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11 Jun 2022 12:28:30
Remember when we were 'on the brink' of signing Timber three weeks ago? Now it's Antony's turn. Wonder if we'll actually have a first signing of the window this weekend.

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11 Jun 2022 12:47:56
Sit back and enjoy the ride. There's no need to rush signings if they are going to be complicated.

11 Jun 2022 12:58:21
I love all the speculation and drama Mad Hatter, not just of Utd but all Prem teams. For example Spence to Spurs. Wonder if he was ever an option? Then the opening day of the season with all the new-look line-ups.

11 Jun 2022 13:01:46
Its interesting how only utd's signings are so complicated. City can sign haaland without needing a day by day update, madrid just signed camavinga again without much fuss. Nothing this window suggests woodward and co. have left, seems more and more like their names just changed.

11 Jun 2022 13:14:59
How did Madrid signing haaland and mbappe go common sense moyes?
Or City signing kane last season?
How is juve looking to sign pogba?
Nobody gets all their 1st choices just like that. Nobody.

11 Jun 2022 13:49:11
Its not about whether we get our first choice or not, its about signing players without it being a roller coaster ride. Every signing's a soap opera. He's coming, no he doesn't want to come, we can't agree a fee, when was the last time we had a non saga signing. I get trying to sign FDJ is a complicated, but timberr is also complicated, nunez got complicated. Doesn't shout competence when every signing is a big media saga where every single update is leaked.

11 Jun 2022 13:54:23
I guess the more attractive the club the easier the dealings with the agent and player. Camavinga and Haaland I guess didn't need much convincing. Utd seem like a hard sell these days but I hope come next summer's window we're in a much greater place, with CL on the horizon and a clear, positive style of play. Am I asking too much there!

11 Jun 2022 14:19:35
Common sense, maybe its an issue with someone above, new structure but same old problems can only point towards joel glazer.

Maybe he's the reason why we go at a snails pace wants to get to involved in the transfers

I get he has to approve but why have people in roles if you don't trust them to do their jobs.

11 Jun 2022 14:42:09
Csm nunez wasn't complicated he wanted Liverpool.
Was kane not a saga and ultimately a faild chase for kane?
Was Madrid signing mbappe not a saga?
It's the same for all clubs.
Vvd was 18 months signing for Liverpool.
Although Chelsea got lukaku in really quickly they would have been better doing more due diligence.
Do you know how hard it is to get multi million pound deals over the line in any walk of life.

11 Jun 2022 15:04:08

I'm not expecting much this summer, maybe 3 signings max.

I think a few loan and youth players will be given a chance aswell.

11 Jun 2022 15:10:11
You keep harping on and on about kane and mbappe, but madrid just signed tchoumeni for 100mn must have missed the difficult part to keep it quiet part, city signed haaland without having to detail every single meeting they had with his reps, liverpool also didn't feel the need with likes of mane, salah, diaz, even nunez thing seems to have gone quiet now that utd are out of the picture. But please tell me how difficult a transfer deal is without media knowing everything that is going on.

11 Jun 2022 15:51:08
Come. They don't know. Ed002 has told you on here often that bids are not made despite report after report that bids have not been made.
Stop believing what you read.

11 Jun 2022 16:47:14
City been working on Halland since Kane went west last summer, Real Madrid have there targets, because not been a change of manager, our manager started weeks ago and yet he is supposed to chuck everyone out and make all these new sexy signings, signings TBF that have done zero in premier league, yet you all think much better then what we got.
Remember whatever ED014 says, United are 3rd biggest fan base club, after Madrid and Barca, so there name sells stories, that’s why United are probably the most linked club to every player, maybe ETH already knows exactly what he wants.
I just would love some of you to be involved in multimillion pound deal at board level away from football and see how difficult it is, and the press not involved in that or forums!

11 Jun 2022 16:48:30
I’d expect the club are working on a number of deals and due to the international window that final stages are are delayed.

I expect we announce Timber and De Jong next week.

11 Jun 2022 17:25:14

It’s as much of a drama as you make it yourself. You’re on a rumours site and I assume you’re checking on social media as well, if you weren’t you would have absolutely no idea who the club were after and would just hear about it when they are signed. Then you wouldn’t think anything of it. A lot of the stuff you read is nonsense anyway, if you stopped reading or believing everything it’s so much better.

Haaland was a city fan as a kid and had a release clause, he wanted to sign for them and there was no negotiation, if you want us to only sign players with release clauses then I’m sure we could but I’d prefer we sign players we actually want.

11 Jun 2022 19:32:23
Harland was a saga, 2 years of saga, then the player chose city and the release claus makes everything very simple.

I'm sure if you went on Madrid or Barcelona media you would see huge amounts of rumours and stories for those clubs. Social media uses algorithms to feed you what you are clicking on, so every utd story gets fed to us all and we lap it up.

Add to that that utd sells. Most fans either support or hate utd, it gets clicks. EtH gets his first signing, we click and he has brought in a new chef to the canteen!

Ed002 has given us loads of info about players we have interest in. Now we just need to be patient and let the club go to work.

