens, but you always have to try hard.

I know some people wouldn't agree with me, and rate him much higher, but hey, its just my opinion.

13 Jun 2022 10:39:51
For a club with aspirations to win the EPL and CL Rashford is not the answer. Better to try and sell him to some foolish club with new money like Newcastle.

I have no idea why City paid £100 million for Grealish. He is very average.

Both players are one dimensional. Grealish is very frustrating because he ALWAYS takes too many extra touches and slows down the play. He then either falls over or passes the ball inside. That's it; every time!

Rashford just runs down blind alleys until he gets crowded out and loses the ball.

Neither player seems capable of any variation.

13 Jun 2022 11:17:41
Grealish I always thought was a strange City signing, never struck me as a player you buy to fit into a system as strict as Pep's. His best work comes with freedom, he was never getting that at City.

13 Jun 2022 15:36:39
Perhaps Pep sees something in him that he can work with, perhaps ETH thinks He can work with Rashford and he is at a better starting point then some others being mentioned, that’s why they are paid millions to see something others can’t and bring that out of them, if Grealish don’t buck his ideas up Pep will just say goodbye, Rashford not even had the opportunity yet under ETH and lots are writing him off… personally Rashford not a favourite of mine, but he played and scored quite a few in premier, I would rather work with him then someone who never kicked a ball in the premier and totally unproven.

Clearly Rashford had issue with RR and who knows what else going on in his life.



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