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08 Jun 2022 23:16:02
So a new set of staff but same old dithering,

What actually was the plan that the club and ten hag sat down and talked about, what did we bs him in taking the job?

Why did he terminate his contract with ajax early to start his work at united,

We have sat and waited for the best part of 4 or 6 weeks discussing the likes of nunez and timber and de jong and we will most likely end up with none

So much for a different approach, no wonder we get called amatures

We should have had timber and nunez signed up by now like ten hag asked and then we concentrate on de jong.

Great way to start for ten hag as if his job ain't hard enough.

If anyone says the window isn't open other teams have already agreed to sign players we are just the same as always slow and pathetic like the way we play.

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08 Jun 2022 23:31:01
Stop reading twitter and it will make life seem a lot better. We will sign 4 or 5 players in the window, big deals take time and we don’t want to overpay for players as we have done in the past.

Apparently the club are doing their business a bit quieter this summer, not briefing the press all the time like Woodward used to, so anything you’re hearing is just for clicks.

08 Jun 2022 23:40:47
How do you know a) that we haven't made any offers, b) that other teams have not made better offers, c) that the players and clubs in question are the ones stalling, waiting to test the market, d) exactly who EtH really wants and who will fit into his plans, and e) how much of an overall transfer budget we have? If we go in and overspend on a player who really doesn't want to join us wouldn't that be exactly the sort of mistake we've been making time and time again. Is that what you're suggesting we should do?

09 Jun 2022 00:05:19
I am sure ETH will have not taken on the job without certain minimum guarantees about transfer activity. He knows how much of a rebuild is necessary and must have a list of targets.

Liverpool don't need lots of players so they can push the boat out on one player if necessary. We need four or five if possible and everyone knows how desperate we are so they will demand top top dollar on each transfer. Add to that the fact there are very very few really top top players leaving and that we are not in the champions league and it all results in a difficult transfer window.

We all would love Utd to sign players like Nunez De Jong to name just two but we have to be realistic and more importantly be patient.

I do think too many fans will consciously or subconsciously be expecting too much of this first transfer window. I don't care if takes two or three transfer windows to get things right. Do you guys reading this expect three or four big signings immediately and if they don't happen how disappointed will you be?

09 Jun 2022 00:33:59
Im not reading twitter and its not about being patience

Its a pretty well known fact that's been said on here more than once our main target for striker was nunez, main defender was timber/ torres

De jong just happend to become available

The difference between us and other clubs is when they want there A player they get them they don't dither and wait for 5 or 6 weeks of talks then go sorry mr ten hag youll have to go for plan b or c now.

If city want a player what do they do? They don't mess around for weeks they go get the player.

Its not about over spending its about being proactive and strong in what your plan is, if the play was to get nunez and timber for ten hag the club should have gone and got them.

But again we have shown how slow and poor we are in the market and we will now prob have to overpay to get them in or we end up with 2nd choice players.

Why start to change things and plan when we can't stick to the play we came up with.

Its really comical the way we are ran.

Look at villa, they had a plan, stevie g wanted xyz and they went and got them in.

We have just shown why we are a small dog with a big mouth but has been spayed.

Salford its not about big name signings, i wpuldnt say timber or nunez are big names but they are players the manager wanted

Hes been here what since may 16? And what have we done?

I have had patience for 10 years, now we looked to have changed direction and got people in to sort out the mess of what neglect the football side of the club has been left in and look we are still doing the same things and making the same mistakes.

No wonder ralf took the austria job, he saw what clowns are running things still and wanted out. Why be a consultant if no ones going to listen, pretty pointless.

But hey no need to worry we can always change the grand plan again.

09 Jun 2022 00:43:33
There is a reason why liverpool and citys recruitment has been so good and its because they identify the players the manager wants for that specific style

And they go in and get them.

They don't wait and then get 2nd 3rd and 4th choices, this is part of the reason we are where we are.

We are not quick enough in getting the right players in. We wait and waot and then miss out

For example if anyone listended to a colum woodward did after he left united we were actually in for thiago before liverpool but we waited and waited and then the powers at be didn't give the go ahead and liverpool came and swooped in.

Another one close but no cigar.

{Ed077's Note - Salah was about 4th choice player when Klopp was looking for a forward. Jota was 3rd on the list.