11 Jun 2022 20:03:28
United sell media, of course everyone runs a story every day on us and people lap it up, just look how much of it makes it here. A lot of the time media outlets just report another's story. Social Media has made things even worse, at least back in the day you read whatever bull your rag of choice made up and maybe got told by a mate what their rag of choice had made up.

Nowadays we have 24/ 7 bull spread across hundreds of competing sites needing your money and a few hours later the run another story.

We have no real idea who we are after, who we have asked about, who we bid for or how serious we are about any of the names mentioned.

We don't know we haven't spoke to Nunez and 6 weeks ago realised it wouldn't work and moved on. We don't know if Ten Hag or Murtagh has decided this guy is the man and are not giving up because he is the Messiah.

I don't believe anything I read and certainly don't get upset about it because we just don't have the details. The reason I bet a lot of us are here is cause we trust Eds updates as being our best source of accurate info having read bull for 40 transfer windows.

I will judge United after the end of the window and then over the next 18 will reassess that opinion as guys come in and settle and get used to the new city, club, system, manager teammates.

I once thought Fergie had a crap January after Evra and Vidic transfers.

I can remember the brilliant Veron signing and how everyone was over the moon at the amazing midfielder who had everything.

I do t know how it's going to go, I don't know how the signings we didn't make will pan out, how the ones we capture will do.

What I do love though about football whether on here or up the pub or arwork is discussing opinions, disagreeing with each other everyone arguing their own points with their own plans of what you'd do then hoping at the end of the day the person who got it right was your clubs DoF and Manager and that next year you are significantly better.

11 Jun 2022 20:42:22
What a load of rubbish some talk. The fact is we ARE rubbish at the transfer market, we DO take ages to sign players and we WILL have a nightmare transfer window.
Bolger is absolutely right, Djed Spence, a fantastic RB, will be the best RB in the PL in 2 years time, £20m. Why weren't United involved when we know the two jokers we have at RB are not even championship standard?
Why does Manchester United have to "prioritise" signings, when we're supposed to be in the top three most popular clubs in the world?
The fact, as Ed002 keeps telling us, is that we are a second rate club run by idiots who don't give a toss about football.
So, let's stop making excuses about City not signing Kane, Madrid not signing Mbapape and all the other bull, the fact is we don't compete in the transfer market and we've earned a crap reputation. So, let's sit and wait while Madrid Liverpool, City, Spurs sign all the best young talent, and then we have to sign some overrated rubbish and pay over the top for them.
The fact is some people who are going on about how complicated these big deals are don't actually know anything about setting up these deals.
So, let's just do what United do best these days, dither, delay, haggle and fail miserably.

11 Jun 2022 22:36:05
Love it when people present their opinions as facts. The FAcT is you can choose to be miserable or you can choose to be happy. What ever happens happens, but how you respond to it is your choice. Seems like a few are choosing a long and difficult summer!

11 Jun 2022 23:05:01
Dodgy, I'm extremely happy and live a wonderful life in the sun. But I love the club I've been supporting since the late 60s. I think Bolger made a good point re djed spence, also the other posters re Nunez. But the problem is we have been dealing in this way in the transfer market for years, and I think we all agree that its not really worked out very well.
A young RB comes along, costing a moderate amount, but possessing massive potential and we don't even try to sign him, this is one of the areas that needs strengthening and we could've done that, yet we passed the chance.
I think a lot of frustration comes from the knowledge that we always deliberate too much and end up missing on our targets. Rangnick mentioned that before he left, Luis Diaz being one example.
Also, we have a new manager, new coaches, new systems. Does it not make sense to buy the players, so that the manager has a full pre-season with them?
There are too many excuses made about the window has just opened etc, but that's not stopped the properly run clubs from conducting their business early.

12 Jun 2022 01:25:42
I'm very happy to here it AAA.

Surely we are not going to start bemoaning every other player that is signed by someone in the epl? Never heard us linked with him, then a rival signs him and we a frustrated at our club that we didn't?

When we go for players, the price is often inflated. We are seen as a cash cow who have boat loads of cash and often the media is used by both sides of the deal, and the player's representatives. For years it seemed that we were used by la Liga stars who wanted to increase their contracts in Spain.

Poster above is right. How many times have we been delighted with a signing that ended up being poor (veron, Bastian, ADM) and when the less obvious signings come in (Evra, Vidic) we're not convinced.

I realise that transfer rumours are exciting, but we've already had weeks of panic and frustration from posters and the window literally just opened. Let it breath guys!

12 Jun 2022 06:39:48
Does this DJed Spence turn out good on football Manager/ fifa? He may turn out good but beating a club down over not signing a player that we don’t appear to be interested in is ridiculous.

Maybe ETH isn’t interested in a RB as we probably have more important areas to address first.

Perhaps we are finally going after the manager targets instead of club targets.

We all want new signings but most seem to want them done yesterday, they will happen we just need to relax.

Ed002 did respond on the arsenal page and say why buy straight away, take time to make sure you get the right players (it wasn’t word for word but it was along those lines)

I notice that supporters in general but mainly MUFC ones tend to believe reports with disappointing news, dismiss reports with positive news.

Transfer window has been open 2 days, chill out.



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