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29 May 2022 18:26:55
Shappy - Give us you're verdict on the RR news please mate. I seem to remember you being cautiously optimistic when he was appointed especially with the prospect of his role as a consultant. What's your reading of the situation?!

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29 May 2022 19:55:16
A case of too many cooks spoil the broth, Ten Hag is in charge and I guess he will decide on the squad, no point Ralf being around if Erik isn't interested in his advice. The clean break is probably best for both Ralf and the club.

29 May 2022 20:28:34
I was optimistic as Ralf Rangnick has proven himself an astute man at building/ rebuilding clubs.

He knows what is needed and is very much a football man. Building clubs to be football teams and not just a money making business.

His interviews have been good in my opinion, very honest and for the most part clear about where the club is and where we need to go.

From a coaching perspective it just hasn't worked. Whether the players lack the fitness and motivation to play how Rangnick wanted. Or whether they just clocked off as soon as Ole was gone and their ego's stopped being massaged who knows.

I have been disappointed in how the team has played and Ralf as manager has to take some responsibility for that. Even if I personally lay the majority of the blame at the feet of the players.

As a consultant I thought he'd be an Excel sounding board and someone who could use his contacts for the club's benefit. I thought it'd be an ideal role. He wouldn't have any direct power, but the fact the club wanted him that role seemed to suggest he'd be listened to at the very least.

EtH at Ajax had a strong footballing structure around him, and I felt having that experience in Rangnick would be useful and provide him with an ally within the club.

Him leaving means we need to question what has happened.

Was it simply the club making promises to Rangnick they never had any intention of keeping. By all accounts he wasn't prepared to take the job if it was just an interim role. Maybe the consultancy role was just baiting the hook.

Or is it that the club don't like what Rangnick is saying. Maybe they disagree with him and think they know better. If so that would be a concern, as historically (the last 10 years at least) they have proven themselves to be quite incompetent and amateurish in how they run the club.

Or is it that Rangnick has realised that he won't be listened to and feels he wants to detach himself from the whole United project as he doesn't want it to sully his name/ reputation.

Either way none are ideal and suggest that things could be bumpy ahead.

For me hiring a top level professional with experience in running and building up a top level football club suggested the club was taking a step in a new direction. Football focused rather than profit/ sponsorship focused. That they were prepared to accept they have made mistakes and are reaching out to find solutions.

Him leaving the club suggests that they are moving back to how they ran things previously. That they don't want an outside voice offering a different perspective, but instead want to hear the same old things from the same old people.

It was a role that carried no real power and just offered a voice and connections the club could use to their advantage. They didn't have to act on what he said, but at least hearing the perspective of someone who has been their and done that seems sensible. This seems to indicate that they don't want to be told that they might be making the same mistakes again. That they don't even want to listen.

I'm not sure it's an intelligent decision to move Rangnick on entirely.

29 May 2022 20:49:59
Did we really need Rangnick to tell us what was wrong with the club! A blind man could see it! Everything! Let Eth get his own people in. He’s going to need them!

29 May 2022 21:07:07
Load of rubbish shappy! It might just mean the obvious. ETH is in charge and happy to be the man pulling the strings and RR might need to concentrate on Austria. Doesn’t need to be portrayed as a drama.

29 May 2022 21:31:30
Shappy - Thanks for the detailed reply mate.

I think the entire RR debacle is deeply troubling. It doesn’t really matter what we think about RR the decision makers thought it a good idea to appoint him as interim coach despite him lacking any real coaching experience in nearly 10 years. They attempted to sell this as a good idea as his true area of expertise as a footballing director would be used in a consultancy role to help the Club move forward, restructure, improve recruitment and appoint a new manager yet before he can be of any benefit he’s inexplicably left the Club. As he probably wasn’t the right choice as interim coach due to his lack of coaching experience over the past 10 years the season has imploded.

So we are now supposed to trust the same people who thought it was a good idea to appoint an interim coach with hardly any relevant experience in over a decade, whilst offering him a phantom consultancy role and have been making the same inept decisions for over 10 years.

God help EtH is all I can say.

29 May 2022 22:47:02
Chris, the role Rangnick was supposed to take up was as a consultant to the board. It had little to nothing to do with the manager.

EtH wouldn't be reporting to Rangnick, and Rangnick wouldn't be telling EtH what to do.

It was a advisement role and had no power.

So this should have nothing to do with EtH and everything to do with either the board not wanting Rangnick's advice or Rangnick not wanting to work with the club.

Either option is a little concerning to say the least.

30 May 2022 10:36:24
On RR, consultants look at the situation, assess then report on how to improve things. On occasion a consultant will actually undertake the changes. It looks as though the club think they are just fine, no need for change, brought in a new manager, all is well. Sadly it looks like they don’t want change, just carry on, the problem was just the wrong manager.

Consultants can be brutal, because they see the problems so the reports will likely not please some of the decision makers, who may have been exposed by it. I still look at what Darren Fletcher was doing on the bench on RR shoulder as farcical, if he does similar with ETH we are in big trouble. The Fletcher thing is important because being that close he likely knew RR thoughts and would likely pass them up the line, that may have triggered panic. So now we carry on as if there was never a problem, just the wrong choice of manager, the jobs for the boys structure is all fine, don’t rock the boat.

I suspect there will be noises about copying Ajax, leaning on ETH knowledge to restructure along Ajax lines to deflect questions on RR. Thing is we have heard this before, reality seems to be the club don’t want change, the dividends get paid out, shares get sold with no money going back into the club, life goes on, buy a couple of popular player names, nothing to see here

RR knowledge should have been used but it seems there is yet another change of direction in a long line of them. No change.

30 May 2022 12:25:31
I fully agree Red Man ???.

30 May 2022 17:14:16
Didnt RR say back in April that he has told the board exactly what needs to happen and that he would give advice to the new manager if requested, EtH seems to have turned that down, so why do we need him now.
Classic case of the consultant who gave away all the answers before getting paid.

31 May 2022 01:11:58
United have already got rid of 5-6 men in high positions, and it looks like Phelan will be going too, thankfully.
So, there are changes happening.
Also, ETH has got his two preferred coaches alongside him. So, Fletcher will not be sat in the dugout with him.
So, I'm not sure why we're accusing the club of not making changes.

31 May 2022 12:22:06

We change direction without any obvious strategy. RR in RR out, seemingly the answer in a new direction is then jettisoned without doing what he was brought in for. The club lurches all over the place. All in now with ETH but for how long. Who is really in charge?



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