09 Jun 2022 01:46:45
Bolger, chill bud, don't stress. Give the window time to develop instead of panicking in June.

09 Jun 2022 06:45:30
Bolger you seem to know a hell of a lot about us and what’s going on behind the scenes, considering you don’t read Twitter what’s your source because you seem to know everything about ETH plans?

09 Jun 2022 07:05:41
Hi all
Let’s be honest what’s happening is no surprise we are unable to offer champions league so players will wait and see if champion league teams come in for them.
I hope that the new set up does not, like previous years, once number one or two target fails they bring in players over the hill to fill the squad and spend most time in the medical department!
Long time to go yet have patience until internationals have been completed players have a tan from hols then see the real reality and not media rumours!

09 Jun 2022 07:33:09
Don't forget that Liverpool have Financial problems aswell. The club have taken out quite a few loans over the past couple of years due to C.V. etc. They will need to sell players aswell. Mane will likely be sold this summer, but I'd imagine they would need to sell a couple more players aswell.

09 Jun 2022 08:33:43
its not football manager or fifa you don't just go out and buy as many players as you can. i suspect that he left Ajax early in order to asses the squad he has and see what he can improve behind the scenes and then make transfer decisions off the back of that. and to think we can sign the likes of nunez or anyone else that city, liverpool or any other big team have their sights on is wishful thinking. we are going to have to go for the best of the rest not the start signings you want.

09 Jun 2022 08:36:36
I try to tell myself that a bit of patience and planning is required with these things but watching the club stumble awkwardly over one transfer at a time and lose them one after another has been a problem throughout this awful period in our recent history. This taking our time and offering peanuts approach might be alright if other teams didn't exist.

I'll always try to take things with a pinch of salt that appear online - how do we really know anything after, in terms of who or what or when is being offered, but there is so much noise about from yesterday afternoon there must be something in it.

09 Jun 2022 10:50:45
Unfortunately we are all cynical due to previous experience and no amount of positivity will change that only actions.
Reality is that transfers are complicated, with other teams competing, players and agents having priorities we may or may not be able to meet due to our current position. The window does not officially open until tomorrow (does not stop others but is a reality) and the Internationals going on will delay things with players will delay things.
I think we will see movement on some of these over the next few weeks and it could be that negotiations are happening with players that we do not even know about, not much of the gossip so far seems to be coming from club which is a change.
Lets be patient and see what happens this month.

09 Jun 2022 11:23:37
Dammit Brad stop being optimistic and logical, it's not allowed! :p.

09 Jun 2022 11:42:09
If you want to read more accurate info than bolger or shappy go on with go buy the beano as neither have any idea of what's happening.

09 Jun 2022 13:42:50
I don't really 'get' the transfer process. Why they seem to drag on for yonks. Why if a player simply isn't interested that two weeks later we're still talking to their agent - isn't that something that can be established pretty quickly? I guess the whole thing is a giant game of cat and mouse without clubs wanting to reveal their hand too soon for fear of looking too keen to the selling club or alerting other clubs to the interest. And we don't know what (if anything) has happened here regarding Nunez, whether he simply has his heart on one other team.

09 Jun 2022 13:53:52
Hi Ed
Many conflicting rumours on potential incoming players.
Who do you think the smart money should be on for us to sign?

{Ed002's Note - I am not going to get involved in such matters.}

09 Jun 2022 13:54:39
Spenno. I know i hate myself sometimes! I think at the end of last season I let myself go on those fronts but I am genuinely giving the new regime a chance.

09 Jun 2022 14:07:51
Ken it also sounds like united have no idea what's happening either ?‍♂️.

09 Jun 2022 08:38:47
Agree with most replies that we just have to be realistic and patient. Thanks Ed 077 for showing other clubs have similar problems.

09 Jun 2022 17:46:16
You lot moan when the club was letting out potential signings now the same lot are moaning about guessing the clubs potential signings, you lot not got a life.
ETH will sign who he wants if the player fancies it too, no amount of whining and making up stories by anyone on here change that.
It’s business media makes stuff up, clubs make stuff up, players make stuff up, agents make stuff up oh and forgot Shappy and Bolger make stuff up!

What will be will be.

09 Jun 2022 18:32:09
Duvin no one is guessing on the target, the eds and multiple accurate people have all named tbe same players.

Romarno stated 2 months ago united wanted nunez and here we still are

And if you check all my previous posts i never actually post anything about players but i'm relying the info on from someone who is more accurate than most

I wouldn't call it making stuff up.



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