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05 Jun 2022 23:12:12
The Spanish manager, Luis Enrique, has just gone on record about our player of the year DDG, placing him behind Unai Simon, David Raya and Robert Sanchez in the pecking order for the Spanish team, stating his poor distribution and weakness under the high ball as his reasons for non selection.
We had Romero who excelled in all three areas, and we let him go, and we have DH who, to me anyway, seems to dominate his area and distribute the ball far more efficiently, who seems to be about to clear his locker at Carrington.
It's a funny old world.

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06 Jun 2022 00:16:40
If ten hag wants to start out from the back de gea will need to start getting comfy on the ball.

Any player not suited to the way he wants to play get rid.

06 Jun 2022 13:03:32
Hardly shocking news or a revelation.

DDG has many aspects of goalkeeping where he is average or even poor.

I'd add command of his area and communication as weaknesses to his game along with Enrique's list of poor distribution and weak under the high ball. He also seems very hesitant to come off his line.

His shot stopping though is absolutely world class. He regularly makes saves that defy logic.

The question is does his shot stopping ability cover up his weaknesses. Or would a side conceded less goals if they had a keeper who could regularly claim high balls meaning a shot never happens. Or someone who can command his area and communicate with his teammates meaning less shots happen.

Will a side perform better as a whole if they have a keeper who can sweep allowing a high line and a keeper who can accurately distribute the ball.

06 Jun 2022 13:12:25
De Gea has always had a strange relationship with Spain. He often finds himself dropped, then brought back in and then dropped again.

I loved Romero, I thought he could have easily played for probably 15 clubs in Premier league as a starter. Consummate professional, incredibly reliable when needed. Very poor how we handled him. Henderson never should have been ahead of Romero let alone De Gea.

All well and good being Henderson and "commanding" your area when you're poor posistionally and not a great shot stopper.

De Gea isn't great with his feet but he's very capable. We've been trying to play out from the back now for awhile. I don't think the keeper is a huge issue here. It's always been having a decent midfielder comfortable to drop back in and take the ball under pressure from our defenders.

06 Jun 2022 13:21:20
Give me strength.

06 Jun 2022 13:42:39
Keeper is a HUGE issue when you are trying to play from the back, just look at City and Liverpool, that's all you need to know.

06 Jun 2022 14:19:11
Playing from the back?

I'd be more worried about our lot playing it in midfield first.

06 Jun 2022 14:23:21
Currently we have Fred and Mctominay in midfield and some supporters think we need a new GK to play out from the back! Who’s this regista keeper going to pass the ball to?! Let’s get a new midfield first, hopefully a new CB, RB and CF then talk about the GK when we have outfield players that can actually control and pass the ball.

06 Jun 2022 14:29:32
If Ajax were in for Dean Henderson then it would seem to indicate that his goalkeeping style is suited to ETH's style of football.

Might be worth him sticking around in pre season and try to take the number 1 spot off DDG.

ETH needs to be bold with the goalkeeping situation as it became facial under OLE. I mean it took De Get going on paternity leave for the GK situation being resolved in the 2020/ 21 season.

06 Jun 2022 15:58:35
DSG, just because he showed interest at Ajax means nothing. Maybe he would have preferred De Gea at Ajax but Henderson is more at that level?

Whoever the GK is just play him. Ole was weak and gave Henderson the number 1 spot after achieving nothing and flipped flopped until Henderson got a bad case a C.V. You can't have two number 1's replacing each other every time there's a hiccup.

06 Jun 2022 16:18:14
It doesn't mean nothing, as i said it shows that he's somewhat suited to the way ETH wants to play otherwise why would Ajax be interested in him?

Im not saying that mean ETH prefers henderson over De Gea neccesarily but just that Henderson should not be hasty in pushing for a move as he has a chance at the Number 1 spot this season in my opinion if he has a good pre season.

06 Jun 2022 17:00:34
DSG, The issue with Henderson is that he has proven himself good enough to be a first choice keeper at EPL level with Sheffield United.

While the world cup is in January and since his return to Manchester United he has gone from potentially challenging Pickford for the No.1 shirt to out of the England squad altogether.

If he wants to go to the world cup at all he needs to be playing every week between August and January. He can't afford to be caught up in a battle for the No.1 spot, playing half a dozen games in the cups and hoping DDG makes a mistake to justify being dropped and give Henderson a chance.

I think its best he leave, probably on a permanent deal. However, I think it would be foolish not to include a buy back option of some kind in any deal.

06 Jun 2022 17:47:06
Shappy…. what World Cup you going to watch in January am I missing something?

06 Jun 2022 17:56:17
Id have loved Dean Henderson to be the answer but he’s not. There’s loads of rumours of him being a leak in the dressing room and other off field issues. It leads me to think let him go and clean up the locker room.

Time to move him on and cash in then invest in other areas for now.

DDG needs to be replaced but there’s not an obvious choice right now and we have other priorities even though Goalkeeper is key.

One for next summer.

06 Jun 2022 18:52:03
Duvin, I was referring to the original proposed dates, not the finalised ones. To be honest it just shows how little I am interested in international football.

Personally I think the standard is terrible bar a few sides, but then those sides have to play awful sides. Most games are like a defence Vs attack training exercise with smaller nation's seemingly accepting defeat and just attempting to limit the embarrassment.

06 Jun 2022 18:54:53
It's Road, I think there are several viable keepers out there who could replace DDG, while they won't be as good a shot stopper, they will be better all round keepers who probably better suit the style of play we are expecting from EtH.

That doesn't mean DDG is a priority to replace this summer, he isn't. Just that his position along with half the squad are ones that are under review and almost certainly need upgrading over the next few years.

06 Jun 2022 19:23:55
Sell Henderson now. He’s not good enough and ends all the debate if he leaves. Newcastle a good move for him.

06 Jun 2022 22:21:35
My word, his team mates his own peers just voted him best player for the 4 th time. A record in the modern era.
They most all feel si insecure with him.
They are pros and over past 10 years 4 times with different sets of team mates have voted him the best player.
Henderson is a good keeper he could reach England's no1 spot with regular game time so he needs to move.
Huge wages off the books to and probably 30m plus.
But the manager might decide differently. Let's see what happens.

06 Jun 2022 23:37:54
By all accounts for all the countless weaknesses DDG has according to half the posters here he’s frontrunner to be our new captain. Can’t say he struck me as much of a talker on the pitch but leads by example more than anyone bar Ronaldo.

07 Jun 2022 09:17:14
We need to be realistic with our re-build and unfortunately in year 1 the goalkeeper is the least of our worries. If the club have given the reported £120/ 130m as a budget then EtH needs to raise funds to increase this for some of the players that have been discussed.
De Jong and Nunes will rinse that amount.
I think he will be happy to stick with De Gea at the back, if the players are picking him as there player of the year then he is respected in the squad. Next year we will know whether he fits the EtH system or has to be sold and new keeper brought in the same way that both Klopp and Guardiola did in there early years.

07 Jun 2022 10:52:42
If de Jong falls through at least we can then afford a defender and allow the mighty James Garner to orchestrate the midfield.

07 Jun 2022 17:26:53
Ten Hag is another yes man that will be forced to play de gea. De gea will end up the next undroppable captain.



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